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Downloading Documentation

The tender advertisement should include just enough information to decide whether the opportunity is relevant to you. The extra information is usually made available in the tender documentation or specifications.

If they are available, we will provide a link to downloading the tender documentation in the advertisement, otherwise you will see a Availability Unknown message.

No Documenation

If we do not know of any electronic documentation to download, you may need to call or email the tender contact to get them. They may be sent to you via email or post, if they exist.

Request Documentation

Sometimes the tender advertiser may require you to submit a request for the tender documents which they will return to you directly, possibly after a delay.

We will provide a link for you to submit your contact details and record your interest in future updates about the tender.

Download from Tenders.Net

If the documentation is made available for download from tenders.Net you will be asked for contact details to be provided to the tendering firm to keep you up-to-date with any amendments or addenda.

You can download all attached files as a single ZIP file or can optionally download specific files. You can download files multiple times without restriction.

External Documentation

If we know of documentation that is not downloaded from Tenders.Net we will provide you a link to where you can access it. You may be asked to register/log-in on these external sites.

Your Tenders.Net access will not work on these external sites.