Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
951398Commercial builders - oncology & dialysis redevelopmentVICTodayClosing Soon
952097Event - use of canteenNTTodayClosing Soon
950519Hire of sporting groundsNSWTodayClosing Soon
948873Employee assistance programNSWTodayClosing Soon
946266Various civil worksVICTodayClosing Soon
947180Replacement of substationsQLDTodayClosing Soon
947182Replacement of padmount substationsQLDTodayClosing Soon
946289Ring main unit upgrades and replacementQLDTodayClosing Soon
946277Quarry & road making materialsVICTodayClosing Soon
947055High voltage ring main cable replacementQLDTodayClosing Soon
938350Insurance providerALLTodayClosing Soon
952670Chiller water system upgradesNTTodayClosing Soon
952081Chilled water system upgradesNTTodayClosing Soon
952015Replacement of cooling towers (incl. BMS)NTTodayClosing Soon
951578Building and construction services for redevelopmentVICTodayClosing Soon
951289Surveying servicesSATodayClosing Soon
951378Vehicle recording devices - dash camerasVICTodayClosing Soon
950737Construction of passing lanesQLDTodayClosing Soon
949993GPS asset location & man down devicesVICTodayClosing Soon
950007NDRRA event restorationQLDTodayClosing Soon
948626Design for adaptive re-use of old hospital as community and cultural centreNSWTodayClosing Soon
948455Medium accommodation shelter trailer system (MASTS) solutionNZTodayClosing Soon
945754Naval shipbuilding collegeALLTodayClosing Soon
950382Bridge engineering design consultancy servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
953319Bookmark, printouts & triangular standeeO/STodayClosing Soon
953318Various materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
952550Issue of treasury bondsALLTodayClosing Soon
951539Audiology equipment and consumables servicesWATodayClosing Soon
950223Gardening servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
950621Out of school hours and vacation careNSWTodayClosing Soon
950260Construction of booster pump house and installation of pipelinesO/STodayClosing Soon
948705Optical character recognition (OCR) solutionNSWTodayClosing Soon
950397Out of school hours care (Centaur PS)NSWTodayClosing Soon
950284Out of school hours care and vacation careNSWTodayClosing Soon
952339Sale of train driver cabNSWTodayClosing Soon
952957Sale of business - supermarket & liquorNTTodayClosing Soon
950191Accelerator GrantsALLTodayClosing Soon
953342Small Grants (various categories)NSWTodayClosing Soon
952665Sale of various unclaimed, unregistered, impounded motor vehiclesWATodayClosing Soon
952329Fiber switch equipmentACTTodayClosing Soon
952232Sale of software development businessALLTodayClosing Soon
951873Water & wastewater alliance contract developmentNZTodayClosing Soon
951731Call for Tenders - Public Relations and Media Consulting CompaniesALLTodayClosing Soon
951676Lease of landNZTodayClosing Soon
951254Sale for removal of assets (units, awning and decking)QLDTodayClosing Soon
951176Main building contractor for construction of classroomsNZTodayClosing Soon
951173Full consultancy & design services for school building incl fire engineer servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
950529Supply of High Carbon Ferro Manganese and Silicon ManganeseALLTodayClosing Soon
950559School block upgrade incl lights & heatersNZTodayClosing Soon
950580Baseline capacity assessment of below-rail networkQLDTodayClosing Soon
950316Construction of a large Basement Plus 2 story family homeVICTodayClosing Soon
950445Sale of landSATodayClosing Soon
950219ProcureIT process digitisationNSWTodayClosing Soon
950234Sale of development landVICTodayClosing Soon
950246Main contractors for construction of multipurpose buildingNZTodayClosing Soon
950100Design coaching servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
950097Main contractor for upgrading of school buildingsNZTodayClosing Soon
949893Airstrip alignment and earthworksSATodayClosing Soon
949594Civil works - power line undergrounding projectSATodayClosing Soon
949407Sale of aged care facility / development siteNSWTodayClosing Soon
949158Apprentices & traineesQLDTodayClosing Soon
948870Sale of propertyVICTodayClosing Soon
948340Organisation & delivery of Pacific Heritage Arts FonoNZTodayClosing Soon
948315Upgrade of landfill facilitiesNTTodayClosing Soon
948082Negative pressure wound therapy equipment & consumablesNZTodayClosing Soon
945643Student Equity in Higher Education Research GrantsALLTodayClosing Soon
950617Sale of slipform paverNSWTodayClosing Soon
950014Relocation of gas pipelineNSWTodayClosing Soon
952909Maintenance and upgrade of rugby houseO/STodayClosing Soon
952089Vacant office spaceO/STodayClosing Soon
951717Sale of apartment development siteVICTodayClosing Soon
951647Refurbishment of multi function sports centresQLDTodayClosing Soon
951446Healthy Communities program delivery (fitness classes)NSWTodayClosing Soon
951170Redevelopment works for schoolNZTodayClosing Soon
950986Lease of restaurant / café facilitiesQLDTodayClosing Soon
950922Professional engineering consultancy services for 3 watersNZTodayClosing Soon
950719Hostel aged care home redevelopment & refurbishmentWATodayClosing Soon
950407AutoclaveNZTodayClosing Soon
950349Lease of old ambulance stationSATodayClosing Soon
950253Construction of dormitory and ablution blockO/STodayClosing Soon
950013Health & Sustainability GrantsNSWTodayClosing Soon
949879Wet well cleaning & condition assessmentVICTodayClosing Soon
949767Demolition and disposal of wastewater treatment plantVICTodayClosing Soon
949646Pool redevelopment (incl. car parking)NZTodayClosing Soon
949487Sale of various surplus itemsO/STodayClosing Soon
949237Design & construction of water attractionWATodayClosing Soon
949251Sale of industrial land holdingsWATodayClosing Soon
948790Coach services for excursionNSWTodayClosing Soon
947060Concierge and workplace servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
951505Video conferencing systemALLTodayClosing Soon
950908Feeder reconfigurationVICTodayClosing Soon
950601Data storage & back-up solutionALLTodayClosing Soon
952814Market redevelopmentO/STodayClosing Soon
952604Passenger vehiclesVICTodayClosing Soon
951718Riparian plant materialNZTodayClosing Soon
951327Upgrade of electrical systemO/STodayClosing Soon
951218Sale of gym equipmentSATodayClosing Soon
950455Building automation system upgradeVICTodayClosing Soon
950029Construction of Noise Wall WorksVICTodayClosing Soon
949760School canteen licenceNSWTodayClosing Soon
949626Management and operation of sports centreNSWTodayClosing Soon
946847Lamps, luminaires and PE cellsQLDTodayClosing Soon
946755Home renewable energy upgradesVICTodayClosing Soon
945821Get Healthy information & coaching serviceNSWTodayClosing Soon
951824Reception refurbishmentWATodayClosing Soon
951413Operational clothingNSWTodayClosing Soon
951375Construction of general learning area classroomsWATodayClosing Soon
949526Cleaning servicesWATodayClosing Soon
949695Patient mechanical restraint system for stretchersVICTodayClosing Soon
949524Debt collection servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
948702Fully managed data centre technical floor spaceALLTodayClosing Soon
952027Fresh bakery productsQLDTodayClosing Soon
951608Compulsory conference conciliatorTASTodayClosing Soon
951486Surgical servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
951534Market oriented organisation - technology roadmapNSWTodayClosing Soon
951483Embedded credentialed mental health nursing services (ECMHN)VICTodayClosing Soon
951384Business process mapping consultantO/STodayClosing Soon
951192Water chemicalsNSWTodayClosing Soon
951130Disposal & replacement of light vehiclesTASTodayClosing Soon
951022Building contractor servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
950920Telecommunications & data network support servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
950825Install roofed structure over existing sports courtQLDTodayClosing Soon
950692Vegetation clearing in vicinity of powerlinesVICTodayClosing Soon
950693Plenum wall constructionVICTodayClosing Soon
950699Removalist servicesTASTodayClosing Soon
950419Renewal of sewer mainsNZTodayClosing Soon
950400Construction of splash park (various works)NSWTodayClosing Soon
950461Onsite management / operations & online booking systemQLDTodayClosing Soon
950096AoG consultancy services (panel)NZTodayClosing Soon
950079Concrete gutter upgradesWATodayClosing Soon
949749Fire equipment maintenance servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
949651Generational strategy monitoring & evaluation framework / planQLDTodayClosing Soon
949302Large scale renewable energy supplyNSWTodayClosing Soon
948984Scheduled servicing and repair of emergency response doorsVICTodayClosing Soon
948724Libraries public PC & MFD management systemQLDTodayClosing Soon
948700Mechanical and electrical upgradeQLDTodayClosing Soon
947801Fresh produceQLDTodayClosing Soon
947491Plant hireNSWTodayClosing Soon
947487Casual trades person hireNSWTodayClosing Soon
947106Playgrounds, open spaces, modular structures, exterior lighting, recreational and associated infrastructure, maintenance & services.NSWTodayClosing Soon
946869Road improvements and safety upgradesTASTodayClosing Soon
946037Refurbishment of hydro turbine generators and auxiliariesO/STodayClosing Soon
953140Urban development planO/STodayClosing Soon
953139Transaction technical assistance for transmission network expansionO/STodayClosing Soon
952937Rehabilitation of x-ray shielding roomsO/STodayClosing Soon
952813GEF project proposal development specialistO/STodayClosing Soon
952819Low emission urban transport technical specialistO/STodayClosing Soon
952815Implementation of PSM - BCSO/STodayClosing Soon
952733Heavy duty 2-wheel secure document/e-waste cartsO/STodayClosing Soon
952882Replacement of roofO/STodayClosing Soon
952671Sale of employment services businessNSWTodayClosing Soon
952493EPDM membrane and installation materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
952287Intrusive surveysO/STodayClosing Soon
952352Domestic freight serviceNZTodayClosing Soon
952210Construction of shared pathNTTodayClosing Soon
952107Sale of generator setsO/STodayClosing Soon
952108Event or activity for seniors festivalVICTodayClosing Soon
951948Exhibition display standO/STodayClosing Soon
951963Interior worksO/STodayClosing Soon
951899Support to NSDS formulationO/STodayClosing Soon
951973Community event sponsorship (fun run)NSWTodayClosing Soon
951760Moisture meters, grain moisture tester and air screen cleaner with gravity tableO/STodayClosing Soon
951750Energy modelling and flow simulation software & related servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
951814Rotavirus vaccineO/STodayClosing Soon
951742Sale of various itemsO/STodayClosing Soon
951805Solar photovoltaic systems and hot water supply systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
951794Review of DFL coursesO/STodayClosing Soon
951688Construction of commercial complex (various works)O/STodayClosing Soon
951642Organisations sought to sponsor eventsQLDTodayClosing Soon
951639Setup of demountable unitsWATodayClosing Soon
951424Strategic communication servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
951432Study on violence against childrenO/STodayClosing Soon
951417Multi-layered polypropylene bagsO/STodayClosing Soon
951532Minor road worksVICTodayClosing Soon
951317D C Tynan Trust fundingNZTodayClosing Soon
951296POLHN website and Moodle management / enhancementsO/STodayClosing Soon
951167School upgrade - design & document consultancyNTTodayClosing Soon
951125Minor road worksVICTodayClosing Soon
951131Sale of tractorNSWTodayClosing Soon
951099Study on hygiene practices in educational institutionsO/STodayClosing Soon
951107Micro-evaluation of implementing partnersO/STodayClosing Soon
951055Road humpsO/STodayClosing Soon
950747Strategic media training serviceO/STodayClosing Soon
950765Early education professional development modules & materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
950754Printing servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
950318VehicleO/STodayClosing Soon
950262Facilities management servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
949846Lease of multifunctional printers and high volume publishing printersO/STodayClosing Soon
949655Commercial markets opportunities to help control invasive speciesO/STodayClosing Soon
949545Portfolio risk analysis & performance attribution systemO/STodayClosing Soon
949611Audit of sub-recipients financed by global fund for AIDS, tuberculosis & malariaO/STodayClosing Soon
949224Streetscape designQLDTodayClosing Soon
949065Various equipment & technical services for phase-out of HCFCO/STodayClosing Soon
948990Sale of propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
948583Activity or program for festivalVICTodayClosing Soon
947920Sale of windrowersNZTodayClosing Soon
947887Sale of damaged aircraftWATodayClosing Soon
945539Community Financial Assistance ProgramNSWTodayClosing Soon
950201Sale of cottageNSW22/07/2017Closing Soon
904113Printing of calendarsO/S22/07/2017Closing Soon
951651Airport preparation worksO/S22/07/2017Closing Soon
953150External monitoring and evaluation of land acquisition and resettlementO/S22/07/2017Closing Soon
953149Project implementation and capacity development for logistics systemO/S22/07/2017Closing Soon
951752Electrical works & construction of power houses (incl fuel tanks)O/S22/07/2017Closing Soon
951838Study for establishment of leather & footwear technical centreO/S22/07/2017Closing Soon
948192Community Road Safety GrantsNSW23/07/2017Closing Soon
952257Artists & program proposals for digital writers’ festivalALL23/07/2017Closing Soon
949639Delivering of visa services (delivery model & technology solutions)ALL23/07/2017Closing Soon
949625TMA contractsNZ23/07/2017Closing Soon
950111Fire extinguishers / fire & safety equipmentQLD23/07/2017Closing Soon
946820Concrete, bluestone and associated construction works serviceVIC23/07/2017Closing Soon
944853Supply & lay of bituminous products (incl. aggregate)WA23/07/2017Closing Soon
944854Supply & lay of asphaltWA23/07/2017Closing Soon
944852Flood damage road remedial worksWA23/07/2017Closing Soon
944855Bulldozer / excavator workWA23/07/2017Closing Soon
948016Short print, long print & direct mail servicesALL23/07/2017Closing Soon
953112Project management and construction supervision for sewerage systemO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
953104Investment planning for proposed nature reserveO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
952979Clean up project (Central Ramadi)O/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951930Strengthening humanitarian preparedness and response to floodsO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951937Response and earthquake kitsO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951716Media services for legal awareness campaignsO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951713Event management & administrative servicesO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951756Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration kit(s)O/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951419Renovation of housesO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951301Specifications for establishment of crechesO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
951300Identification of principles and implementing measures for equality between civil servantsO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
950319Water projectsO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
950174Evaluation and comments on papers submitted for AECO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
950113Lease of airport hangarQLD23/07/2017Closing Soon
949575Construction of border crossing pointO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
948242Digital preservation systemO/S23/07/2017Closing Soon
952828ServersO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951678Office fitoutO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951329CCTV system upgrade (incl. software)NSW24/07/2017Closing Soon
950735Civil construction servicesQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
950132Reinstatement of chemically damaged propertiesNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
949746Jazz festival - artistic director servicesVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
948885Kauri dieback project worksNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
949170Notice: Corporate golf day - networking event (Tennant Creek)NT24/07/2017Closing Soon
952092Audit servicesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
950276Design and construction of a raw water pump stationQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
949325Bitumen spraying, spreading of cover aggregate & traffic controlQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
951598Shuttle bus servicesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949464QA of DustWatch dataNSW24/07/2017Closing Soon
952849Bituminous surfacing servicesQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
951560Office accommodationVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
953005Sale of tipperNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
952583Sale of ambulanceNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
952346Sale of skid-steer loaderNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
953244Sale of business - ClubWA24/07/2017Closing Soon
952890Signage & fascia cleaning / maintenance servicesVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
952030Library services needs studyNT24/07/2017Closing Soon
950778Professional human resources consultancyQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
950593Lease of park centreNSW24/07/2017Closing Soon
950069Effect of rumen modifier strategy on feedlot cattle performance & carcase characteristicsALL24/07/2017Closing Soon
952085Office refurbishmentO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952529Supermarket civil works - various subcontractors & suppliersNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
950515Accessible cricket netsVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
950442Entertainment centre air conditioningQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
950101Painting & re-roofing of school blocks (incl. cleaning of water tanks)NZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
949436Lease of premiseWA24/07/2017Closing Soon
949358Facilities maintenance servicesVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
948300Transport incident management systemQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
950251Course design and delivery in university governance, leadership and strategic planningALL24/07/2017Closing Soon
951640Review of continuing professional development programmeWA24/07/2017Closing Soon
953029PMO service delivery managerWA24/07/2017Closing Soon
950539Road embankment repairVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
950537Reservoir restoration - engineering consultancy servicesVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
951636Plant and operators for gravel resheetingWA24/07/2017Closing Soon
951367Sale of dual cab and four wheelerQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
950953Armed cash collection and transit serviceNSW24/07/2017Closing Soon
950826Building contractor for TAFE - block reinvigorationQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
950726CCTV cameras replacement, installation and maintenanceVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
950627Underground polymeric cable covers and marking tapesACT24/07/2017Closing Soon
950554GravelQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
949892Internal medical advisory servicesQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
949706Bridge replacement packageTAS24/07/2017Closing Soon
948042IV consumables (needles, syringes and peripheral IV cannula)SA24/07/2017Closing Soon
946575Waste servicesNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
949623Fire station upgradeNZ24/07/2017Closing Soon
953166Medical accessories & other itemsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
953154Specialized tool for repair & maintenance of computer equipment / networksO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952920Landscape vulnerability decision support tool for renewable natural resourcesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
953148Project preparation consultant for dam hydropower projectO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952926EOD tool kitsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952940Hazard & risk assessment of rock slope failuresO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952949Donor proposals / reporting for fundraisingO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952729Study on Colluli Potash project for social impact and SDG contributionO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952840Resource efficiency & clean energy advisory (focus on infrastructure)O/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952822Document management, governance & visualization for research projectsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952476Casting concrete roadsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952475Video productionO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952478Housing renovation worksO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952414Funding - Stronger Communities ProgramVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
952098Topographic survey - sanitary sewage network, pumping & line stationO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
952149Park / road signsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951921Public affairs servicesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951905Third party monitoring of humanitarian projectsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951897Communications specialist for water utility affermageO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951942Diesel generating setO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951907Environmental & social specialist for water utility affermageO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951896Legal advisor for water utility affermageO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951925Technical advisor for water utility operations, capex planning & financialsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951941Batteries for hand held two-way radioO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951765Total stationO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951767Oven and semi microbalanceO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951845Development of financial disaster risk management toolsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951746Construction of market stalls, pit latrine & rehabilitation of water supply systemO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951744Construction of market stalls, pit latrine, borehole & storage tanksO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951815Wine production equipmentO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951722Rehabilitation of universityO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951762Hermetic seed/grain bagsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951811Portable diesel power generator setsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951757Reconstruction of bridgeO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951764Consultancy - market analysis for potential tourism commercial developmentNT24/07/2017Closing Soon
951724Construction of market stalls, pit latrine and water supply systemO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951641Lease of property for cafeVIC24/07/2017Closing Soon
951290Physical security installation and maintenance servicesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951106Monitoring & evaluation senior specialist (international consultant)O/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951097Implementation assessment of justice sector reform strategy & action plan componentO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
951096Elevator worksO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
950755Media consultancy - participatory communication strategyO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
950549Bicycle path - contamination removal & disposalNT24/07/2017Closing Soon
950530Regional Arts Development FundQLD24/07/2017Closing Soon
949866FurnitureO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949988Feasibility study for dredging options on lake portsO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949863Printing, graphic design services and polo shirtO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949546Physical security installation & maintenance servicesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949653Model of integrated programming, planning & budgeting for maternal health & family planningO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949553Multifunctional copiersO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949502Pipe lines, reservoir & deep tubewell incl electromechanical worksO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
949203Medical equipment & suppliesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
948571Medical equipment for neonatology & obstetrics servicesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
948655Works for CETP facilitiesO/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
947996Community Small Grants ProgramNSW24/07/2017Closing Soon
945290Wastewater treatment plant (various works)O/S24/07/2017Closing Soon
940341Increasing profit from fertiliser inputs into the evolving cropping sequencesALL25/07/2017
940342Nutrient re-distribution and availability in ameliorated and cultivated soilsALL25/07/2017
947398Sewerage pump station replacementVIC25/07/2017
951826Supply of paintsO/S25/07/2017
951563Supplementary tree planting servicesVIC25/07/2017
951456Water main improvementsNZ25/07/2017
950655Asphalt & spray seal programs, kerb & channel, reseal preparation worksVIC25/07/2017
950670Sharps and sanitary waste collection servicesQLD25/07/2017
950408Reinstatement of fire-damaged propertyNZ25/07/2017
949736Cleaning of buildings and facilitiesQLD25/07/2017
949386Swimming pool complex renovation & redevelopmentNSW25/07/2017
946256Programme for international student assessmentO/S25/07/2017
950960Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) servicesNSW25/07/2017
950985Food servicesNSW25/07/2017
951033Maintenance painting of train stationWA25/07/2017
950075Initial transitional serviceNSW25/07/2017
950045Truck bodiesNSW25/07/2017
949722Delivery and event management of a temporary media and hospitality centreQLD25/07/2017
951654Construct units, dormitory, classroom, workshop buildingO/S25/07/2017
950669Audio equipment & lightingQLD25/07/2017
950690Subdivision constructionNSW25/07/2017
949750Streetscape cleaning and promotionNSW25/07/2017
950466Supply and Delivery of Hardware and Associated ProductsNSW25/07/2017
950967Events infrastructure hire, small plant hire, specialist security and traffic managementNSW25/07/2017
950948Supply & installation of shade sailsNSW25/07/2017
950945Construction of nature-based playgroundNSW25/07/2017
950395Mowing of sealed rural road verges and associated tasksNSW25/07/2017
940330Improved sampling methods to predict nutrient availability & supply for soilsALL25/07/2017
952391KAP study on children with disabilitiesO/S25/07/2017
951986Design services for redevelopment of SciencentreQLD25/07/2017
951457Toilet block refurbishment (various works)NZ25/07/2017
951190After hours healthy weight & lifestyle programsSA25/07/2017
950804Sale of waterfront residenceVIC25/07/2017
950464Permit for commercial use of community landQLD25/07/2017
950012Community & Sports Small Grants ProgramNSW25/07/2017
949606Design services for various worksSA25/07/2017
949709Electromagnetic flow metersQLD25/07/2017
951471Rollout of LEDs & central management systemNZ25/07/2017
951178Capital maintenance of staff facilities incl lighting upgradesNZ25/07/2017
951089Equipment for STEP pressure sewer systemNZ25/07/2017
950677Gateway public artworkWA25/07/2017
950542Sale of apartment development siteQLD25/07/2017
949687Refurbishment of coffee kiosks (various works)NSW25/07/2017
950990Electrical reticulation upgradeNSW25/07/2017
950989Bus shelter management servicesNSW25/07/2017
949566Pump station low voltage electrical & associated worksNSW25/07/2017
951787Lawn graves with beam construction servicesVIC25/07/2017
951002Sealing and enrichment worksNSW25/07/2017
950545Sale of buildingSA25/07/2017
950459Publicity servicesNSW25/07/2017
950289Oracle managed servicesNZ25/07/2017
949841Sale of raw development siteNSW25/07/2017
949463Sale, harvest & haulage of pine thinningsWA25/07/2017
952063Child care facility - landscapingWA25/07/2017
951541Architectural lead consultancy servicesWA25/07/2017
950974Complete streets project and pedestrian activity planNSW25/07/2017
950941Channel mowingNSW25/07/2017
950398Design & construction of dwellingsWA25/07/2017
950264MM32-16-1 7 Supply of Microwave WAN Support ServicesALL25/07/2017
950257Property management servicesWA25/07/2017
950080Intersection upgrade incl. traffic signalsNSW25/07/2017
950021Shower and toilet partitionsNSW25/07/2017
949028Bushland management servicesNSW25/07/2017
952062Catering operationsVIC25/07/2017
951115Domestic animal pound servicesVIC25/07/2017
950783Soccer pitch reconstructionVIC25/07/2017
950784Road rehabilitation worksVIC25/07/2017
950608Public toilet (various works)VIC25/07/2017
949531Creative & digital communication panelALL25/07/2017
952878Removal of contaminated stockpileQLD25/07/2017
951771Supply and installation of bus stop poles and platesSA25/07/2017
951555Lead design consultancyWA25/07/2017
951597Onsite and remote software support servicesWA25/07/2017
951638Plant and operators for road flood damage repairsWA25/07/2017
951637Site supervision services for road flood damage repairsWA25/07/2017
951470Servicing and maintenance of shark management strategy VR4G buoys and mooring systemNSW25/07/2017
951489Multi floor mechanical worksQLD25/07/2017
951021Office fit-outQLD25/07/2017
950987Depot solar panelsSA25/07/2017
951020Office fit-outQLD25/07/2017
951025Retail & hospitality action planSA25/07/2017
951028Fire station - modification / extension worksVIC25/07/2017
950995Futsal floodlighting upgradeSA25/07/2017
950996Futsal fence upgradeSA25/07/2017
950870Security servicesO/S25/07/2017
950862New irrigation systemWA25/07/2017
950864Refurbishment of public pool amenities building & surroundsNSW25/07/2017
950689Lighting design for floodlighting playing fieldsNSW25/07/2017
950664Construction of community centreQLD25/07/2017
950700Digitisation service providersTAS25/07/2017
950666Construction of cycle parkQLD25/07/2017
950660Manufacture, supply and install fully accessible public toiletVIC25/07/2017
950722Road reconstruction (incl. nature strip reinstatement)VIC25/07/2017
950642Air conditioning maintenance servicesWA25/07/2017
950710Ground maintenance, turf wicket and croquet court preparation servicesWA25/07/2017
950663Mobile and static security patrols etcQLD25/07/2017
950721Management of holiday parkVIC25/07/2017
950725Sports ground reconstruction & road rehabilitationVIC25/07/2017
950643Carpentry services and minor worksWA25/07/2017
950465Lease of saleyards and/or dip facilitiesQLD25/07/2017
950639Hospital expansion - new constructionQLD25/07/2017
950558Construction of heavy vehicle bypassNSW25/07/2017
950612Construction of boreQLD25/07/2017
950619Lift upgradeNSW25/07/2017
950453Bogey hole - remedial works and some ancillary tasksNSW25/07/2017
950173Construction of synthetic lawn bowling green (various works)VIC25/07/2017
950051Inland port - research & recommendationsWA25/07/2017
949981Reserve adventure playground - various construction worksNSW25/07/2017
950003Syringe pumpsVIC25/07/2017
949998Remediated lands – environmental monitoringNSW25/07/2017
949356Lighting upgradeTAS25/07/2017
949163Design of roading & stormwater networks on interchangeNZ25/07/2017
949082Health centre - development of master planQLD25/07/2017
947849Management rights for community landQLD25/07/2017
950103Venue managementNZ25/07/2017
953391Rental vehicle services (Faryab)O/S25/07/2017
953390Rental vehicle services (South Eastern Region)O/S25/07/2017
953216Coordination of PROFOR project incl. execution of workshopsO/S25/07/2017
953214Assessment & economic valuation of mangroves as coastal protectionO/S25/07/2017
953211Housing renovation worksO/S25/07/2017
953281Industry briefing: agency labour - clinical and supportVIC25/07/2017
953116Renewable energy integration to gridO/S25/07/2017
953138Infrastructure master planO/S25/07/2017
953146Social marketing for improvement of public image of TVETO/S25/07/2017
953147Designing/developing/procuring of IT based programs (management systems)O/S25/07/2017
952930Landscape vulnerability risk assessmentO/S25/07/2017
952718Clean-up project (Nerkal)O/S25/07/2017
952823Development and implementation of websiteO/S25/07/2017
952824Production of photos and videosO/S25/07/2017
952460Rental of SUV (or equivalent) with driver servicesO/S25/07/2017
952303Deblistering machinesO/S25/07/2017
952273Liquid fertilizer, liquid lime and fertigation servicesO/S25/07/2017
952317Rehabilitation of roundaboutsO/S25/07/2017
952132Strengthening of health information management systemO/S25/07/2017
952109Construction of training instituteO/S25/07/2017
952104Building and plumbing materials/partsO/S25/07/2017
952145Construction of additional facility for instituteO/S25/07/2017
951998Internet carriage servicesNT25/07/2017
952019Regional panel code of conduct reviewersNSW25/07/2017
951927Bridge parts including erection equipmentO/S25/07/2017
951938Livelihoods survey analysisO/S25/07/2017
951924Sealing off kitsO/S25/07/2017
951696Semi-industrial stovesO/S25/07/2017
951695Portable improved stovesO/S25/07/2017
951163Consultancy - artificial reef & fish attracting devicesNT25/07/2017
951108Equipment for cactus fruits food processing centresO/S25/07/2017
950793Sale of homeNSW25/07/2017
950734Sale of transportable buildingTAS25/07/2017
950528Development of climate change mitigation pathways in energy & urban sectorsO/S25/07/2017
950355Sale of meatworks siteNT25/07/2017
950170Materials for scientific policeO/S25/07/2017
949966Construction and completion of road worksO/S25/07/2017
949919Sale of meatworks siteNT25/07/2017
949324Broadcasting, lighting, audio / video system, multimedia equipment, etc.O/S25/07/2017
948951South Australian History FundSA25/07/2017
948354Electrical overhead distribution line materialsO/S25/07/2017
948114Grants ProgramALL25/07/2017
947878Sale & removal of shedQLDNot Stated
947904Commercial property required to purchaseTASNot Stated
947779Various items/servicesO/SNot Stated
947634Notice: Construction of new hospitalQLDNot Stated
947620Lease of grazing propertyQLDNot Stated
947735Industry briefing: Gawler East Link Road ProjectSANot Stated
94778020 ft containerO/SNot Stated
947681Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
947675Sale of propertyVICNot Stated
947677Sale of residenceQLDNot Stated
947621Notice: Sale of impounded vehiclesSANot Stated
947644Mobile vendorsWANot Stated
947638Notice: Park entrance and Memorial Walk projectQLDNot Stated
947473Disposal of abandoned vehiclesWANot Stated
947506Retail electricity servicesVICNot Stated
947464Surgical servicesSANot Stated
947492Notice: Promotion opportunity for business, local events and servicesNSWNot Stated
947488Sale of scaffoldingVICNot Stated
947485Sale of boat with outboardsO/SNot Stated
947595Industry briefing and local business participation program: Solar farmNSWNot Stated
947468BuildersQLDNot Stated
947460Sale of business - road constructionNSWNot Stated
947477Notice: Construction of centreWANot Stated
947578Notice: Delivery of short courses and trainingO/SNot Stated
947484Sale of prime CBD and waterfront blocksWANot Stated
947602Sale of aluminium bargeNTNot Stated
947482Notice: Use of officeWANot Stated
947270Notice: Redesign of intersectionNZNot Stated
947359Sale of multi residential sitesWANot Stated
947314Sale of beachfront penthouseNSWNot Stated
947440Notice: Investment concept and design documentation for ACCESSALLNot Stated
947391School cleaningVICNot Stated
947326Exhibitors for eventNTNot Stated
947296Sale of houseWANot Stated
947451Notice: Partnerships to develop affordable rental and social apartmentsNZNot Stated
947177Various opportunities for yoga festivalNSWNot Stated
947196Notice: Internal refurbishment of community corrections site (CCS)NZNot Stated
947175Free use of art gallery space for visual art exhibitionsVICNot Stated
947100Notice: Construction of community houseNZNot Stated
946948Sale of freehold / leasehold - clothingNSWNot Stated
946951Sale of business - farming equipmentNTNot Stated
946963Sale of freehold landO/SNot Stated
946969Sale of commercial freeholdO/SNot Stated
946980Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
946990Sale of farm & homestead propertyQLDNot Stated
946978Sale of beachfront food retail shopNSWNot Stated
946926Sale of stainless steel vatNZNot Stated
946987Sale of family homeVICNot Stated
946930Construction of government employee housesQLDNot Stated
946931Fit-out worksNSWNot Stated
946985Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
946888Bricklayer & carpenterVICNot Stated
946902Transport contractorsWANot Stated
946725Notice: Ferrous metalsNZNot Stated
946649Notice: Spa Park improvement (coffee kiosk, changing rooms & footbridge)NZNot Stated
946605Notice: Sale of propertiesQLDNot Stated
946486Notice: Civil and road worksWANot Stated
946470Notice: Education centre building worksNZNot Stated
946641Sale of mobility vehicleWANot Stated
946632Sale of various itemsWANot Stated
946494Lease of hardware premisesQLDNot Stated
946502Promotional stands & trade sitesSANot Stated
946510Sale of business, assets and property - waste collection and recyclingNSWNot Stated
946562Notice: Independent professional advisorsNZNot Stated
946310Creation and lease of new coffee shops / cafeNTNot Stated
946337Residential and light commercial construction - all tradesNSWNot Stated
946305Lease of cafeNSWNot Stated
946444Local skills & supplier databaseNSWNot Stated
946309Kitchen cateringQLDNot Stated
946335Sale of homeWANot Stated
946341Notice: Use of buildingSANot Stated
946192Sale of vehicleWANot Stated
946250Notice: Health surveyNZNot Stated
946189Health & wellbeing BBQ breakfastNSWNot Stated
946194Food business opportunityWANot Stated
946199Sale of trawlerALLNot Stated
946186Notice: Aerodrome electrical upgradeQLDNot Stated
946191Lease of historical buildingsWANot Stated
946219Notice: Builder for community hubVICNot Stated
946182Paving crewsSANot Stated
946201Sale of lotsWANot Stated
946013Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
945978Sale of residencesNSWNot Stated
946004Sale of homeO/SNot Stated
945928Sale of freehold rental propertyO/SNot Stated
946097Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
946006Sale of commercial freeholdO/SNot Stated
945931Sale of family homeNSWNot Stated
946010Sale of freehold commercial lotO/SNot Stated
946030Sale of freehold landO/SNot Stated
945912Sale of farmNZNot Stated
945963Sale of freehold lotsO/SNot Stated
945934Notice: Power purchase syndicateQLDNot Stated
945988Sale of freehold houseO/SNot Stated
945996Sale of apartmentsO/SNot Stated
946022Sale of freehold landO/SNot Stated
946101Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
946096Lease of coffee shop / cafeWANot Stated
945909Subcontractors and suppliers - general construction projects etcQLDNot Stated
945902Kerbing contractorsSANot Stated
945901Notice of industry brief - Aircraft system sustainment facilities projectALLNot Stated
945713Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
945714Sale of family homeNSWNot Stated
945716Sale of house & flatNSWNot Stated
945706Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
945697Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
945699Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
945700Sale of coastal propertyNSWNot Stated
945702Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
945680Bookshop franchise opportunityVICNot Stated
945708Sale of houseNSWNot Stated
945762Notice: Professional services - interchange & roading / storm water networksNZNot Stated
945712Sale of cottageNSWNot Stated
945673Notice: Construction of cultural centreWANot Stated
945794Notice: Business BreakfastVICNot Stated
945803Notice: Management of saleyardsQLDNot Stated
945670CleanersVICNot Stated
945710Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
945711Sale of townhouseNSWNot Stated
945704Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated