Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
1008306Sale of business or deed of company arrangement - Chocolate Cafe networkNSWTodayClosing Soon
1007832Sale of business - kitchen designer and manufacturerNSWTodayClosing Soon
1007034College building constructionWATodayClosing Soon
1007468Strategic management adviserACTTodayClosing Soon
1006172Mobile application supportALLTodayClosing Soon
1008040Sale of business assets - spa baths, small associated stock items & forkliftVICTodayClosing Soon
1000527Regional Arts Development FundQLDTodayClosing Soon
1007963Interactive customer feedback systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1006568Campus developmentQLDTodayClosing Soon
1006331Architectural / civil engineering, pipelines / tanks & environmental studiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1005361Roofing services (panel)VICTodayClosing Soon
1004066Lead consultant for external remediation and internal refurbishment of blocksNZTodayClosing Soon
1004153Solar energyTASTodayClosing Soon
1002884Roading maintenanceNZTodayClosing Soon
1001141Immediate response to those with severely challenging behaviour in crisisNZTodayClosing Soon
1004077Catering servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1007500Issue of treasury bondsALLTodayClosing Soon
1006528SES refurbishment incl electrical worksVICTodayClosing Soon
1005357After hours support serviceVICTodayClosing Soon
1005245Construction of GNSS continuously operating reference stations (CORS)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1004653Bridge repair and maintenanceQLDTodayClosing Soon
1004027Sterilisers and steam generatorWATodayClosing Soon
1007037Printers & barcode scanners (Cerner validated)VICTodayClosing Soon
1007526Design of sugar bagging, packing & storage facilityO/STodayClosing Soon
1003186General insurance servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1003068Playground constructionNSWTodayClosing Soon
1004398Mine drift re-entry & recoveryNZTodayClosing Soon
1003515Hire of plantNSWTodayClosing Soon
1004319After hours community awareness campaignVICTodayClosing Soon
1006435Agile coaching servicesALLTodayClosing Soon
1007800Bid development services - land programming and property rightsO/STodayClosing Soon
1006426Metadata repository toolACTTodayClosing Soon
1004589Roofing refurbishmentNZTodayClosing Soon
1006935Office accommodationQLDTodayClosing Soon
1004898Grants - Rural and Remote Research ProgramALLTodayClosing Soon
1007750Sale of homeVICTodayClosing Soon
1007438CIO servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
1007131Major public art commissionSATodayClosing Soon
1006667Heritage advisory committeeVICTodayClosing Soon
1006770Draft request for comment - Comprehensive Sexual Health ServicesWATodayClosing Soon
1006374Consultancy Services - Event Delivery ReviewVICTodayClosing Soon
1005854Lease of landNZTodayClosing Soon
1005991Commercial building constructionVICTodayClosing Soon
1005732Development of masterplan for reserveWATodayClosing Soon
1005779Sale of beachfront propertyVICTodayClosing Soon
1005620Professional dam safety servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1005539Management services - AgHealth & Safety PartnershipALLTodayClosing Soon
1005092Delegation for business & exporting opportunities in China - fruit industryVICTodayClosing Soon
1005144Gardener/caretakerSATodayClosing Soon
1005275Licence of lot portionWATodayClosing Soon
1005082Deer hunting licencesNZTodayClosing Soon
1004970Sale of mixed use development propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
1004799Lease of dairy farm unitNZTodayClosing Soon
1004851Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1004690Senior debt panel for bulk housing infrastructureNZTodayClosing Soon
1004587Lead design services for sensory resource hubNZTodayClosing Soon
1004409Design & engineering services for college blocksNZTodayClosing Soon
1004393Sale of winery / farmVICTodayClosing Soon
1004463Annual grazing permits for travelling stock reservesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1004218Charitable organisations - concessional access to dispose of wasteTASTodayClosing Soon
1003917Teaching and learning facilityVICTodayClosing Soon
1003936Housing project (various works)WATodayClosing Soon
1003706Community Assistance ProgramTASTodayClosing Soon
1001909Sale of farmsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1001416EOI Remote Sensing FeedALLTodayClosing Soon
1001395Community Grants FundNSWTodayClosing Soon
1000667Community Grant ProgramNSWTodayClosing Soon
1001095District Promotion FundNZTodayClosing Soon
1003921Grazing opportunity (Jemalong)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1008383Grazing licence opportunity (Ungarie)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1007644Consultancy services for major hotel refurbishment worksO/STodayClosing Soon
1005049Corrigin Clubs & Groups Project FundingWATodayClosing Soon
1001973Management of satellite ground stationALLTodayClosing Soon
1007003Ageing well project - community consultationVICTodayClosing Soon
1006973Drilling and blasting of rockNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006557Vacant office spaceO/STodayClosing Soon
1006558Supply, installation & servicing of air conditionersO/STodayClosing Soon
1006480Construction work - alterations to existing facilitiesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006487Cleaning servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006270Input for sustainable systems, structures and processes for general practiceVICTodayClosing Soon
1006205IdAM remediation servicesALLTodayClosing Soon
1005877Sale of abandoned landNZTodayClosing Soon
1005869Contractors for development of building & residential villasNZTodayClosing Soon
1005507Office accommodationNZTodayClosing Soon
1005358Development of a new public facing websiteWATodayClosing Soon
1005272Cafe and/or kiosk servicesWATodayClosing Soon
1005094Air conditioning maintenance and installationsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005095Pest control servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005097Painting servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005100Electrical maintenance and installationsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005099Plumbing & gas maintenance and installationsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005096General building and maintenance worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005102Mechanical / air conditioning and auto electrical maintenanceQLDTodayClosing Soon
1004933BMCS infrastructure upgradeVICTodayClosing Soon
1005071Cleaning servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
1004746Sale of surplus items (transportable accommodations & generators)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1004728Management and operation of swimming poolWATodayClosing Soon
1004586Portable weighing devices for heavy motor vehicles (HMV)NZTodayClosing Soon
1004628Stormwater gravity main worksNZTodayClosing Soon
1004617Townscape maintenance servicesSATodayClosing Soon
1004475Replacement of passenger elevatorsVICTodayClosing Soon
1004204ICT strategy and roadmap developmentSATodayClosing Soon
1003923Design & production of prospectusO/STodayClosing Soon
1003583Sale of propertySATodayClosing Soon
1003587Sale of council housing stockQLDTodayClosing Soon
1002453Sale of propertySATodayClosing Soon
1001032Annual Community GrantsVICTodayClosing Soon
989563Community grantsWATodayClosing Soon
1007387Sale of farmlandO/STodayClosing Soon
1007172PABXO/STodayClosing Soon
1003753Wet & dry hire of plant & equipmentQLDTodayClosing Soon
1007491Supply of new vehiclesO/STodayClosing Soon
1007320Expo event venueO/STodayClosing Soon
1007215Management of staff canteenO/STodayClosing Soon
1006968Demolition, extension & renovation worksVICTodayClosing Soon
1006134Alcohol and other drug relapse prevention (aftercare) serviceNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006135Child mental health serviceNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006209Construction of women's accommodation centreO/STodayClosing Soon
1005632Construction of music centreQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005249Metering installation service providersALLTodayClosing Soon
1004702School canteen licenceNSWTodayClosing Soon
1003674Architectural and consulting services for refurbishment / redevelopmentWATodayClosing Soon
1003078Notice: Metropolitan Traffic ModelNSWTodayClosing Soon
1002895TrucksQLDTodayClosing Soon
1002456Catering, security and bar servicesWATodayClosing Soon
1007330Electrical classroom upgradeWATodayClosing Soon
1007328Demolition of classroom and relocationWATodayClosing Soon
1007086Facility equipment upgradeWATodayClosing Soon
1004987Telephony technology maintenanceWATodayClosing Soon
1004229Stormwater drain clearingWATodayClosing Soon
1002903Managed print serviceWATodayClosing Soon
1001913Cleaning servicesWATodayClosing Soon
1005964Hire of miscellaneous plant and trucksWATodayClosing Soon
1005969Car share schemeWATodayClosing Soon
1005958Removal of trees and pruning of treesWATodayClosing Soon
1005959Pruning of street trees using elevated work platformsWATodayClosing Soon
1005960Maintenance of bores, pumps and associated worksWATodayClosing Soon
1005957Tree watering and tree planting servicesWATodayClosing Soon
1005961Traffic management servicesWATodayClosing Soon
1005962Supply and laying of kerbingWATodayClosing Soon
1004399Mechanical services maintenanceALLTodayClosing Soon
1007517Medical servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
1006453Catering servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1006521Sale & removal of recovered recyclablesWATodayClosing Soon
1006501Probity advisors panelVICTodayClosing Soon
1006349Senior trackside manager (various expertise)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1006346Trackside project manager (various expertise)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1005940Commercial cleaning servicesWATodayClosing Soon
1005965Shade cover for pool filtration systemQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005434Road reconstructionVICTodayClosing Soon
1005436Drainage worksVICTodayClosing Soon
1005435Road reconstructionVICTodayClosing Soon
1005405Salary packaging solutionsVICTodayClosing Soon
1005404Direct mail solutions including electronic optionsVICTodayClosing Soon
1005403Drainage works & roads reconstructionVICTodayClosing Soon
1005140Food and beverage contractorTASTodayClosing Soon
1005073Construction of concrete pathwaysQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005246Water treatment plants expert review (panel)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1005061Facilities managementQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005014Pavement wideningQLDTodayClosing Soon
1004801Hydrological investigation for bridge replacement programNSWTodayClosing Soon
1004480Upgrade of planetarium systemVICTodayClosing Soon
1004407School satellite unit replacementNZTodayClosing Soon
1004170Mechanical plant maintenance aquatic centresVICTodayClosing Soon
1004017External audit servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
1004068Sewer and stormwater renewalNZTodayClosing Soon
1003886Waste collection services, recycling, processing and disposalNZTodayClosing Soon
1003876Swimming pool relining worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
1003680Sale of propertyWATodayClosing Soon
1003516Construction of change room and public toilet facilitySATodayClosing Soon
1002899Ventilator equipmentNSWTodayClosing Soon
1001793Asset inventory planning toolO/STodayClosing Soon
1000871Rail infrastructure program - technical advisory servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1005538Sale of homesteadVICTodayClosing Soon
1004833Interior cleaning for council facilitiesNZTodayClosing Soon
1003260Hydrographic surveying equipment upgradeNSWTodayClosing Soon
1007904Sprayer remotely piloted aircraft systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1007846Accommodation & food servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1007669Handheld ticketing system for public bus serviceO/STodayClosing Soon
1007668Motor vehicle workshop tools, parts & accessoriesO/STodayClosing Soon
1007682Tape library break-fix maintenanceO/STodayClosing Soon
1007700GPSO/STodayClosing Soon
1007765Cram cram seedsO/STodayClosing Soon
1007339Spare parts for vehiclesO/STodayClosing Soon
1007219Office fit outsO/STodayClosing Soon
1007134Collaborative partnership for joint proposal submissions (various scope)O/STodayClosing Soon
1007019Development works of new terminal buildingNZTodayClosing Soon
1007108Advertising services for recruitmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1007045DLW sample analysisO/STodayClosing Soon
1006873Event professionals & servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006804Baseline study for reparation programmesO/STodayClosing Soon
1006872Pop-up bar supplierNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006868Artists, performers & musiciansNSWTodayClosing Soon
1006806Case study publication on work with media for governance and developmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1006805Development of ACE gender and elections topic areaO/STodayClosing Soon
1006829Civil works servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1006723Personal property securities registryO/STodayClosing Soon
1006610Equipment for milk productionO/STodayClosing Soon
1006716Community participation, livelihood promotion & capacity buildingO/STodayClosing Soon
1006582Rehabilitation of cistern and upgrade of gravity distribution systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1006712Supervision and inspection of toilet constructionO/STodayClosing Soon
1006604Accommodation and meeting room servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1006583Construction of water catchment surface and installation of water efficient fixturesO/STodayClosing Soon
1006561Construction of assembly hallQLDTodayClosing Soon
1006456Brand monitoring servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1006448Mainstreaming incentives for biodiversity conservationO/STodayClosing Soon
1006463Hygiene consumablesO/STodayClosing Soon
1006460Wine production equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1006454Comprehensive review of service contract modalityO/STodayClosing Soon
1006444Solar power banksO/STodayClosing Soon
1006445Country analysis on sexual, reproductive, maternal and child healthO/STodayClosing Soon
1006447Equipment for child-friendly hearing roomO/STodayClosing Soon
1006261Mailing servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1006324Online peer to peer live project management trainingO/STodayClosing Soon
1006309UNDAF mid-term reviewO/STodayClosing Soon
1006071Coconut sector development strategyO/STodayClosing Soon
1006050Environmental grantsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005884Research on gender sensitive approach in preventing violent extremismO/STodayClosing Soon
1005844Sale of propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
1006023Management of saleyardsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1005722Building quality assurance / controlO/STodayClosing Soon
1005726Radiation protectionO/STodayClosing Soon
1005725Alpha beta gamma detectorO/STodayClosing Soon
1005500Server & monitorsO/STodayClosing Soon
1005466Sale of houseNSWTodayClosing Soon
1005523Review & report on policies, legislative & regulatory approaches for antimicrobialsO/STodayClosing Soon
1005462Water well drilling equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1005422Brackish water desalination plantWATodayClosing Soon
1005131Vehicle rental servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1005138Detectors, radiation handheld portable XRF analyserO/STodayClosing Soon
1005139Sale of irrigation propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
1005141Computed radiography systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1005128Rental servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1005118Refurbishment of police stationsO/STodayClosing Soon
1005036Security servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1005038Lawn mowing servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1005032LaptopsO/STodayClosing Soon
1005034Water bottles and coolersO/STodayClosing Soon
1004931Printing servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1005037Rubbish collectionO/STodayClosing Soon
1004599Sale of homeSATodayClosing Soon
1004578Mental Health Research GrantALLTodayClosing Soon
1004498Mini in-line hold baggage handling systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1004682Electrotechnology testing accreditation advisory committeeALLTodayClosing Soon
1004534Employability assessment toolO/STodayClosing Soon
1004238Construction of a new long day care centreQLDTodayClosing Soon
1003933Membrane covered framed structures (shelter for living, working & equipment storage)O/STodayClosing Soon
1003967Subdivision civil works and servicesNTTodayClosing Soon
1004101Construction supervision of road connectivity projectO/STodayClosing Soon
1004133Reform of application-oriented undergraduate programsO/STodayClosing Soon
1004092Design & construction supervision of affordable housing project (various expertise)O/STodayClosing Soon
1003754Content & learning / media relationship & placement / event managementO/STodayClosing Soon
1003721Consultation & training on terms of employment for migrant domestic workerO/STodayClosing Soon
1003702Club Grants (Category 1)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1003505Quick Response Grant (Whau)NZTodayClosing Soon
1003635Stewart Trust and Carruthers Trust FundsNZTodayClosing Soon
1002801Room air-conditioning toolsO/STodayClosing Soon
1002541Rural finance capacity building servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1002699Contestable Community GrantNZTodayClosing Soon
1002306Notice: Community languages library collectionsNZTodayClosing Soon
1002147Off-the-shelf soft-skills & IT e-Learning coursesO/STodayClosing Soon
1001930CBPR system implementation & administration assistanceO/STodayClosing Soon
1001599Engineering study and preparation of documents for hydropower projectO/STodayClosing Soon
1000674Membership of health boardsNSWTodayClosing Soon
1000677Seniors festival activity / eventVICTodayClosing Soon
990074Main Street FundNSWTodayClosing Soon
990073Heritage FundNSWTodayClosing Soon
989701Intermediate cities improvement project - IRCB consultantO/STodayClosing Soon
989700Intermediate cities improvement project - EDCM consultantO/STodayClosing Soon
983675Wind farm construction (various opportunities)NSWTodayClosing Soon
840938Prelude natural gas field - various opportunitiesALLTodayClosing Soon
1004120Rapporteuring servicesALLTodayClosing Soon
1007674Food & audit servicesNT26/05/2018Closing Soon
1007665Security itemsO/S26/05/2018Closing Soon
1007102Conference/workshop coordinationO/S26/05/2018Closing Soon
1006630Sale and removal of timber houseO/S26/05/2018Closing Soon
1006271ICT equipmentO/S26/05/2018Closing Soon
1003938Cross-border travel cycle modules (border security & management)O/S26/05/2018Closing Soon
1004080Strengthening technical / vocational education & trainingO/S26/05/2018Closing Soon
1004088Comprehensive master plan for industrial corridor (various expertise)O/S26/05/2018Closing Soon
1003865Bituminous repairs and minor rehabilitation of existing roadsNT26/05/2018Closing Soon
1003506Quick Response Grant (Papakura)NZ26/05/2018Closing Soon
1007306Public art opportunityNZ27/05/2018Closing Soon
1004259Supply of food / produceVIC27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006260CNY19 hero artworkNSW27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006731Sewer and water mains extensions (minor works)VIC27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006950Evaluation and benefits management projectVIC27/05/2018Closing Soon
1005273Public art commission (Ranges Ward)VIC27/05/2018Closing Soon
1005271Public art commission (Hills Hub)VIC27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007423Bitumen and sealing materials for road and airport constructionO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007424Plant and equipment for roads and airfields upgrading projectO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1004076Scrap metal collection & disposal servicesALL27/05/2018Closing Soon
1008104Pipes, sanitation equipment & pumpsO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007906Direct disbursement mechanismO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007763Emergency preparedness / simulationO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007777Youth skills development & job placement in solar energy sectorO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007773Map data availability to monitor SDG indicator on financial protectionO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007704Construction of pre-fabricated school structuresO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007768Editing household survey questionnaireO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007349Editing household survey questionnairesO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1007011Accommodation & meeting room servicesO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006618Lab equipmentO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006621Rehabilitation of schoolO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006458Rehabilitation of clinicO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006323Various equipment for hairdresser workshopO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006290Various equipment for mobile devices workshopO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006103Rehabilitation of water pump stationO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1005734Technical studies & supervision of school construction / renovation workO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1005724Capacity needs assessment of governance representatives & responsible partiesO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1005467Pavement of internal roadsO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1005150Rehabilitation of distributions substationsO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1004732Rehabilitation of substation (Yarimja)O/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1004420Consultancy for smart low-carbon district energy projectO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1004424Detailed design and construction supervision of paddy drying & storage facilitiesO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1004322Internet servicesO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1004321Electrical, hardware & materialsO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1002285Harbor constructionO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1001753Consultancy - hydroelectric projectO/S27/05/2018Closing Soon
1006262Market stallQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003211Health providers for chronic disease prevention programQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006414Bowling green renewalWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006198Sale of vehiclesTAS28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006057Early intervention specialist service providersNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005531Physical security servicesNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005528Sale of residenceVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004630Building services engineerNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004683Amenities building (incl civil works)NSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004629Structural engineering servicesNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004071Community resilience strategy & planQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1002644Composite sleepersNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
965021Endeavour Fund (research)NZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005503Sale of family residenceVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
990703Annual Community Strengthening GrantVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1001328Shared and paging network passive equipment refreshNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006432Supply of carbon credit unitsQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004470Collection, storage and disposal of hazardous waste servicesNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003300Affordable housing research projectQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008072Office accommodationWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004386Delivery of smart city services (various works)NSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004241Disability-friendly liftO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003488Positioning, branding and marketing strategyNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1002011Professional labour hireQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
988641Highway access upgrade project (various works)QLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1002327Construction of waste transfer station and resource recovery facilityNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008005Industrial accommodationWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007686Sale of station wagonNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007683Sale of hatchbacksNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007684Sale of saloon vehiclesNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006217Landscaping worksVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005762Bookshop cafe providerNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004875He kai kei aku ringa Fund (economy)NZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007708Sale of flatdeckNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007227Sale of freezer truckNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007154Sale of truckNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006959Sale of loggerNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006958Sale of curtainsiderNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006778ORA case study writerACT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004158Confidential waste servicesQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003151Regional communication & extension to understand the status, risks & management of fungicide resistanceALL28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007655Sale & removal of commercial shedO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007007FurnitureVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007148Noise monitoringQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006910Request for information - employee assistance programsNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006875Audit and finance, medical credentialing and scope of practice sub-committeeVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006292Drainage upgradeSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005857Desludging of septic tanksSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005827Landholders Driving Change (LDC) project evaluationQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005512RadiopharmaceuticalsNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005510ATM deploymentNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004991Highway upgrade - spray sealsNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005019Lead design services for roll growth projectNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004309Sale of residential propertyVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003461Development of molecular markers for Fusarium wilt resistance in bananasALL28/05/2018Closing Soon
1002482Wirrabara Community Grants SchemeSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1001635Pilot marketing activities to drive offshore demand for ApplesALL28/05/2018Closing Soon
987530Charity partnership for major eventsNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006858EHO/food inspectorSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006925Budgeting and forecasting solutionNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006312Installation of signageWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005875Community Grants ProgramNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005383Supply and operation of mobile concrete batching plantQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004197IT support servicesWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003736Market place redevelopment (various works)NZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005763Compliance - risk management, data capture, mobile capability solutionVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008356Electrical itemsNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005981Process workflow information solutionVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005368Stormwater pipeline upgrade - civil worksTAS28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005356Reticulation servicesWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004972Sale of commercial floorsNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003858E-plan projectNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003540Cleaning servicesNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003401Infrastructure professional services (panel)NZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006861Copier replacement projectSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004228Traffic management servicesWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007992Sale of apartmentVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007516Building extension (various works)QLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006564Software maintenanceTAS28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006386Underground fibre optic cableNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006229Occupational health servicesNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005765Lecture capture, editing and retrieval softwareWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005687Lecture capture, editing and retrieval productWA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005796RFID for glass crates - kerbside collectionNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005570Recycled glass crate supplyNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005443Medical insurance servicesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005625Wastewater masterplanNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005480Restoration works to flood affected minor culvertsVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005409Virtual DBA and monitoring servicesVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005247Design and construction of reservoirNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004879Coastal structures renewalsNZ28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004412Reservoir rehabilitation projectO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004443Solutions to treat trauma in children and young people in kinship care and foster careNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004449Outside school hours care serviceQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004448Outside school hours careQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004212Tradespersons and suppliersQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004183Festival delivery servicesVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004083Individual deprivation measure (IDM) surveyALL28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003629Reef water quality regional solutionsQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003164Bridge replacementTAS28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005789Reuse water mainline extensionSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008334BooksO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008310Dressmaking kitsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008325Annual audit of national implementation projectsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008387Stallholder for eventSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008330Hardware kitsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008331Magazine printingO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008346Industry briefing: Highway overtaking lane program allianceNSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008326Air freightO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008075Consultant to support investment, advisory & country management activitiesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008107Water yard constructionO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008099Containerized transformerO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008106Banking & risk management, microfinance & digital financial services supportO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008098International consultant - housing advisorO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1008042Drilling of boreholesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007849Alert system for prisonsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007705Technical / institutional analysis of water supply & sanitation sectorO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007703Inert training aid kitsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007775Supply, assembly of spare parts / sheet metal & painting for vehiclesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007377Private sector gender specialistO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007353International power quality expertiseO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007419Cleaning and CCTV imaging of stormwater pipesNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007265Power quality / transmission planning expertO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007274Fabrication & installation of roofs of hardwall buildingsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007231ICT equipmentO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007243Modernization of swimming poolO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1007027Container inspection & certification servicesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006792Capital injection (delivery of cash transfers & training intervention)O/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006913New access control software and hardwareNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006826Energy smart meters system & servicesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006832Delivery of vehiclesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006809Designing and operationalizing voluntary carbon offset schemeO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006817Analysing equipment for quantitative genetic and genomic informationO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006816Health intelligence and innovationO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006813Research/advocacy/support to realize rights and needs of female veteransO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006802High pressure liquid chromatographyO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006580Enhancement of website and development of mobile applicationO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006594Solid waste management (SWM) projectO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006581Capacity building in application of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methodsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006620Rehabilitation of schoolO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006593Strengthening extreme weather and disaster preparedness (SEWDP) projectO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006457Rehabilitation of building/instituteO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006547Various services / supplyQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006459Skid-steer loaderO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006253Bomb suits & zippersO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006285Rehabilitation of primary healthcare centreO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006275Radioactive waste sorting boxO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006297Various equipment for sewing workshopO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006333Cleaning servicesNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006306Densification of geodetic network for cadastral purposesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006287Renewal of central clock system & adaptation of conference room clocksO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006293Various equipment for sanitary works workshopO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006137Corporate governance capacity buildingO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006112Design and construction of nature playgroundQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1006199Establishing roster of NGOs and CSOs for development projects (various areas)O/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005916Laser welding systemO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005894Business-process reengineering for toll road regulatory agencyO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005937Integrated solution - electronic passports, hardware & data management systemsO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005717Transaction platform enabling digital payment across micro-merchant value chainO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005696Organisation of cultural exchange activityO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005521UPS batteriesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005120Windows migrationO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005136Communication strategyO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005145Bowed & plucked string consumablesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004913Community Grants Program (health outcomes)SA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1005024Engineering review and detailed design of roadO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004706Warehousing & transportationO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004636Training institute upgradeO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004601Repairs and maintenance of gravel roads and airstrips, grading and minor gravel repairsNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004423Biotechnology and agriculture inputs specialistO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004327Strategic study & national integrated program on economic empowerment of womenO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004328Mobile money transfer servicesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004058Repairs & maintenance of gravel roads / airstrips (South East)NT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003746Theatrical group for production of playO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003756Telecom event goods & servicesO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003728Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)QLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003695Integrated roads management information systemO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003545Construct ablutions facilities and associated hydraulics servicesNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1003548Construction of duplexNT28/05/2018Closing Soon
1002283SCADA system for water supply networkO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
990822Sea water reverse osmosis plant & related civil worksO/S28/05/2018Closing Soon
990500Annual Arts Grants ProgramVIC28/05/2018Closing Soon
979505Regional Arts Development FundQLD28/05/2018Closing Soon
978426Community Grant Program (various categories)NSW28/05/2018Closing Soon
954302Engineering, procurement & construction worksSA28/05/2018Closing Soon
1004575Events SponsorshipNSW29/05/2018
1007938Service designersACT29/05/2018
1006929Data analysts and processing resourcesACT29/05/2018
1006961Level 2 support of GovCMS PaaSALL29/05/2018
1007837Sale of bullQLD29/05/2018
1006675Sale of homeVIC29/05/2018
1006474Servicing of water features / water treatment systemVIC29/05/2018
1006469Fertilizer, seed and sports ground chemicalsVIC29/05/2018
1006475Slope mowingVIC29/05/2018
1006471Plumbing/irrigation works for backflow testing & maintenance/repair of fire hydrantsVIC29/05/2018
1006473Turf grassVIC29/05/2018
1006472Pest control servicesVIC29/05/2018
1005744On-board bus CCTV system upgradeNSW29/05/2018
1005336Design services for replacement of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systemVIC29/05/2018
1005352Asphalt resurfacing worksQLD29/05/2018
1005335Environmental audits of landfillVIC29/05/2018
1005062Weatherproof storage facilityVIC29/05/2018
1002307Campground ablutionsNZ29/05/2018
1008062In-ground servicesNSW29/05/2018
1005635Lift replacementNSW29/05/2018
1005360Reserve - civil and streetscape worksVIC29/05/2018
1003661Bus sheltersWA29/05/2018
1005631Master plan for parkNSW29/05/2018
1005373Football club refurbishmentNSW29/05/2018
1005349Workshop extension and associated servicesQLD29/05/2018
1005350Sale of landQLD29/05/2018
1003646Koala field surveysNSW29/05/2018
1003412Power supply projectNSW29/05/2018
1001725Australia Awards in MongoliaALL29/05/2018
1007072Installation of advanced warning signal and mast armQLD29/05/2018
1005072Licence to operate a mobile coffee and food vanNSW29/05/2018
1003647Koala field surveysNSW29/05/2018
1004518Oxidation and sludge pond relining or STP refurbishmentNSW29/05/2018
1005637Underground utility location servicesNSW29/05/2018
1005636Geotechnical testing servicesNSW29/05/2018
1005999Hospital entrance road reconstructionNSW29/05/2018
1003542Watermains replacement worksNSW29/05/2018
1002421Construction of waste transfer station and resource recovery centreNSW29/05/2018
1002320Horizontal directional drilling of sewer rising mainNSW29/05/2018
1004531Upgrade worksNSW29/05/2018
1008037Scrum masterACT29/05/2018
1008036Strategic management advisory servicesACT29/05/2018
1006995Bathroom renovationACT29/05/2018
1006695Sale of residenceVIC29/05/2018
1006248Water jet drain cleaning machineQLD29/05/2018
1005770Online benchmarking & measurement solutionNZ29/05/2018
1005525Sale of residenceVIC29/05/2018
1005242Main contractor - construction of toilet blockNZ29/05/2018
1004542Construction of playspace and bike trailSA29/05/2018
1004410Main contractor for ILE upgrading of school blocksNZ29/05/2018
1004366Mechanisms and manipulation of resistance to powdery scab in potato rootsALL29/05/2018
1004425Australian bananas social content creation and community managementALL29/05/2018
1005328Construction of a youth activities spaceQLD29/05/2018
1006658Trade representation - South KoreaO/S29/05/2018
1007313Incinerator systemO/S29/05/2018
1006638Sale of abandoned motor vehiclesSA29/05/2018
1005742European archaeological management plan for motor racing circuitNSW29/05/2018
1005408Construction of sport precinct netball game day facilityVIC29/05/2018
1005191Sale of mixed use propertyQLD29/05/2018
1005147Site electrical supply upgrade works and oval lightingVIC29/05/2018
1005196Sale of apartmentsQLD29/05/2018
1004773Sale of rural and agribusiness - sugarcane farmsQLD29/05/2018
1004755Consultancy services for rising risk projectVIC29/05/2018
1004063Sale of townhouse development siteQLD29/05/2018
1003336Professional services for bridge replacement projectNZ29/05/2018
1005223Information architecture review and designALL29/05/2018
1007959Bar codesO/S29/05/2018
1007789Construction work of building latrinesO/S29/05/2018
1006510New playground installationsWA29/05/2018
1006511Chiller replacementWA29/05/2018
1006534Park developmentWA29/05/2018
1005324Under excess motor vehicle and public liability claims servicesVIC29/05/2018
1005363Trade and liquid waste infrastructure cleaning servicesVIC29/05/2018
1005364Various light asphalt paving servicesVIC29/05/2018
1003294Quarry productsNSW29/05/2018
1008196Office alterationsWA29/05/2018
1007440Plant screening indoor hire and maintenanceWA29/05/2018
1007329Communication services to road upgrade projectsNSW29/05/2018
1006923Construction of a jobs skills centreWA29/05/2018
1006939Review of rangelands carrying capacities and related servicesWA29/05/2018
1005802Construction of replacement boreWA29/05/2018
1005769Land subdivisionWA29/05/2018
1005664Waste fleet decalsNSW29/05/2018
1005646Maintenance to pool cleaners, blankets & associated equipmentNSW29/05/2018
1005604City brand and identity strategyNSW29/05/2018
1005412Road profiling servicesWA29/05/2018
1005315Smart city infrastructureNSW29/05/2018
1004652Psychological assessment and intervention servicesWA29/05/2018
1004623School - admin block extensionWA29/05/2018
1003909Collection, transportation & disposal of clinical wasteWA29/05/2018
1002865Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and mechanical servicesWA29/05/2018
1005967Cash collection and banking servicesWA29/05/2018
1006507Fire protection servicesWA29/05/2018
1006538Earthworks and geotextile worksWA29/05/2018
1005650Design and publishing servicesNSW29/05/2018
1004810Audit servicesVIC29/05/2018
1007047Car park extension - early works contractor serviceQLD29/05/2018
1006922Temporary sewer flow monitoringVIC29/05/2018
1006854Town hall external make safe worksSA29/05/2018
1006853Commonwealth home support programme servicesSA29/05/2018
1006722Principal design consultant - multipurpose mess hall facilityNSW29/05/2018
1006565Temporary recruitment servicesTAS29/05/2018
1006523Consultancy services - performance review committeeWA29/05/2018
1006498Brake and clutch services (parts and repairs)WA29/05/2018
1006496Outdoor (street) furniture maintenance (sanding, oiling & repair)WA29/05/2018
1006232Playground development (various works)TAS29/05/2018
1006015Upgrade of irrigation control systemsNSW29/05/2018
1006011Mobile electronic patient observation & documentation solutionNZ29/05/2018
1005764Construction of water mainsVIC29/05/2018
1005810Independent certifier for Next Generation Ticketing ProjectQLD29/05/2018
1005629Pest animal managementNSW29/05/2018
1005677Construction of shared use pathSA29/05/2018
1005633Routine tree servicesNSW29/05/2018
1005339Wheel loaderQLD29/05/2018
1005330Redevelopment of tennis / netball courtsVIC29/05/2018
1005393Street reconstructionTAS29/05/2018
1005329Pavement renewal worksVIC29/05/2018
1005410Crack sealing servicesVIC29/05/2018
1005355Swimming pool amenities upgradeVIC29/05/2018
1005178Supply, delivery and laying of turfQLD29/05/2018
1005179Courier servicesQLD29/05/2018
1005170Riverfront and CBD CCTVVIC29/05/2018
1004785Road worksWA29/05/2018
1004693Pool water treatment upgrade & associated worksNSW29/05/2018
1004537Footpath, bus stop and kerb ramp condition auditSA29/05/2018
1004597Internal mail house & courier servicesNSW29/05/2018
1004441Building & landscape designNSW29/05/2018
1004206Supply of plant & equipment for occasional hireWA29/05/2018
1004192Electrical services for pole lightingWA29/05/2018
1004176Amenities upgrade & internal refurbishmentQLD29/05/2018
1003687Public lighting controls & systemNT29/05/2018
1003425Recyclables receival, transfer and processing servicesNSW29/05/2018
1003141Baths replacement - constructionNSW29/05/2018
1002344Water supply bores - electrical supply and installationNSW29/05/2018
1001289Water assets divestmentSA29/05/2018
990899End user computingQLD29/05/2018
990402Funding - Optimising medication use in the emergency departmentQLD29/05/2018
1004344Custom exhibition stands for domestic tradeshowsALL29/05/2018
1008261Various type of batteriesO/S29/05/2018
1008265Remote monitoring security servicesO/S29/05/2018
1008192Roof replacement and associated worksNT29/05/2018
1008079Survey of dairy chain issues incl. time & financial costsO/S29/05/2018
1007866Business case for affordable housing programO/S29/05/2018
1007949Power generation supply and commissioningNT29/05/2018
1007892Design & development of agribusiness advisory programO/S29/05/2018
1007714Consultant - universal health coverageO/S29/05/2018
1007340In vivo dosimetry, detector and phantomsO/S29/05/2018
1007237Analysis of industrial fuelwood and charcoal consumptionO/S29/05/2018
1007234Analysis of household fuelwood and charcoal consumptionO/S29/05/2018
1007225Study on challenges and opportunities for labour market integration of Kuwaiti womenO/S29/05/2018
1007014Develop and operation of new multi-purpose berth and adjacent logistics hubWA29/05/2018
1007031Network video recording (NVR) for surveillance systemO/S29/05/2018
1007083Mechanical services switch board replacementNT29/05/2018
1007136Internet services (dongles)O/S29/05/2018
1006998Off-grid information portalO/S29/05/2018
1006814Transparent glove bagsO/S29/05/2018
1006623Integrated media monitoring and impact analysisO/S29/05/2018
1006598Maintenance services of baggage scanner and walkthrough gatesO/S29/05/2018
1006299Various equipment for typographic design workshopO/S29/05/2018
1006254Various IEDD equipmentO/S29/05/2018
1006303Various equipment for wood veneer workshopO/S29/05/2018
1005865Cleaning & cafeteria suppliesO/S29/05/2018
1005927Internet connectivity & fixed telephone lines servicesO/S29/05/2018
1005866Stationery suppliesO/S29/05/2018
1005713Construction of roadsO/S29/05/2018
1005517Sale of homeVIC29/05/2018
1005509Sale of propertyVIC29/05/2018
1005039Architectural, engineering and construction supervision services (various works)O/S29/05/2018
1004724Consultancy for upgrade of chemical laboratoryO/S29/05/2018
1001606Support consultants for irrigation projectO/S29/05/2018
989619Services for harmonized approach to cash transfer (HACT)O/S29/05/2018
981250SCADA & revenue metering systemO/S29/05/2018
1004596Design and Construction of Water Main Replacements 2018-2021VIC29/05/2018
1005640SAG6128 - Optimising Drug Driving Deterrence Regimes | Recommendations ReportALL29/05/2018
1002033Construction contractors (various)QLDNot Stated
1002061CarpentersQLDNot Stated
1001836Notice: Feasibility study for dam projectQLDNot Stated
1001876Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
1001946Supplier industry days: Advanced autonomy platform technology projectQLDNot Stated
1001969Sale of rural propertyWANot Stated
1001959Notice: Light rail - integrated contract management teamALLNot Stated
1001855Sponsorship opportunityQLDNot Stated
1001920Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1001642Distribution outlet - livestock feeding equipment (Moree)NSWNot Stated
1001722Sale of industrial propertyQLDNot Stated
1001756Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1001750Sale of family estateNSWNot Stated
1001646Sale of business - restaurantNTNot Stated
1001653Exterior preparation and painting of hotelSANot Stated
1001772Notice: Use of digital coach for anxiety and/or depressionNSWNot Stated
1001630Sale of business - online beauty retailerALLNot Stated
1001721Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1001775Notice: Road duplication (various works)VICNot Stated
1001525Sale of apartmentNSWNot Stated
1001445Sale of baleageNZNot Stated
1001459Notice: Evaluation of Mental Health Stepped Care ModelVICNot Stated
1001484Alternative providers of education opportunitiesWANot Stated
1001449Stall holder for NDIS expoNTNot Stated
1001420Meeting & site visit: Access roads rehabilitationO/SNot Stated
1001612Notice: Sale of cottageWANot Stated
1001517Lease of propertyVICNot Stated
1001479Event organisation & media documentationO/SNot Stated
1001478Operation of kiosk & barVICNot Stated
1001518Sale of homeWANot Stated
1001537Notice: Payroll software solutionNZNot Stated
1001334Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
1001261General practices for Rising Risk projectVICNot Stated
1001389Lease of facility for sporting & recreational events incl. markets & festivalsNSWNot Stated
1001372Notice: Market research partnerNZNot Stated
1001305Sale of flatsO/SNot Stated
1001285BricklayersSANot Stated
1001312Sale of landO/SNot Stated
1001319Sale of vacant landO/SNot Stated
1001320Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1001318Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1001323Sale of reserve park propertyO/SNot Stated
1001317Sale of homeWANot Stated
1001235Travel management servicesO/SNot Stated
1001302Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1001311Sale of apartments, flats & homesO/SNot Stated
1001341Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
1001362Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1001391Notice: Redevelopment of former bowling club siteNSWNot Stated
1001309Notice: Demolition of public housing complexWANot Stated
1001315Sale of commercial propertyO/SNot Stated
1001078Sale of bungalow houseVICNot Stated
1001014Upgrade of roadsO/SNot Stated
1001070Sale of penthouse apartmentQLDNot Stated
1001074Removal of farm shedWANot Stated
1001018BricklayersQLDNot Stated
1001045Notice: Networking opportunityALLNot Stated
1001029Use of aquariumNSWNot Stated
1001086Sale of residenceVICNot Stated
1001093Sale of homeVICNot Stated
1001016Distribution outlet - livestock feeding equipment (Dubbo)NSWNot Stated
1000914Stallholders for community expoWANot Stated
1000964Landscape plan / design for visitor centre surrounds and carparkVICNot Stated
1000943All trades and suppliers (homes)QLDNot Stated
1000963Building upgrade projectWANot Stated
1000763Notice: Information session for tradespeople, contractors and suppliersNSWNot Stated
1000816Notice: Solid waste minimisation & management projectNZNot Stated
1000772Sale or lease of propertyQLDNot Stated
1000712Sale of diesel boilerO/SNot Stated
1000821Notice: Construction procurement trainingNSWNot Stated
1000753Franchise opportunity - Pizza HutNSWNot Stated
1000515Painting of showground pavilion complexNSWNot Stated
1000518Notice: Leisure centre redevelopment projectWANot Stated
1000513Notice: Beach foreshore revitalisation (various features)QLDNot Stated
1000519Horticulture opportunityNSWNot Stated
1000506Construction of flatsVICNot Stated
1000628Sale of grazing propertyWANot Stated
1000627Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1000675Pre-implementation of model for follow up care for early breast cancer survivorsNSWNot Stated
1000547Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
1000599Sale of yachtALLNot Stated
1000558Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1000589Sale of vehicleVICNot Stated
1000561Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
1000550Sale of residential propertyNSWNot Stated
1000562Sale of development siteWANot Stated
1000564Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
1000422Industry briefing: SCADA platform, remote terminal unit & telemetry upgradeQLDNot Stated
1000361Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1000331Stalls for craft fairNSWNot Stated
1000283Grant - Business Growth Fund ProgramQLDNot Stated
1000420Notice: Landing helicopter dock & LHD landing craftNSWNot Stated
1000399PQQ - Procurement solution (SaaS)NSWNot Stated
1000359Sale of residence with harbour viewsNSWNot Stated
1000319Notice: Sale of former college siteVICNot Stated
1000356Sale of acreageNSWNot Stated
1000415Sale of land and homeVICNot Stated
1000293Site personnel, subcontractors and suppliers for new building worksNSWNot Stated
1000250Notice: Construction of indoor sports centre (incl. car parking)NSWNot Stated
1000231Sustainable Living Expo - sponsors & stall holdersTASNot Stated
1000229Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1000227Sale of flatsO/SNot Stated
1000073Sale of property & business - paint shopNZNot Stated
1000225Sale of home with sea viewsO/SNot Stated
1000224Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1000157Notice: Tax advisory & compliance servicesNZNot Stated
1000160Notice: In line hydrogen sulphide gas monitorsNSWNot Stated
1000015Sale of industrial land (various lots)O/SNot Stated
1000236Sale of freehold vacant landO/SNot Stated
1000245Supplier forum: Materials, goods and plant hireO/SNot Stated
1000258Landholders for geotourism businessQLDNot Stated
1000262Industrial & residential landQLDNot Stated
1000215Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1000212Sale of flatsO/SNot Stated
1000273Market day stall holdersWANot Stated
1000280Sale of business - farming equipmentNTNot Stated
1000208Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1000016Sale of beach resort & residential lotsO/SNot Stated
1000235Sale of reserve park propertyO/SNot Stated
1000244Alcohol screening and brief intervention projectNSWNot Stated
990978Outsourcing of school canteenVICNot Stated
990967Gas efficiency grantsVICNot Stated