Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
947797Sale of vertical borer and storage podQLDTodayClosing Soon
946992Sale of propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
948595Specialist on alternative technologies for CIRDAO/STodayClosing Soon
948212Exterior & interior wall advertising space & kiosk retail operatorO/STodayClosing Soon
948298Procurement & delivery services of various itemsO/STodayClosing Soon
945549Upgrade of electrical power distribution systems & cablingO/STodayClosing Soon
947806Materials for commissioning of ringmainO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
949211Database for human resource management servicesO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
948948Reproductive health supply chain managementO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
948567Snowmobile, toboggans & ancillary equipmentO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
948508GBV training for security forcesO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
948504Situational analysis of road safety for childrenO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
948324Project documentation for strengthening policy, legislative & institutional frameworks to implement protocolO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
947665Medical equipment & suppliesO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
945383PesticidesO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
944169Community Events SponsorshipNZ25/06/2017Closing Soon
942396Community GrantsNSW25/06/2017Closing Soon
942062Diesel generatorsO/S25/06/2017Closing Soon
942578Sponsorship Funding, Grant Funding and In-Kind SupportQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
945951Environmental stewardship program ecological monitoring and evaluation servicesALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
946207Ship agency servicesALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
946077Electro-magnetic energy assessment servicesALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
948496Designing and printing of annual reportO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947150Pest animal & weed controlQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
946823Design, supply, and lay of bituminous products etcWA26/06/2017Closing Soon
946858Quantity surveying consultancyVIC26/06/2017Closing Soon
945258Domestic and family violence counselling and perpetrator intervention programsQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
944153Disaster relief and recovery servicesQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
948546Specialised construction & fitting of water tank to prime moverNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
945759Comprehensive maintenance to vertical transport systemsNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
946966Benchmarking services for L3CNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
948826Sale of station wagonNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
946476Grazing opportunityNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
949064Sale of tractorNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948998Support for Drupal 8 environmentACT26/06/2017Closing Soon
948439Sale of box body truckNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948440Sale of wheel loaderNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948273Sale of flatdeckNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948278Sale of service vehicleNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948276Sale of cab chassisNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948322Sale of homeVIC26/06/2017Closing Soon
946995Sale of homeQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
945646Stall holders for festivalQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
945295Funding - Youth Opportunities ProgramNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
942998Event services, equipment and infrastructure for major eventsNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
936555Research Grant - general practitionersALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
946790Memorial hall architectural servicesNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
947169GPs in Schools programVIC26/06/2017Closing Soon
949182Door hardwareO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
949118Diesel fuelO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948566Security services (mobile patrols)QLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
948581Pest control treatment of buildings / manholesQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
948565Inspection, testing & maintenance of fire protection systems / equipmentQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
946910Sale of truckQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
946245Main contractor for refurbishment of lighting, acoustics & securityNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
946248Replacement of carpet & seating incl. emergency lightingNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
946246Gym lining & insulation projectNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
945623Cloud-based payroll serviceNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
945624Public website redevelopmentNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
944276Waste collection and management servicesQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
946550API management software and professional servicesVIC26/06/2017Closing Soon
948401School canteen licenceNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
947096Employee assistance programTAS26/06/2017Closing Soon
946394Water meter reading servicesNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948360NAO robotsVIC26/06/2017Closing Soon
947258Reporting solution for presenting student & employer survey resultsVIC26/06/2017Closing Soon
946627Online challenge gameALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
946385Testing services for broadband performance monitoring and reporting programALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
945816Satellite communications servicesALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
948316Mechanical street sweepingNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
948382Sale of used plant (slashers)QLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
948029Fleet program - project management resourcesNSW26/06/2017Closing Soon
947221Dilution refrigeratorQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
946836Smart car parking trialQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
946643Design and supply of booster pumps for reservoirsQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
946188Saleyard management servicesQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
945829Training provider services for nominated medical advisers and examining medical officersQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
945769Primary shutter for TG123 installationALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
945827Accreditation service provider - health schemeQLD26/06/2017Closing Soon
944842Water supply upgrade worksO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
949390Sale of business and assets - cutting formesALL26/06/2017Closing Soon
949497Enhancing women’s leadership & participation in state building / developmentO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
949207Cleaning of grease & air ductO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
949048Sale of business - boat buildingSA26/06/2017Closing Soon
949029Lease of classroomO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
949022Vehicle spare partsO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948844Energy consultantO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948786Funding opportunitiesNZ26/06/2017Closing Soon
948995Various fishing equipmentO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948846ACAFI and EDFS junior analystO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948590Replacement of OMCS with SAP CRM compatible solutionO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948467Micro assessment & auditO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948497Baseline survey for land programmeO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948266Baseline survey on smallholder productivity & profitabilityO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948319Implementation of various projects of MiAmbienteO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948178Evaluation of corporate governance programO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948170Sustainable community engagement for public private partnershipsO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948008Event consultancy services (inc. funding program framework)O/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947954GNSS receiversO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948177Governance specialistO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948144MotorcyclesO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
948173Fisheries specialistO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947945Office supplies & stationeryO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947650Armed security guards servicesO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947308Methods for PrEP target settingO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947121Cleaning, gardening & security servicesO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947134Executive & middle management trainingO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947104Payment servicesO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947138CCTV camerasO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946960Strengthening capacity to promote economic empowerment and prevent violence against womenO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947053Evaluation of gender responsive budgeting (GRB) programmeO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947052Review of maternal child nutrition program (MCNP)O/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
947048Enhancing women’s leadership and participation in state building and developmentO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946929Lease of commercial siteO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946711De-mining training systemO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946704Recruitment of monitoring / evaluation assistants & AD coordinatorsO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946588Miscellaneous IT supplies and softwareO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946417Lubrication oil for diesel power stationO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946419Stationery items supplies for schoolsO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946421GeneratorO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946420Paper itemsO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946210Sale of mansionWA26/06/2017Closing Soon
946146Evaluation of obstacles to funding for investment in climate technologiesO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946074Ceramic wall, floor tiles and related suppliesO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
946067Remodelling of pavilion and construction of hallO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
945974Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic & civil repairs, maintenance & new worksNT26/06/2017Closing Soon
946076Reinforcement and structural steelO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
945558Platform architect expertO/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
945462Construction of evacuation centre (Covalima)O/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
945461Construction of evacuation centre (Viqueque)O/S26/06/2017Closing Soon
949088Digital service for animal life cycle managementVIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
948289Cashless debit card - automated product-level blocking softwareALL27/06/2017Closing Soon
944224Rail crossingSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
949138Building renovation worksO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
946773Wharf upgrade - boat ramp construction projectQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
949669Issue of treasury indexed bondsALL27/06/2017Closing Soon
947447Geochemical analysis and other related servicesWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
945178Archives management & public access systemNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946843Lifeguard, facility operations & maintenance & cafe operationsQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946267Pedestrian bridge and elevated walkwayNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946144CCTV and cleaning / jetting of stormwater infrastructureNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
945855Visitor information centre - civil and landscape constructionQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
949157Support for Drupal 8 infrastructureACT27/06/2017Closing Soon
948344Sale of homeVIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
947168Estimating End of Usability Dates for Major ITS Assets on the Road Network - Technical ReportALL27/06/2017Closing Soon
946691Supervision & salvage services - landfillQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946401Main roofing contractor for remedial worksNZ27/06/2017Closing Soon
946453Investigation & project development of wastewater treatment plant upgradeSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
948896Pavement rehabilitationNZ27/06/2017Closing Soon
948396Grazing licenceNZ27/06/2017Closing Soon
947099Transactional customer satisfaction research programNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946782Preschool renewal worksVIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
946762Water treatment plant solar power projectQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946402Interchange works incl detailed designNZ27/06/2017Closing Soon
946413Resurfacing / resealing works incl designNZ27/06/2017Closing Soon
946151Public domain upgradeNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
949323Development of primary health care workforce strategyNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
947825Pest control servicesWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947824Street tree watering and maintenanceWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947190Audit and assessment of bookable cultural facilities and venuesNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946816Nursing services for home support servicesVIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
946824Design and construction of beach accessWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
946160Bush restoration servicesNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946113Fire safety manager (incl. auditing services)SA27/06/2017Closing Soon
945570Sale of buildingNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
944511Street to Home serviceSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
949643Fortinet maintenanceWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947386Roof weatherproofing and associated worksWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947110Corporate clothingNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
947114Solar photo voltaic arraysNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
947188Bank stabilisation and roll kerb construction incl landscaping worksNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
947145Road resurfacingNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946739School - Percent for Art projectWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
946737Secure messaging servicesWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
946398Ongoing medical supportWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
946399Artistic services for public artWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
943869Road maintenance & minor capital worksWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
946799Catering servicesNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
948805Sale of used vehiclesQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
947080Waste facility supervisionQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
947833Early years centre - constructionVIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
947834Management of water parkWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947883Flood levee and associated stormwater infrastructureTAS27/06/2017Closing Soon
947884Environmental weed control servicesWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947700Route signageSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947528Sale of river frontage acreageNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
947163Stormwater upgrade (Yandra Terrace)SA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947162Stormwater upgrades (Brand & Field Avenue)SA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947161Targeted weed controlSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947118Plant hireNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
947206Exhibition joinery supplier panelNZ27/06/2017Closing Soon
947201Condition assessment of road pavement (visual, roughness, rutting & texture)NSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
947158Electrical maintenance servicesSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947194Transport survey & fieldwork services panelNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946909Road restoration works etcQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946839Compliance auditing of selected building and facilitiesQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946885Home maintenance services (garden and gutter)VIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
946853Bridge replacementTAS27/06/2017Closing Soon
946863Underground utility location servicesNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946832Sanitary and hygiene servicesVIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
946838Statutory notices - program / print / image / insert and mail services etcQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946873Certified VENM or ENM for sports playing field developmentsNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946874Railway structures restorationQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946808Assessment & improvement of cultural change programQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946801Training & coaching program for domestic / family violenceQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946581Social media servicesQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
946479Design consultant servicesNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946454Superintendence - civil & landscape worksACT27/06/2017Closing Soon
946338Comprehensive lift maintenance servicesALL27/06/2017Closing Soon
946136Cleaning of leisure centresNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946174ICT professional servicesSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
946167Tree maintenance servicesNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
945955Digital wayfinding kiosksNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
945917Design consultancy services for redevelopment worksNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946115Luminaires, lamps and controlsTAS27/06/2017Closing Soon
945980Joinery and cabinet workWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
945433Real time signageSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
945298Medical and industrial gasesNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
944937Large-scale generation certificates procurement processWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
944530Sale of DA approved siteWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
947142Plant & machinery wet hireSA27/06/2017Closing Soon
949550Pharmacy providerQLD27/06/2017Closing Soon
949551Off-road vehicle rentalO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
949451Equipment rentalO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
949454Maintenance & repair of air conditioningO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
949192Emergency helipad lightsO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
949236Legal consultantO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948848Urban poverty qualitative studyO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948491Water treatment chemicalsO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948469Vegetable seedsO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948256Security guard servicesO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948228MSME growth, innovation & inclusive finance project implementationO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948220Mobile telecommunication servicesO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948235Supervision, maintenance & repair services of swimming poolsO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
947914Mine / explosive remnant of war (ERW) risk educationO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948168Assessment of freight transportation and logistics services marketO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
948097Construction of storm water drainage systemO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
947149Study on management of school coexistence among holders of municipal establishmentsO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
947122Forensic auditO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
946972Sale of development siteVIC27/06/2017Closing Soon
946872Panel of code of conduct reviewersNSW27/06/2017Closing Soon
946549Repair & maintenance services for parking lotO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
946497Sale of propertyWA27/06/2017Closing Soon
944522Distribution network improvements (various works)O/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
942392Transportation servicesO/S27/06/2017Closing Soon
947431Design & creation of artworkQLD28/06/2017
949459Accessibility auditNSW28/06/2017
943421Sale / lease of propertyVIC28/06/2017
947573Preparation of open space & recreation strategyNSW28/06/2017
946171Landfill environmental monitoring programVIC28/06/2017
946441Weighing scalesALL28/06/2017
945281Gun tunnel remediation worksSA28/06/2017
949235Sale of dry mix pugmillNSW28/06/2017
948381Design and construction of inter-tripNSW28/06/2017
948195Demolition worksVIC28/06/2017
947713Fencing for multi-purpose sports facilityNSW28/06/2017
947671Sale of sea boatQLD28/06/2017
947438Driveway replacementACT28/06/2017
947279Grazing permitsNSW28/06/2017
947266Christmas decorationsNSW28/06/2017
946846News, information and advertising solutionQLD28/06/2017
946830Precoated screenings & bitumen emulsionVIC28/06/2017
946845Cleaning of public open spaces and amenitiesQLD28/06/2017
946567Water main renewalsNZ28/06/2017
946447Contaminated land advisory servicesNSW28/06/2017
945443Project works - replacement of balcony & deckNZ28/06/2017
945297Tennis court replacementACT28/06/2017
945163Trade services panelNSW28/06/2017
945286Aerial pest control operationNZ28/06/2017
944345Upgrading & replacement of weighbridge facilityQLD28/06/2017
942577Bridge gantry constructionQLD28/06/2017
949672Issue of treasury bondsALL28/06/2017
948682Construction of rural water supply projectsO/S28/06/2017
948485Thermostatic mixing valvesWA28/06/2017
948102Custom clearance serviceO/S28/06/2017
946840Detailed design of an integrated sports and community precinctQLD28/06/2017
946835Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of gross pollutant trapsQLD28/06/2017
946535Sports field lighting upgradeNSW28/06/2017
944618Demolition / construction of toilet amenities & associated worksNSW28/06/2017
947877Manage & operate holiday parkNSW28/06/2017
946553Microbiology automationVIC28/06/2017
947203Relocatable holiday park cabins & ensuite unitsNSW28/06/2017
946317Design consultant for bus hubQLD28/06/2017
947369Integrated property servicesNSW28/06/2017
947704School minor capital worksNZ28/06/2017
947705School construction servicesNZ28/06/2017
948239Sale of commercial refrigeration unitsNZ28/06/2017
948383End-to-end user-based testing for users of cancer screening servicesACT28/06/2017
949352Road asset management - digital transformationVIC28/06/2017
949246Sale of industrial siteNT28/06/2017
947368Sale of warehouse siteWA28/06/2017
946736Fire alarm upgradeNZ28/06/2017
946521Sale of freestanding commercial investmentNSW28/06/2017
946293Events, PR, Social media – Australian MangoesALL28/06/2017
945981Banana enterprise performance comparison 2016/17ALL28/06/2017
945995Sale of commercial car parkALL28/06/2017
945576Sale of freehold - auction houseALL28/06/2017
948681Sale of propertyO/S28/06/2017
948675Vegetation management (Navua)O/S28/06/2017
948677Safety footwearO/S28/06/2017
948673Vegetation management (Suva)O/S28/06/2017
948674Vegetation management (Naboro)O/S28/06/2017
947636Sale of commercial/industrial landQLD28/06/2017
947763Concrete spun power polesO/S28/06/2017
947778Construction of overhead power lines (Navava, Vatudamu, Naqere, Namawa)O/S28/06/2017
947554Vehicle tyresNZ28/06/2017
947211Sale of development siteNSW28/06/2017
946907Riverbank stabilisationNSW28/06/2017
946877Retaining wall supply and constructionQLD28/06/2017
946893Medical servicesWA28/06/2017
946767SCADA system network separation projectO/S28/06/2017
946764Sale of scrap materials from power stationsO/S28/06/2017
946622Rehabilitation of gravity sewerage reticulation mainsNSW28/06/2017
946621Asphalt cyclewayNSW28/06/2017
946462Medical centre extensionsNSW28/06/2017
946388Sale of townhouse siteVIC28/06/2017
946153Seawall restoration worksNSW28/06/2017
945422Hosting of festival eventsWA28/06/2017
945052Sale of agricultural enterpriseWA28/06/2017
944529Sale of subdivision siteQLD28/06/2017
947103Debt collection & legal servicesALL28/06/2017
947148Animal management servicesNSW28/06/2017
946797Urban design consultancyNSW28/06/2017
946680Sale of retail investmentQLD28/06/2017
946126Uniform licenceNSW28/06/2017
945595Sale of freehold investment opportunityNSW28/06/2017
948365Transport modelling production servicesWA28/06/2017
947567A/C replacement to selected teaching blocksWA28/06/2017
947611Classroom block and courtyard upgradeWA28/06/2017
947385School refurbishments & additions workWA28/06/2017
947224Conversion of bike shed into forensic laboratoryWA28/06/2017
946564School worksWA28/06/2017
946000IBM WebSphere licences with support and maintenanceWA28/06/2017
949298Design of waste education materialVIC28/06/2017
949079Removal of contaminated stockpileQLD28/06/2017
948780Architectural services for development projectsWA28/06/2017
947859Supply, delivery & placement of bituminous surfacingTAS28/06/2017
947893Supply and delivery of staging for eventVIC28/06/2017
947823Audio visual equipmentVIC28/06/2017
947860Sports field drainageTAS28/06/2017
947870Refurbishment and upgrade of hospital wardTAS28/06/2017
947871Demolition worksTAS28/06/2017
947858Supply, delivery & placement of hotmix asphaltTAS28/06/2017
947827Shared path and landscape worksVIC28/06/2017
947599Slashing servicesTAS28/06/2017
947348Reconstruction of breakwater (incl. landscaping works)VIC28/06/2017
947364Landscape construction (various works)SA28/06/2017
947403Sale of development siteVIC28/06/2017
947375Upgrade of existing sports hallQLD28/06/2017
947102RFQ for Rock Bolting in Hepburn Springs Vic 3461ALL28/06/2017
947223Apartments constructionQLD28/06/2017
946883Semi water tankerVIC28/06/2017
946868Cardiac implantable electronic devices and associated accessoriesTAS28/06/2017
946867Multi-site construction panelTAS28/06/2017
946899Security patrol servicesWA28/06/2017
946826Concrete deck overlay and associated worksVIC28/06/2017
946731Microbiological analysis for potable water, raw water and treated effluentQLD28/06/2017
946728Chemical analysis for potable water, raw water and treated effluentQLD28/06/2017
946741Supply & delivery of clayQLD28/06/2017
946640Plant and machinery contractorsQLD28/06/2017
946578Upgrade of radiography equipmentQLD28/06/2017
946356Sale of super lotsVIC28/06/2017
946379Bulk sewage disposal servicesVIC28/06/2017
945953Sale of commercial propertyVIC28/06/2017
945881Link roadTAS28/06/2017
945765External legal servicesNZ28/06/2017
944805Construction of front deck for showgroundsQLD28/06/2017
944278Conveyance / long haul conveyance and burial / cremation of deceased personsQLD28/06/2017
947816Collection of abandoned vehiclesWA28/06/2017
946815Shade structureWA28/06/2017
946568Research on demographic parameters for at-risk seabirdsNZ28/06/2017
946569Research on demographic parameters for at-risk marine mammalsNZ28/06/2017
946573Impacts of fishing on seabirdsNZ28/06/2017
946570Analysis of sea lion tracking dataNZ28/06/2017
946572Dolphin multi-threat risk assessmentNZ28/06/2017
949425Office furnitureO/S28/06/2017
949422Phone & photo camerasO/S28/06/2017
949430AutoCAD plotterO/S28/06/2017
949471Biosafety cabinetO/S28/06/2017
949084Implementation models for small-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projectsO/S28/06/2017
948935Study on risks and vulnerabilities in education systemO/S28/06/2017
948955Research database consultancyO/S28/06/2017
948606Evaluation of communication campaignO/S28/06/2017
948564Heating, ventilation & air conditioner spare partsO/S28/06/2017
948605Communication campaigns to prevent sexual violenceO/S28/06/2017
948470Construction works for agro-facilityO/S28/06/2017
948490NGOs for labour intensive forest activitiesO/S28/06/2017
948495Staff augmentation servicesO/S28/06/2017
948451Computer equipmentO/S28/06/2017
948409Evaluation of biogas digester technology implementationO/S28/06/2017
948194Sale of rights to master franchise - frozen yogurtALL28/06/2017
948244Organization & delivery of gender / youth mainstreaming trainingsO/S28/06/2017
948223Accommodation furnitureO/S28/06/2017
948166Rescue boats incl. outboard motorsO/S28/06/2017
947711Staff care for school counselorsO/S28/06/2017
947558Sugarcane processing equipment incl. boiler roomO/S28/06/2017
947594Sport NZ Rural Travel FundNZ28/06/2017
947545Capacity building & quality assurance of children’s programmeO/S28/06/2017
947493Steel culverts & manhole coversO/S28/06/2017
946957Jetty & boat ramp engineering studiesNT28/06/2017
946997Conservation worksO/S28/06/2017
947049Construction of subsurface gas manual samplersO/S28/06/2017
946968Sale of industrial propertyVIC28/06/2017
946554Demolition & construction of remote community housing (RCH) dwellingsNT28/06/2017
946558Design of highway chainageNT28/06/2017
946557Upgrade of housing / dwellingsNT28/06/2017
946355Shark Management Strategy Grants ProgramNSW28/06/2017
946384Construction of multipurpose hall / cyclone shelterNT28/06/2017
946260Improvement of urban lakesO/S28/06/2017
946154Strengthening climate change information system for decision-making in climate change vulnerability & adaptation strategiesO/S28/06/2017
946148Translation & simultaneous interpretation servicesO/S28/06/2017
945607Bituminous resurfacing of various roads & highwaysNT28/06/2017
945591Roundabout construction (incl. tree removal & lighting)VIC28/06/2017
943830Construction of roads, heating network and associated infrastructure (Phase 2)O/S28/06/2017
939778Water distribution networks / transmission pipeline & construction of office / storesO/S28/06/2017
932672Reconstruction and improvement of road (various works)O/S28/06/2017
926947Construction and completion of workshop blocks and dormitoriesO/S28/06/2017
943932Ride on mower & chipper / shredderQLDNot Stated
943930Carpark extensionNSWNot Stated
943938Mobile catererVICNot Stated
943769Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
943766Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
943701Sale of business with real estate licenseO/SNot Stated
943764Sale of designer houseNSWNot Stated
943742Sale of vacant industrial landNSWNot Stated
943745Sale of coastal homeNSWNot Stated
943739Sale of lakeside cottageNSWNot Stated
943737Lease of commercial shopQLDNot Stated
943747Sale of beachfront apartmentNSWNot Stated
943776Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
943779Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943781Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943805Notice: National sexual violence helplineNZNot Stated
943697Rent / lease of space for businessO/SNot Stated
943818Notice: Robotic process automationNZNot Stated
943836Integrated fire management strategyALLNot Stated
943847Camping ground custodian & toilet maintenanceNZNot Stated
943782Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943607Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943636Notice: Enterprise resource planning systemNZNot Stated
943669Exhibitor stall for over 50's lifestyle expoQLDNot Stated
943681Briefing: Plant & machinery contractorsQLDNot Stated
943661Lease of office or commercial spaceO/SNot Stated
943608Sale of hatchbackVICNot Stated
943652Notice: Vocational medical servicesNZNot Stated
943554Sale of homeWANot Stated
943593Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
943597Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943599Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943604Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
943381Sale of homeWANot Stated
943348Sale of businessNZNot Stated
943404Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943429Notice: Pipelines, pump stations & associated worksTASNot Stated
943410Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
943376Lawn mowing and edging servicesNZNot Stated
943528Touring grantsTASNot Stated
943419Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
943430Notice: Dam & associated worksTASNot Stated
943424Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
943417Sale of penthouseNSWNot Stated
943420Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
943426Notice: Free forum on government tenders & contractsQLDNot Stated
943233BuskersVICNot Stated
943305Briefing: CMCA Rally business opportunitiesQLDNot Stated
943161Transport infrastructure planSANot Stated
943230Notice: Digital hub operatorQLDNot Stated
943206Various works for construction of commercial buildingNSWNot Stated
943061Notice: Land drainage & stormwaterNZNot Stated
943035Sale of estateVICNot Stated
943000Stallholder opportunities for major eventsNSWNot Stated
943004Festival buskersVICNot Stated
943024Sale of residenceVICNot Stated
943046Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
943089Sale of freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
942966Construction contractors (various trades)VICNot Stated
943131Notice: Industry breakfastQLDNot Stated
942995Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
943114Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
942974Commercial property company share investmentNZNot Stated
942992Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
942991Sale of residenceQLDNot Stated
942982Painting contractorsSANot Stated
942981Paving contractorsSANot Stated
942994Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
942962Truck and trailers, side tippers and tandem tippersQLDNot Stated
942932Security servicesNSWNot Stated
942707Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
942686Construction of granny flatNSWNot Stated
942753Sale of earthmoving equipment (incl generator)NSWNot Stated
942701Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
942677Notice: Design & repair for bridgesO/SNot Stated
942706Sale or lease of warehouse facilityQLDNot Stated
942696Notice: Business breakfastVICNot Stated
942719Sale of houseNSWNot Stated
942710Sale of development sitesQLDNot Stated
942717Sale of villaNSWNot Stated
942784Notice: Assessment servicesNZNot Stated
942681Sale of aircraftVICNot Stated
942543Sale of country homeQLDNot Stated
942549Pull down & removal of farm cottageWANot Stated
942582Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
942607Grants - Regional Jobs and Investment Packages (RJIP)ALLNot Stated
942585Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
942633Industry briefing: Road asset management contractsQLDNot Stated
942609Sale & removal of stock yardsWANot Stated
942546Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
942537Notice: Redevelopment of club facilitiesWANot Stated
942371Notice: Camp host / caretakerWANot Stated
942331Sale of electrical itemsO/SNot Stated
942340Sale of business - caravan repairersNTNot Stated
942348GreenkeeperVICNot Stated
942346Steel fixersSANot Stated
942447Meeting: IEMRS for commercial fisheriesNZNot Stated
942407Sale of homeWANot Stated
942369Support to provide career and youth expoNSWNot Stated
942357ConcretorQLDNot Stated
942361Sale of business - electrical fabrication and servicesQLDNot Stated
942334Cleaning servicesVICNot Stated
942415Exhibitors for Emergency Services DayQLDNot Stated
942413Sale of homeWANot Stated
942175Sale of homeVICNot Stated
942176Sale of franchise - beauty salonVICNot Stated
942236Sale of propertyWANot Stated
942232Bistro operatorNSWNot Stated
942214Notice: River floodplain upgradeQLDNot Stated
942215Masonry / block paving crewsSANot Stated
942302Notice: Small Business WeekQLDNot Stated
942305Sale of residential accommodation with recording studioWANot Stated
942230Sale of propertyWANot Stated
942228Stallholder / event sponsorshipNSWNot Stated
942303Sale of propertyVICNot Stated
941968Catering servicesVICNot Stated
942143Sale of vacant lotO/SNot Stated
942111Sale of industrial freeholdO/SNot Stated
942019Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
942026Briefings: Medical imaging servicesVICNot Stated
942146Notice: Property management servicesNZNot Stated
942141Sale of vacant lotO/SNot Stated
942140Sale of freeholdO/SNot Stated
942115Sale of freeholdO/SNot Stated
941970CarpentersVICNot Stated
942074Notice: Online servicesNZNot Stated
942000Sale of houseNSWNot Stated
941992Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
941986Vegetable seed growers - production of onion seedVICNot Stated
941985Lease of kitchen/bistroQLDNot Stated
941984Trade subcontractors for cottage workNSWNot Stated
941971Lease of commercial buildingO/SNot Stated
942118Sale of commercial freeholdO/SNot Stated
941964Tourism demand studyTASNot Stated
941934Lease of old schoolmaster's cottageNSWNot Stated