Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
956736Sale of ensuited accommodation unitsQLDTodayClosing Soon
956450Project management & site supervision servicesWATodayClosing Soon
954659Sale of car park, retail and office complexALLTodayClosing Soon
958594Maintenance & spare parts of DC electrical systemO/STodayClosing Soon
954159Renovation to student hostel (Ono Street)O/STodayClosing Soon
954161Renovation to student hostel (CAFF Campus)O/STodayClosing Soon
953449Characterisation & mitigation of protected species interactions in inshore trawl fisheriesNZTodayClosing Soon
953042Containerised laboratories design & build (incl. all amenities)O/STodayClosing Soon
955899Partnerships to advance women in business initiativeQLDTodayClosing Soon
955093Reservoir cleaning, inspection & potable diving servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
953918Records management servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
954332Major events catering serviceNSWTodayClosing Soon
957994Issue of treasury notesALLTodayClosing Soon
954099Australian greenhouse emissions information system refinements and maintenanceALLTodayClosing Soon
955426Survey, design and supervise construction of flood recovery worksVICTodayClosing Soon
957843User researcher/user experience designerACTTodayClosing Soon
957845Security assessment and penetration testingACTTodayClosing Soon
956352Great River Road - Provision of Shelters and furnitureALLTodayClosing Soon
955620Design & construction of student accommodationNSWTodayClosing Soon
954503Sale of office & warehouse facilityQLDTodayClosing Soon
954317Supply of vehicles incl trade-in / saleNSWTodayClosing Soon
954208Independent External Audit of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat for financial years 2017 to 2019ALLTodayClosing Soon
954214Independent Internal Audit of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat for 2017 to 2020ALLTodayClosing Soon
952320Exhibition curatorNSWTodayClosing Soon
955217Plumbing & general maintenance / handyman servicesALLTodayClosing Soon
954942Sale of mixed use development siteNSWTodayClosing Soon
954665Sale of commercial buildingQLDTodayClosing Soon
953815Sale of retail buildingACTTodayClosing Soon
955182Sale of siteSATodayClosing Soon
958185Upgrade and installation of cyclone shuttersO/STodayClosing Soon
958170Sale of office fit outsO/STodayClosing Soon
957795Stone / granite tilesO/STodayClosing Soon
957625Road pavement rehabilitation worksNZTodayClosing Soon
957432Sale of siteSATodayClosing Soon
957375Sale of propertySATodayClosing Soon
956788Contract Template Review & UpdateALLTodayClosing Soon
956705Road pavement rehabilitation worksNZTodayClosing Soon
956459Sale of country pubWATodayClosing Soon
955672Industry briefing: Wastewater reticulation network & treatment plantNZTodayClosing Soon
955468Sale of office buildingNSWTodayClosing Soon
955401Sale of property (workshops)WATodayClosing Soon
954710GW445 Sunny Creek Rd, Trafalgar Pump Station – BuildingVICTodayClosing Soon
954517Sale of buildingQLDTodayClosing Soon
954091Sale of office buildingSATodayClosing Soon
954127Sale of medical premisesQLDTodayClosing Soon
953814Sale of buildingNSWTodayClosing Soon
953843Sale of office buildingsVICTodayClosing Soon
953666GW453 - Construction of Yallourn Bypass Water Supply Main - Stage TwoALLTodayClosing Soon
953796GW446 Warragul - Moe Water Supply Pipeline Stage 2 - Darnum to WarragulALLTodayClosing Soon
953846Sale of freeholdVICTodayClosing Soon
953509Sale of propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
953416Sale of retail centreSATodayClosing Soon
953450Characterisation & development of offal management for small vesselsNZTodayClosing Soon
952997Sale of residential subdivision developmentSATodayClosing Soon
953045Sale of industrial landNSWTodayClosing Soon
952730Sale / lease of dairy farming propertyNZTodayClosing Soon
952803Sale of cattle stationNTTodayClosing Soon
952126Sale of industrial facilityVICTodayClosing Soon
954949Sale of container park propertyVICTodayClosing Soon
956528Sale of mixed use siteVICTodayClosing Soon
955609Sale of residential development siteNSWTodayClosing Soon
954955Sale of infill development siteVICTodayClosing Soon
954695Irrigation pipelines constructionVICTodayClosing Soon
954143Construction of pump station, storage and odour bio-filterNZTodayClosing Soon
952319Sale of industrial propertyVICTodayClosing Soon
941752Exploration permits for coalQLDTodayClosing Soon
957182Water precinct planWATodayClosing Soon
956884Underboring of roadways & waterwaysNSWTodayClosing Soon
956074Food and groceriesWATodayClosing Soon
955496MM02-17-18 Anzac Park Shelter MilesALLTodayClosing Soon
952912Retaining wall reconstructionNSWTodayClosing Soon
957525Office accommodation / consulting roomsWATodayClosing Soon
956445Collection services (incl. recycling / delivery) - various itemsWATodayClosing Soon
956145Audio visual strategy project - technology consultant design servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
955790Estimate amount of water intercepted by different land uses & changesVICTodayClosing Soon
953440Extended throughcare program outreach servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
952505Sports field lighting (incl. electrical design)QLDTodayClosing Soon
950377Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) for internationally qualified nursesALLTodayClosing Soon
957792Storm water drainage & minor concrete repairsNTTodayClosing Soon
957798Records management / information governance automation software & supporting servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
956693Various trade servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
956468Air conditioning systemVICTodayClosing Soon
956565Installation of water meters state-wideTASTodayClosing Soon
956202Skate / youth recreation facility - scoping study & concept planSATodayClosing Soon
955913Minor asphalt and associated construction worksWATodayClosing Soon
955691Redevelopment masterplan for caravan parkWATodayClosing Soon
955756Roll-to-roll printerNSWTodayClosing Soon
955587Maintenance of trucks, tractors & plant itemsVICTodayClosing Soon
955624Project director and project manager for health infrastructure projectsNSWTodayClosing Soon
955497Disposal of surplus vehiclesQLDTodayClosing Soon
955594Surface retexturing & linemarking servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
955592Fire prevention slashing & hazard removalVICTodayClosing Soon
955428Managing contractor for the youth justice redevelopment projectVICTodayClosing Soon
955427Mail house servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
954909Website & intranetNSWTodayClosing Soon
954964Bicentennial flagpole maintenance servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
954873Landfill waste acceptance and disposalVICTodayClosing Soon
954421Filters for plant itemsQLDTodayClosing Soon
954435Design and construction of playground shade structuresNTTodayClosing Soon
954583Outside school hours care (OSHC) servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
954423Air-conditioner maintenance servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
954339Oval redevelopment (various community spaces)SATodayClosing Soon
954292Deep bore refurbishment programVICTodayClosing Soon
954349UV disinfection & additional worksO/STodayClosing Soon
954294Dedicated collection courier serviceVICTodayClosing Soon
953367Intersection upgrade incl landscaping, traffic signal & LED lighting worksNTTodayClosing Soon
953260Hospitality servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
953039Supply and installation of villaNSWTodayClosing Soon
952652Temporary personnel servicesWATodayClosing Soon
949418Nominal bondsNZTodayClosing Soon
953037Multi-purpose buildingNSWTodayClosing Soon
958717Emergency trauma bagO/STodayClosing Soon
958273IT infrastructure upgradeO/STodayClosing Soon
958199Equipment and air conditionersO/STodayClosing Soon
958154College campus worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
957720Office maintenance and security rooms upgradingO/STodayClosing Soon
957771Transport and delivery of motor-ambulancesO/STodayClosing Soon
957774Security and surveillance servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
957488Printing servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
957315Builders for refurbishment of classrooms & associated worksVICTodayClosing Soon
957196Advocacy, communications & knowledge management servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
957226Resource saving calculator for textile sectorO/STodayClosing Soon
957115Renovation of roadsO/STodayClosing Soon
956826Solar PV pump unitsO/STodayClosing Soon
956825Rehabilitation of workshopsO/STodayClosing Soon
956823Waste water networks upgrade projectO/STodayClosing Soon
956773Repair and rehabilitation of oxidation pondsO/STodayClosing Soon
956779Sale of church propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
956757Legal consultant - secured transactions & collateral registry projectsO/STodayClosing Soon
956812Corn stalk hammer millO/STodayClosing Soon
956824Research on internet usage among children and carersO/STodayClosing Soon
956756Chain link fencingO/STodayClosing Soon
956602Digital projectorsO/STodayClosing Soon
956717Sale & removal of vehicleNTTodayClosing Soon
956413Market monitoring system for wholesale electricity & natural gas marketsO/STodayClosing Soon
956422Various items for forest & marine species propagationO/STodayClosing Soon
956248Study of monitoring & evaluation mechanism of national social protection policyO/STodayClosing Soon
956245Basic study on civil registrationO/STodayClosing Soon
956008Review of nutrition programsO/STodayClosing Soon
955705Assessment of implementation of child centred educationO/STodayClosing Soon
955693Modular observation towersO/STodayClosing Soon
955701Assessment, design and installation of renewable / hybrid energy systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
955530Ink cartridgesO/STodayClosing Soon
955344Advocacy & media campaign developmentO/STodayClosing Soon
954660Sale of food facility propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
954382Investment fund strategy expert (various sectors)O/STodayClosing Soon
954379Geotechnical investigationO/STodayClosing Soon
954043Catering servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
953575Renewal of Cisco switchesO/STodayClosing Soon
953380Education ready-made kits (various items)O/STodayClosing Soon
946604Community Project GrantsQLDTodayClosing Soon
948230Domino's Give for Good grants (incl. education, leadership & skills)ALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
958314Audit of maritime monitoring systems network, infrastructure and systemsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
958313Design and implement Windows server 2012 active directory etcO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
958162School building refurbishment projectQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
957050New middle school learning areasVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
952630Property and garden maintenance at embassy (Canberra)ACT25/08/2017Closing Soon
955850Election information mobile application developmentACT25/08/2017Closing Soon
952286Lease of buildingNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
956473Service virtualisationNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
947398Sewerage pump station replacementVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
957661Development / planning service excellence charter & internal referral serviceQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
956081Botanic garden asbestos removal & refurbishmentNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
955915Essential safety measures inspection, monitoring and reportingVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955760Oval lighting and electrical servicesTAS25/08/2017Closing Soon
955758Oval drainage, irrigation & rootzone earthworksTAS25/08/2017Closing Soon
955339Construction of nature-based play spaceQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
954810Oval reconstructionVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
954736Winning & crushing of ridge gravelNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
950927Management of aquatic facilitiesVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
953178Skeleton weed searchingWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
957992Issue of treasury bondsALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
956064Sydney metro city & southwest – second independent certifierNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
956141Major sponsorship of Christmas promotionNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
955863Estuarine crocodile monitoring & capture serviceQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
953442Investigation, preliminary design and feasibility study for water supply and wastewater projectO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
958575Security servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956112Consultancy services for implementation of the standard integrated government tax administration system projectO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955379Strategic community plan & community satisfaction surveysWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
958042Automated external defibrillator products (AEDs) & packaged servicesALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
954700Steel girdersNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
954500Bridge constructionNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
953203Indoor sports centre - masonry, lift, waterproofing & termite protectionNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
954658Grants-in-aid for MND causes, treatments or curesALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
958755Airborne electronic attack capability facilities Phase 2QLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
958553Remote-controlled robotic mowing plantQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
958570Sale of business - Baby products retail chainALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
957467Shuttle services (Gold Coast)QLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
957469Shuttle services (Brisbane)QLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
956961Prepare business cases for potential new shared service modelsVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
956913AL16010 – Market Development Programme - EuropeALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
956703EOI - Marsh Lawson Mushroom Research Centre Steering CommitteeALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
956490Implementation of SAP upgradeQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
956453Lease of premises for use as licensed barWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
956484Main contractor for block refurbishmentNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
956482Exterior painting & repairs of relocatable classroomsNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
956526Clinical suicide prevention serviceNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
956549SAP upgrade implementationQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
956293Business plan development for expansion of community servicesNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
955843Creative Communities Scheme FundingNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
955853Clinical costing servicesVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955681SF17005 - National Biosecurity Plan for the Summerfruit IndustryALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
955525Local supplier arrangementsQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955664Sale of loaders & excavatorSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
955233Eskdale Walking PathALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
955091Sustainable Grants ProgramVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
954666Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
954469Spray seal worksSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
953637Establishment of centre of excellence for rural economies incl. financial & administrative supportQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
953667Research on digital technology space opportunities (kitchen appliances & food innovation)ALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
953436Stallholders for festivalNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
953215Review of the National Biosecurity PlanALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
952485Sale of propertiesNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
956877Evaluation service for mental health and addictions initiativeNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
956356Disposal of impounded vehiclesWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
955670Replacement of dividing fenceNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
954322Creative Communities Funding SchemeNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
954726Roads maintenance engineerO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
958573LED streetlight upgradeNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
958406Wharf fire protection upgradeWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
958310Construction of relocation houses and other minor building construction projectsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957694Company vehiclesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957073Office fit-outsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957072Upgrade and refurbishment of building officesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957080Lease of agricultural / residential landO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957035Gravel road resheetingVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
956594Cartage and shipping servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956552Caravan park amenity block upgradeSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
956362Extension/refurbishment of classrooms and external covered areaVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
956312Design & construction of highway sectionNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
956043Sale of self-contained dairy unitNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
956079Turnout half-sets for rail upgradeSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
955929Rubber tracked excavatorNT25/08/2017Closing Soon
955099Sale of tug vesselQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
954687Contract works for SNM visual enhancementsNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
954685Pedestrian footpath & vehicle accessNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
954588Road seal extensionNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
954329Sale of motelNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
953604WTP backwash discharge investigation & designNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
953628WWTP emergency overflow structure design & RC applicationNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
952253Running of fundraising eventsNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
952142Community GrantsSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
946197Grants - Community EventsVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
946198Grants - Biodiversity on Rural Land GrantsVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
946196Grants - Community DevelopmentVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
946195Grants - Community Minor Capital WorksVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
953750Rental management servicesNT25/08/2017Closing Soon
958641Construction of footpathO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955761Construction of slip repair worksNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
952425Upgrade to fire & domestic services ring mainVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
958567Internal cleaning servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
958568Replacement capacitors for UPSO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957538Recycled water accessSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
957092IT infrastructure upgradeO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955244Graphic design services (panel)VIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955030Notice – Introduction of mandatory eligibility criteria - OSHC servicesNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
954870School canteen licenceNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
954212School canteen licenceNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
952648Annual roadside grass slashing servicesVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
942330VicHealth ARC Linkage Projects GrantVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
957660On site relocation of classrooms etcWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
956209Reserve GPT designNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
955801Operation of vehicular ferries (Sydney region)ALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
955805Operation of vehicular ferries (Northern region)NSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
955673Enterprise record management system (ERMS)WA25/08/2017Closing Soon
955420Assembly, storage and supply of DNA sample test kitsWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
955081Culvert rehabilitation and extension worksNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
953461Maintenance of bridgeWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
958424Health servicesVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955232Aircraft coversNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
953941Middle office pricing solutionNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
952051Aus4Transport (Vietnam)O/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
950900Automated processing at portsALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
957205Travel management servicesVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
956883Development of interactive road safety education complexVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
956857Gapuwiyak Basketball Court ProjectALL25/08/2017Closing Soon
956853Gravity Sewer and Rising Main to Lot 598, GaliwinkuNT25/08/2017Closing Soon
956882Health and wellbeing programVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
956562Demolition of buildingsQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
956536Light rail - Senior roads & operations and senior rail & project interface managersNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
956442Regional airport air-conditioning upgradeWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
956448Chemical-free weed managementWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
956363Mail delivery contractTAS25/08/2017Closing Soon
956449Verge mowingWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
956288Lease of lotsVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955973Construction of concrete footpathsVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955908Investigate cost-efficient, multi-use design and delivery options for multi-deck car park(s)VIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955922Localised septic program - septic tank upgrades round 3VIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955865Airport duties & maintenanceVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955500Supply, transport, blending & spraying of bituminous productsQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955499Quarry materialsQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955640Technical advisory services (panel)VIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955501Line marking servicesQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955502Traffic control servicesQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955498Ready-mix concreteQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955663Upgrade of kiosk & change roomsQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955676Underground power upgradeVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
954983Sale of various surplus items & plantWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
955089Dialysis services and consumablesQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
954850Lease of council owned buildingVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
954874Replacement of roof slateVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
954855Construction of a new hospital facilityTAS25/08/2017Closing Soon
954814Concrete maintenance servicesVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
954778Packaged snacksWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
954596Wet hire of equipmentQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
954780Chocolate, confectionery & related productsWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
954352Register of prequalified suppliers for trade servicesQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
954078Sale of lotsVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
953837Sale of buildingVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
953719Stage 2 heritage studyVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
953760Asphalting and bituminous sealing, gravel, kerb & channel constructionTAS25/08/2017Closing Soon
953443Backflow prevention installation project (panel)NSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
953477Library renovationsSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
953310Construction of office building incl civil & car park worksO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
952537Molecules / pharmaceutical goodsQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
951164Lease of retail premisesNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
956927Project sales & marketing agent services (real estate)WA25/08/2017Closing Soon
954735Responsive maintenance repairs, vacant property works & out of hours emergency calloutsSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
958280Support to implement the mechanisms for social stabilityO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
958182Lease of retail / office spacesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957988Waste & recycling managementNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
957882BuildersQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
957714Vehicle hiring servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957765Schools as enabling environment study for prevention of child overweight & obesityO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957723Big Ideas GrantsQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
957815Sale of gas stove, gas cylinder & station wagonO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957809Video commercials/documentaries for safe city projectO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957581Sale of office / workshopWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
957526Strengthening contribution to peace building & conflict preventionO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957327Software development servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957393New pit toiletNT25/08/2017Closing Soon
957434College redevelopment - new senior centreSA25/08/2017Closing Soon
957123Debt management and financial analysis system enhancementsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957119Hardware and software for infrastructure maintenanceO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957181Event organizationO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957179Unmanned aerial vehiclesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957177Concrete fenceO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957089External audit servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957191Vegetable seedsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
957150General maintenance period contract for building associated servicesNT25/08/2017Closing Soon
957132Printing services and promotional itemsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956785ICT equipmentO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956859Notice: Home and community support services workshopsNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
956794Office rehabilitation worksO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956793Raising awareness and assistance to victims of domestic violenceO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956792Review of hospital laboratory health and biosafety manualO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956716Strengthening of linkages for sustainable developmentO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956167School uniformVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
956092Human resource management servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956026Rent of office spacesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956025Management of children's issues through social networksO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
956098Heart lung machines & associated equipment / softwareNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
955998Technical documentation for reconstruction of hospital wardsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955954CateringVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
955956Community grantsTAS25/08/2017Closing Soon
955341Design and construction of new warehouseO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955354Construction of courtsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955345Emergency power generators maintenance & repair servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955311Outside school hours - learn to swim classes (incl. general fitness)QLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955166Equipment for e-waste pilot plantO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
955235Repair and rehabilitation of operable partitionsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
954987Various design-based servicesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
954963Sale of freestanding propertyQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
955059Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
954888Run learn to swim classesQLD25/08/2017Closing Soon
954546Consulting services for project auditO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
954245Radiology QA equipmentO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
954230Independent dose calculation softwareO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
954223Mobile booths with interpretation equipmentO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
954334Pavement reclaim and sealNT25/08/2017Closing Soon
954181Road works incl lighting systemO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
953511Victorian Landcare GrantsVIC25/08/2017Closing Soon
953172Surveillance mounting hardwareO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
953143Water (flood control) consultancyO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
953142Transportation consultancy to support project preparation activitiesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
953141Planning and preparation of road and bridge infrastructureO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
952759Global trade data for commoditiesO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
952756Backup solutionO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
952459New windowsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
952578Occupations training equipment for workshopsO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
950244Investors & development / operating partners - Sand mine / kaolinNSW25/08/2017Closing Soon
950190Local Heritage FundWA25/08/2017Closing Soon
948653Airport pavements, drainage and service infrastructureO/S25/08/2017Closing Soon
939189Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
929770Creative Communities FundNZ25/08/2017Closing Soon
705643Optical, Geospatial, Radar and Elevation (OGRE) data and services panelALL26/08/2017Closing Soon
958196Financial servicesO/S26/08/2017Closing Soon
957875Pricing expertise for open API marketplaceO/S26/08/2017Closing Soon
957724Resident advisor for business strategy & technology implementationO/S26/08/2017Closing Soon
957312Cleaning for eventsNSW26/08/2017Closing Soon
956601Services for qualified temporary staffingO/S26/08/2017Closing Soon
956241Rehabilitation of buildingO/S26/08/2017Closing Soon
955658Manure separating systemO/S26/08/2017Closing Soon
955262Construction of sewerage system (various works)O/S26/08/2017Closing Soon
948596Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZ26/08/2017Closing Soon
953102Participation (Multicultural) Grants ProgramACT27/08/2017Closing Soon
951691Golf course design & constructionQLD27/08/2017Closing Soon
952576Community Grants ProgramNT27/08/2017Closing Soon
955977Fiji Women’s FundO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
958667Printing of promotional itemsO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
958689Digital financial services specialistO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
958464Multi-function printerO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
958460Consultancy for graphic design servicesO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
958226Laptops and other IT suppliesO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
958180ERM guidelines for public assets & infrastructureALL27/08/2017Closing Soon
957919Office furnitureO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
957529Consultancy - diagnostics expertise to HIV and hepatitisO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
957339Financial awareness raising campaign through socializationO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
957193Development and implementation of websiteO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
957133Maintenance and support to existing software & licensesO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
956806Rehabilitation of sewage networksO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
956765Lubricant oil and diesel additivesO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
956620Various medical suppliesO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
955979Construction of steel structure hangarO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
955687Design services for water distribution networkO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
955076Financial managementO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
954481Event management, administrative and logistical servicesO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
950278Food stallholder for eventNSW27/08/2017Closing Soon
950032External evaluation of extra budgetary projectO/S27/08/2017Closing Soon
958041Draft for feedback: Enterprise resource planning panelACT28/08/2017
957190Content re-authoring & user testingALL28/08/2017
953472Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) Beneficial Grant FundingALL28/08/2017
957709Sale of craneQLD28/08/2017
956834Civil construction works - upgrade of roads (incl. landscaping)SA28/08/2017
955746Impacts of WCWT Act (incl. harvesting & valuation)NZ28/08/2017
954512Architectural design - lifeguard towerNSW28/08/2017
954391Reinstatement of propertyNZ28/08/2017
953044Harmful sexual behaviour services pilotNZ28/08/2017
951871Land Management Grant FundingNSW28/08/2017
954702Air conditioning upgrade incl power upgrade & additional power pointsNSW28/08/2017
958127Yellow crazy ant eradication programQLD28/08/2017
955056Professional services for performance auditsACT28/08/2017
954541Retail supply of electricity & GreenPowerALL28/08/2017
958231Sale of station wagonNZ28/08/2017
958171Sale of hatchbackNZ28/08/2017
958211Sale of saloon vehicleNZ28/08/2017
957400Review of resource consents inventory (water allocation)NZ28/08/2017
953957Automated fare collection incl. infrastracture design (panel)NZ28/08/2017
958578Creative concept testing and campaign evaluationALL28/08/2017
958525Sale of flatdeck truckNZ28/08/2017
958295Sale of tipperNZ28/08/2017
957575Sale of truckNZ28/08/2017
957398Sale of freezer trailerNZ28/08/2017
956139Consultation: Prison to Work - Employment Service OfferALL28/08/2017
957698Provision of labour hire and accompanying technology solutionsALL28/08/2017
956914Dual cab utilityACT28/08/2017
956691Programme business case - public transport network & servicesNZ28/08/2017
956068Renewables 400 - renewable energy and energy storage projectsQLD28/08/2017
956082Ecological flow assessment of catchmentNZ28/08/2017
955785Metro upgrade project (incl. poles, masts, wires & switches)NZ28/08/2017
955634Replacement of wooden windowsNZ28/08/2017
955575Sale of homeWA28/08/2017
955434Microsoft licencingSA28/08/2017
952561Generator maintenance serviceNZ28/08/2017
954509Funding - Community ChestWA28/08/2017
955475Services for rural and regional enterprise scholarships programALL28/08/2017
957565Destination photography & videographyNSW28/08/2017
957294Scenic design for festivalNSW28/08/2017
957234Stormwater & roading design advice for residential blockNZ28/08/2017
955657Local government corporate systemTAS28/08/2017
955642Construction of causeway crossing incl road signageQLD28/08/2017
955163Native title anthropology services (panel)QLD28/08/2017
954883Community small grants programTAS28/08/2017
952419Minor & Community Grants SchemeWA28/08/2017
958419Production manager - music eventNZ28/08/2017
956972Road duplicationVIC28/08/2017
954766New buildingVIC28/08/2017
953596School building construction worksNZ28/08/2017
955189Construction manager for dry fire upgrade (incl. EWIS/PA systems)VIC28/08/2017
955845Recreation & leisure strategic planVIC28/08/2017
950658Content grantsALL28/08/2017
955191Insulated water tankALL28/08/2017
954414Trades & services (panel)ACT28/08/2017
957934Consultancy for age friendly communities planWA28/08/2017
957168Demolition and associated earthworksSA28/08/2017
956774Tradespersons for mechanical workshopsQLD28/08/2017
956931Basic household goodsVIC28/08/2017
956659Kerbing assets replacement & repair worksSA28/08/2017
956504Autonomous shuttle trialSA28/08/2017
956501Asphalt patching unit and truckNT28/08/2017
956337NSW carer programNSW28/08/2017
956147Principal design consultancy servicesQLD28/08/2017
955890Smart lighting servicesQLD28/08/2017
955817TS2017/06 - Yarrawonga and Wallaby Holtze Road UpgradeNT28/08/2017
954986Health checks for school principalsVIC28/08/2017
954828Roof replacementVIC28/08/2017
954524Sealed smoothing of roadNZ28/08/2017
954342Data cabling servicesQLD28/08/2017
954118Medical practitioner solutionSA28/08/2017
957842Sale of flat deck trailerNZ28/08/2017
957840Sale of trailerNZ28/08/2017
958670Software licenseO/S28/08/2017
958719Various works for temporary officeO/S28/08/2017
958721Loose office furnitureO/S28/08/2017
958660Facebook live eventsO/S28/08/2017
958508Consultant for microfinance programO/S28/08/2017
958601Investment policy consultancyO/S28/08/2017
958605Community outreach program for improved sanitationO/S28/08/2017
958512Development program for small & medium traders (supermarkets)O/S28/08/2017
958284Biodiversity monitoring program of socio-ecosystemic connectivity strategyO/S28/08/2017
958179Resource efficiency & clean energy advisory to textile-footwear industriesO/S28/08/2017
958275Solar pumps and apparatusO/S28/08/2017
958276Study on enhancing climate resiliency of agricultural livelihoodsO/S28/08/2017
957866Verification / audit of pilot farms & producer unitsO/S28/08/2017
957916Health workforce mappingO/S28/08/2017
957711Rental vehicles servicesO/S28/08/2017
957710Office suppliesO/S28/08/2017
957541Forestry advisory incl. trainingO/S28/08/2017
957532E-learning mobile application development serviceO/S28/08/2017
957457Experienced artists for mural project incl. workshopWA28/08/2017
957320Report on inclusive industrialization for sustainable human developmentO/S28/08/2017
957334Communication and awareness campaignO/S28/08/2017
957340Component for irrigations systemsO/S28/08/2017
957338Modular biodigester systems and accessoriesO/S28/08/2017
957321Solid waste collection binsO/S28/08/2017
957329Platform for e-tenderingO/S28/08/2017
957323Unarmed security guard servicesO/S28/08/2017
957198Legal consultant for drinking water supply projectsO/S28/08/2017
957204International technical consultant for drinking water supply projectsO/S28/08/2017
957194Environmental & social consultant for drinking water supply projectsO/S28/08/2017
957145Reconstruction of bridgeO/S28/08/2017
957144Design and construct shed and officesNT28/08/2017
957154Four post vehicle hoistNT28/08/2017
957142Construction of bridgeO/S28/08/2017
957152Highway - lift and reformationNT28/08/2017
957210PR & communications consultant for drinking water supply projectsO/S28/08/2017
956795Preparation of national human development reportO/S28/08/2017
956614Benefit sharing frameworks for hydropower projectsO/S28/08/2017
956640Thermographic cameraO/S28/08/2017
956429Support to gender sensitive local governance processO/S28/08/2017
956416Strengthening of resilience to climate changeO/S28/08/2017
956402Consultancy on hospitalization services and strategyO/S28/08/2017
956409Certified reference materials & peripheral items for testing laboratoriesO/S28/08/2017
956401Grants - Lively Quay Street ProgrammeQLD28/08/2017
956219Replacement of OMCS with SAP CRM compatible solutionO/S28/08/2017
956261Road works, walking tracks & campsite upgradesNT28/08/2017
956189Computer equipmentO/S28/08/2017
956207Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) evaluationO/S28/08/2017
956265License to occupy & operate cafe at cultural precinctNT28/08/2017
955989Strengthening capacities of social workers in management of social projects & rehabilitation in prisonsO/S28/08/2017
956154Seniors Program GrantsVIC28/08/2017
955955Use of sportsfields for summer sports seasonTAS28/08/2017
955698Consultancy on harmonized stipends scale and unified payment modalityO/S28/08/2017
955694Food safety consultant for analysis of various poultry standardsO/S28/08/2017
955563Construction of classrooms with laboratoriesO/S28/08/2017
955518Reconciliation of extractives sector revenues & paymentsO/S28/08/2017
955347Transport data management system for corridor performance monitoringO/S28/08/2017
955338Summative evaluation of rapid access expansion initiativeO/S28/08/2017
955148Business case for Polio transition planO/S28/08/2017
954970Road upgrade & sealNT28/08/2017
954975Event management servicesO/S28/08/2017
954603Evaluation of sanitation and hygiene programmeO/S28/08/2017
954017UPS spare parts and batteriesO/S28/08/2017
953579Defence barriersO/S28/08/2017
952306Design, development and hosting of websiteO/S28/08/2017
951445ANZAC Day Proceeds FundVIC28/08/2017
941825Transmission lineO/S28/08/2017
934952Strategic Research Partnership Grants (STREP)NSW28/08/2017
951027Notice: Strategy 2030 initiative - data & analytics capabilityVICNot Stated
951029Notice: Strategy 2030 initiative - innovation centreVICNot Stated
952441Notice: Sale of domestic sowQLDNot Stated
952501SharePoint - design and developmentQLDNot Stated
952443House renovationO/SNot Stated
952444Lease of propertyNZNot Stated
952451Crown reserve tenureNSWNot Stated
952446Lease of storage spaceO/SNot Stated
952486Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
952448Sale of freehold / native or Crown landO/SNot Stated
952440Development of logic frameworks for business processesQLDNot Stated
952276Removal of buildingNZNot Stated
952271Stormwater drainage & sewer and water installationNTNot Stated
952302Partnership/full divestment of business - plastic manufacturerALLNot Stated
952418Various items for project (Siberia)O/SNot Stated
952297Sale of business assets - software platformALLNot Stated
952295Running of cafe / coffee shopQLDNot Stated
952318Sale of retail landholdingVICNot Stated
952176Notice: Expenses management system briefing presentation & market dayALLNot Stated
952120Sale of rural propertyWANot Stated
952181Exhibitor opportunity - 2017 WA fire & emergency services conferenceWANot Stated
952123Lease of land incl. cattle yards & woolshedNZNot Stated
952124Notice: North East Small Business FestivalVICNot Stated
952172Market stallsWANot Stated
952115Lease of beachfront retail complexQLDNot Stated
952088Sale of freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
951951Notice: Development of carers strategyACTNot Stated
951975Sale of propertyWANot Stated
951929BricklayersSANot Stated
952072Notice - Info session - Stronger Communities Fund – Major Projects ProgramNSWNot Stated
951977Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
951982Sale of buildingVICNot Stated
952053Notice: Presentations - Doing Business with CouncilQLDNot Stated
951935Notice: Jockeys room, storage shed & sewer reliningQLDNot Stated
951923Notice: Lease of sports centre areas - gym space & rock climbing wallQLDNot Stated
951965Notice: Solar farm developmentVICNot Stated
951846Art exhibitions at libraryVICNot Stated
951869Community grants quick response pilot programVICNot Stated
951860Various materials and worksO/SNot Stated
951813Advance: Shared path constructionNZNot Stated
951858Rewinding of decant pump, stator repair & electrical spares/replacementO/SNot Stated
951827Notice: Improvement of systems that support public transport deliveryNZNot Stated
951694Sale of beachfront mansionO/SNot Stated
951726Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
951670Opportunity Card loyalty programWANot Stated
951702Sale of homeVICNot Stated
951693Sale of homeO/SNot Stated
951669Commercial property company share investmentNZNot Stated
951689Sale of clothing shop fittingsNZNot Stated
951675Renovations to office/warehouseO/SNot Stated
951732Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
951677Cadet video shootingO/SNot Stated
951747Sale of cra8 quota sharesNZNot Stated
951611Install walkways and stairs at livestock exchangeNSWNot Stated
951645Audit servicesTASNot Stated
951631School extensionsVICNot Stated
951577Grant programQLDNot Stated
951510Psychological therapies programQLDNot Stated
951429Sale of homeWANot Stated
951383Tenancy opportunityO/SNot Stated
951434Lease of commercial warehouseNSWNot Stated
951435Construction of integrated children's & community centreVICNot Stated
951339Industry briefing: Program of works under transport and roads infrastructure programQLDNot Stated
951368Notice: Bridge bearing replacementNSWNot Stated
951249Notice: Crossing upgradeQLDNot Stated
951252Construction of rock groyneNSWNot Stated
951120Notice: Road upgradeQLDNot Stated
951165Sale of furnitureO/SNot Stated
951212Sale of overburden conveyor systemSANot Stated
951150Notice: Great South Coast Small Business FestivalVICNot Stated
951149Sale of business - scrap metalNZNot Stated
951010Industry Briefing: Joint Project 2060 - health knowledge managementACTNot Stated
951075Notice: Reserve upgrade construction worksVICNot Stated
951008Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
951035Industry engagement: Railcar buildersWANot Stated
951038Notice: Office accommodationNZNot Stated
950791Sale of business - horticultural products wholesale distributionNZNot Stated
950911Sale of flatsO/SNot Stated
950913Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
950810Sale of service station & distribution depot propertyNSWNot Stated
950808Sale of harbour view residenceNSWNot Stated
950792Sale of resort & tourism accommodation siteNSWNot Stated
950776Notice: Design and construction of boardwalkNSWNot Stated
950840Sale of complexO/SNot Stated
950841Sale of freehold landO/SNot Stated
950916Notice: Construction of new playground and kiosk (incl. lighting)NSWNot Stated
950782Walking track constructionQLDNot Stated
950777CleaningVICNot Stated
950805Sale of apartmentNSWNot Stated
950702All subcontractors, trades, qualified supervisors and construction workersQLDNot Stated
950703Townhouse residential developmentNSWNot Stated
950730New airconditioning and fresh air systemsVICNot Stated
950720Contract catererVICNot Stated
950646Sale & removal of transportable buildingSANot Stated
950604Notice: Information session on council procurement processes & expectationsQLDNot Stated
950620Notice: Insulation retrofitsNZNot Stated
950521Sale of export business unit (incl. equipment production & software development)ALLNot Stated
950634Notice: Next Generation Health ServicesALLNot Stated
950518School cleaning contractorsVICNot Stated
950508Weed Control GrantsVICNot Stated
950303Lease of yard spaceSANot Stated
950336Sale of apartmentNSWNot Stated
950340Sale of development siteNSWNot Stated
950344Interpretation serviceO/SNot Stated
950333Sale of development siteNSWNot Stated
950415Notice: Harmful sexual behaviour services pilotNZNot Stated
950306Notice: Removal of abandoned vehiclesQLDNot Stated
950352Lease of office spaceVICNot Stated