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Driver Training Services for COMCAR Staff

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The Service Provider is required to provide Finance with a comprehensive Driver Training program for COMCAR Staff. The course content should include, but is not limited to:

a) theoretical training in a classroom

b) practical driving exercises in a controlled environment

c) practical driving exercises in an open on-road environment

d) relevance to the COMCAR operational environment

e) information and demonstrations (where appropriate) on current vehicle technology

f) current industry best practice.

The Service Provider, in consultation with Finance, is required to update, modify and develop courses specifically designed to meet Finance’s requirements. All course content must be approved by Finance.

The Service Provider is required to ensure that all course content is developed and delivered in a consistent manner across all Australian States and Territories.

Course content should be designed to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to allow COMCAR Staff to adopt a defensive approach to driving, improve drivers' skills and awareness to minimise the risks of an accident, as well as focus on passenger comfort and safety.

The Service Provider must ensure that all courses delivered to COMCAR Staff contain a combination of classroom (theory-based) and practical (on-road) learning. The practical component should be undertaken in a controlled or an appropriate "on-road" environment and be relevant to the COMCAR operational environment. On-road exercises should be structured to allow assessment of COMCAR Staff on the practical application of learning outcomes from the theoretical component of the courses.

The Service Provider must provide sufficient training personnel to allow appropriate (Finance-accepted) trainer to participant ratios for the delivery of the Services, including practical instruction.

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