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Advertising On Tenders.Net

Place your public advertisements on Tenders.Net free of charge to you and your suppliers.

Greater Exposure

Tenders.Net has hundreds of thousands of registrants looking specifically for tenders. Your opportunity on Tenders.Net will be exposed to many more potential bidders than what you would get through any other media.

Many of our members subscribe to receive notification of relevant opportunities, so not only will your opportunity be available to find online it will also be sent directly to any suppliers that would be interested in responding - the same day that you release the opportunity.

The opportunities you release through Tenders.Net as publicly available are provided free of charge to you and to any of your prospective suppliers, from the smallest to the largest.

Finer Control

As an Advertiser on Tenders.Net,

  • you get access to our many resources to manage and control your opportunities on an individual basis;
  • you can select which of your colleagues can help with managing your opportunity;
  • you are provided with an automated system for releasing amendments.

We make it really easy for you to do your job well.

Our system automatically generates full audit tracking logs that record all activity and changes to your tender. This includes downloads, submissions, changes and amendments. These Activity Reports can be viewed and downloaded at any time during the course of your open tender.

Facilities exist for you to manage your lists of suppliers, grouping them into different panels of your own design. You can then invite individual suppliers, or whole supplier panels to the tenders you advertise.

We also have an optional Tendering History that provides a great overview of the various opportunities you release through Tenders.Net.

More Options

We understand that you are not the same as everyone else and neither is your opportunity.

Tenders.Net has many options allowing you to place the right advertisement with the right features, the way you want it.

You can choose to have your opportunity released publicly, restricted to Tenders.Net subscribers or available only to your directly invited suppliers. This opportunity can be release immediately or delayed until a specific date and time.

Providing your tender documents to your suppliers is easy.

You can attach documentation to your advertisement for suppliers to download or have them fill out a request first. If your documentation is already on the web, just add in your links instead. You may place a charge on accessing your documentation if required.

An Electronic Tender Box is great at speeding up and simplifying your tendering process.

By receiving submissions electronically you remove the hassle of dealing with a physical tender box, but keep the benefits. All submissions to the box are securely encrypted until the tender closes and they are automatically released to you, the advertiser. There are several different types that you can choose from.

Questions need answers.

The best way to prevent others asking the same question over and over again is to release the question and its answer on a Tender Forum for your opportunity. Only you can post information onto this forum but any supplier can ask a question for you to answer. This way suppliers get the answers to all their questions in one easy place and you are no longer overloaded in dealing with them.

Easy to Use

Advertising tenders is made easy by following a simple wizard that guides you step by step. Releasing amendments to your tenders is just as easy and will automatically notify interested suppliers for you. The Manage Tenders section is the central spot to easily manage all your opportunities, whatever stage in the process they are.

Once-Off Advertising

If you don't normally advertise tenders, but have an opportunity you would like to have the greatest exposure on, you can place it directly onto Tenders.Net or you can have our staff put up your advertisment and manage it for you.

Regular Advertising

As a frequent Advertiser on Tenders.Net you can get a free customisable mini-site set up just for your tenders which can even be embedded directly into your own website for seamless interaction. This Direct Tendering Portal (or DTP) makes the perfect spot to manage your own opportunities or to direct your suppliers to for accessing your tenders without cost.

And its free. All of it. All the time.

Invitation Only (Selective) Tenders

You can request tenders and quotations just from your own select list of suppliers. Suppliers do not have to be registered with Tenders.Net to respond for free.

Direct Tendering Portals

Example Direct Tendering Portal

Frequent Advertisers on Tenders.Net get a free customisable Direct Tendering Portal (or DTP) set up just for your tenders which can even be embedded directly into your own website for seamless interaction. This DTP makes the perfect spot to manage your own opportunities or to direct your suppliers to for accessing your tenders without cost.

Unlike our competitor who has copied us with this system we have always provided this service without charge, so why waste money? Our free DTPs have been used by hundreds of organisations (government and private) for nearly 20 years (eg Melbourne Water) and that's around a decade longer than our nearest competitor who will charge you setup fees and then charge you to advertise.

Below are some of the DTPs created for our members. This is just a select few of the hundreds of DTPs powered by Tenders.Net.



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