Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
1014319Grants - ANZ Seeds of Renewal (education & employment)ALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019356Service and maintenance - airport baggage handling equipmentWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017548Genset & ATS upgradeO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017286Enhancing intelligence analysis / open source intelligence toolsNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012415SCADA platform, remote terminal unit & telemetry upgrade incl switchboardsQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016889Facility management services of coach layoverNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020576Fuel shedO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1013559Design and construction of landslips and road remediation worksQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012426e-Recruitment Management System (eRMS)ALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019102Sport & Recreation Capital Projects GrantNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017898Business grants program assessment panel (various skills)VIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016672Main building contractor - refurbishment of classroomsNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015744Business intelligence & analytics services (panel)NZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1003074Funding - Council Regional Capacity Building ProgramNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017454Photon delivery systemVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019695Dispensers and consumablesNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019277Website revampO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017855Pump stations (incl. telemetry equipment)NZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016558Sale of homeNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015341Maintenance facility - design, consent & buildNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020311Formative research on children with disabilities / C4D frameworkO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018750Conservation management plan for heritage mining sitesSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017197Internet payment gatewayO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016715Bio solids drying facility - rotary drum drying plantNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018404Decking replacementWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017470Elevated tank, platform and transfer pumps replacementWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017357Animal care facility design servicesNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016134Painting renewalsNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014286Construction of road projectNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018061Commercial legal servicesTAS17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017016Community organisation partnership contracts - combatting bullying initiativeTAS17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016169Design & documentation of museum project incl road/carpark worksQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015894Civil & drainage worksVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1013095Mitigation techniques to reduce penguin captures in setnetsNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018869Training campaign to raise awareness on diarrheal diseasesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016030Architect & lead designer for administrative building and public libraryNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015456Technical assistance on commercial readiness - power marketO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1011512Software developer for customer due diligenceO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019145Demolition, minor alterations & construction of classroomsNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018917Mail & parcel deliveryNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017583PhotographyNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020504Digital servicing delivery managerNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020501Digital delivery teamALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016124Printing and packaging of service newspapersALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018888Traffic control managementQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018381Accommodation solution (existing or purpose-built premises)NZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018315Taxi licencesNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018137Infrastructure charging management solutionQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016806Utilities maintenanceNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015799Sale of grazing / farming lotsNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015731Sale of retail / commercial development siteQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015142Biosecurity response services project (various expertise)NZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014751Sale of landQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012512Community grantsSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012417Dignity First FundQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014507Bulivou Sector Cane Access Roads Rehabilitation Package 3ALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021302Fast moving itemsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021300Fast moving itemsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021120Printing & supply of water result analysis booksO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021119Bronze meshO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021117AL FL tapper (10 x 6)O/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021116AL FL tapper (8 x 6)O/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021115AL FL tapper (4 x 3)O/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021111AL FL tapper (3 x 2)O/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021110LDPE sheetO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021065Bronze meshO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021038ADC saddle gun boreO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021037PVC saddle gun boreO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021035AC saddle gun boreO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020909Gold mine projectO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020907Sewer projectO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020906Road projectO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020869Temporary fencing systemO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020868Rural CE project materialO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020867Road projectO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020865Gold mine project materialO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020861Polythene pipeO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020574Clear storage tankO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020519Bench grinderO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020518Vernier caliperO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020268Customer servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019346Blood glucose / ketone meters & associated consumablesVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018732Fire equipment / system inspection serviceNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017564Production management & music direction servicesQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017448Digital technology servicesALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019708Sale of vehiclesNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018039Sale & removal of passenger rolling stock (rail cars)NSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019354Agile - design coaching & supportACT17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019018Impact tracking tool development and reportingALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016468Grazing licenceWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020711Code of conduct reviewerNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020696Reconstruction of school ovalVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020401Vector control chemicalsQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020174Sale of business - steel / machinery fabricationWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018913Removal & disposal of oval fencingNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018823Fire hazard removal servicesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018578Caravan park master plan (incl. capital expenditure costings)VIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018451Family mentorship - LGBTI+ suicide preventionVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017468Geotechnical expertise (design review panel)NZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017334New playspaceSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016476Grants - Community Financial Assistance / Community Sport and RecreationSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016450Funding - Feasibility StudiesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016150Sale of propertyTAS17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015588Community GrantsNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015151Health / regulatory servicesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012823Community Asset GrantsSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012257Products used in infusion of fluids into bodyNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017243Lease of land for stock agistmentQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016931Innovation centre early worksVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015012Notice - Industry brief: Force Level Electronic Warfare SystemALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018648Lease of swimming pool kiosk / cafeNT17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021327Disposal of impounded vehiclesWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020572Biometric units for time attendance and Cisco POE switchO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020471Smart card door accessO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020362Design and production of annual reportO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019618CBD cleaningNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019616Street sweepingNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018874Senior project manager - seismic upgrade / earthquake strengtheningNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018267Lease of office spaceO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018264Roof waterproofing worksO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017934Traffic control services (vehicle / equipment & personnel hire)NSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017550New vehiclesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017303Enterprise content managementNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017061Various retail leasing opportunitiesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016964Design & fit out of heritage bond storeQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016506Sale / lease of propertyVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016247Audio visual and lighting servicesSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016017Children’s Week GrantsWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014977Assessment of homes / project management for clean heat installationNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014946Data storage projectNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014806Customer relationship management solutionNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014678Community GrantsSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014422Food servicesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1013407Major Community GrantsVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020714Facade worksO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018090Digital asset management systemSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017899Management of various crown land reservesQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019306Atlas Lateral Project - third party inspection servicesALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016251Sale of propertyVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020160LaptopsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019574Notice: General servicesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018725Sports field lightingNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017841Project portfolio management toolNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017770Construction of land and river based mooring pilesQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017202Server infrastructureO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017200Nexus switchesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017180Town hall revitalisationNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016965AV code developerVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015761Sportsfield lightingNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015726Sustainable Farming FundNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019440Canteen servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019270Relocation of science buildingWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019240Science room upgradesWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018331Staff study and recreation centre refurbishment worksWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016747Transport services for dangerous goodsALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017459Private investigation services (panel)VIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016952Mechanical maintenance servicesVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020331Solar hot water systemWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020273Swimming pool chemicals supplyNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019417Cleaning servicesTAS17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019225Signalling project engineerNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019224Trackside project manager (various expertise)NSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019131Maintenance management, cleaning and landscapingQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019112Demolition of unitsQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019038Minerals research - barriers and prioritiesQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018774Turf laying servicesWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018359Police station - HVAC upgradeQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018239Sale of various impounded vehiclesSA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018232Public toiletsVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018204Permit management solutionVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018177Parking, health, compliance and law enforcement management technology systemWA17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018040Monitors & interactive screensNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017735School carpet cleaningQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017278Hybrid cloud transformation servicesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017157Home maintenance servicesVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017154Sale of semi tipping trailerVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016865Outside school hours care (OSHC) servicesQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016833Goods & services for advancing clean energy programQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016748Commercial cleaning servicesQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1014921Employee assistance program and wellbeing support servicesVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021504Bulk payments strategy expertO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021091Heritage Grants Program (building & publications)NSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1021009Costing of revised malaria contingency plan & development of financial sustainability planO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020873Preparation of gender strategyO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020782Electric bus / coach rentalO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020483Evaluation of PBF GPI3 projectO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020361Sale of landO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020204Agricultural toolsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020197First aid kitsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020192MEEF institutional audit and organizational strengtheningO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1020133HIV/AIDS mobile outreach programO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019975Rehabilitation of bouli and development of pilot siteO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019941ICT infrastructure reviewNT17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019809Study tour on residential housing management, maintenance & operationO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019800Food safety system strengthening consultantO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019739Air ambulance services for emergency medical evacuationO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019736Lease of IT equipment and servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019617Audit / diagnosis of computerization of civil status systemO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019604Information monitoring system for HIV / AIDS detectionO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019603Consultancy for rehabilitation and disability technical supportO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019576Mid-term evaluation of rapid response fund projectO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019510Information technology equipment maintenance & repair servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019503Cleaning, handyman & landscaping servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019437School canteen for rentO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019332Local government audit panelTAS17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019280Financial services phone survey researchO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019239Production of advocacy and communication concepts & materialsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019234Development of android based applicationO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019217Green value-added products & assessment of related value chainsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019211SAP application consultancy servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019158Drugs and pharmaceutical productsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019142Financial services phone survey researchO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018999Coffee table book & human interest stories with photographsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018975Laboratory chemicalsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018922Financial Assistance / DonationsNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018800Festival stalls, performers & food vendorsVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018336Installation of underground cableO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018319Rehabilitation of roadsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018316Operational support for global network for RECPnetO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018310BCG vaccineO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1018307Conventional simulators - radiotherapy treatmentO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017973Natural stone worksO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017933Building additions & amenities construction projectsVIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017836Sale of residenceNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017799TB and HIV clinical mentoring servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017798Integration of HIV related services in private sector health facilityO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017606Restitution of ecological processes - restoration of forest stratumO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017393Light vehicleO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017203Fibre optic internet accessNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017201Detailed engineering design for water supply and sanitation core projectsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017198Transit servicesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017193Disposal of anti-tank guided missilesNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1017083Economic development committeeNT17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016818Construction and rehabilitation of class roomsO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016633Study on economic impacts of lifting energy subsidiesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1016218Heritage FundNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015960Establishment of childcare centreNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015944CCTV Funding ProgramNSW17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015728Community Group GrantsNZ17/08/2018Closing Soon
1015658SAP HCM module and related servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012954Community Grants - organisation/project support & conservationQLD17/08/2018Closing Soon
1012196SAP servicesO/S17/08/2018Closing Soon
1004306Level crossing removal project (various works)VIC17/08/2018Closing Soon
1013959AS17002 - Demonstration of functional driverless tractor for Australian horticultureALL17/08/2018Closing Soon
1019137ICT regulatory technical assistanceO/S18/08/2018Closing Soon
1021299Sale of propertyNSW18/08/2018Closing Soon
1020745Technical assessment for floating storage and offloading unitO/S18/08/2018Closing Soon
1020717Hygiene and pest control servicesO/S18/08/2018Closing Soon
1020196Olive saplingsO/S18/08/2018Closing Soon
1020168Sale of business - audio visual equipment sales & hireVIC18/08/2018Closing Soon
1019494Cement, sand, aggregate and reinforcement materialO/S18/08/2018Closing Soon
1016107Sculpture installationWA19/08/2018Closing Soon
1016024Pavilion services (various categories)NZ19/08/2018Closing Soon
1018115Refurbishment of boardwalkVIC19/08/2018Closing Soon
1017982Park master plan & management planSA19/08/2018Closing Soon
1019686Supply chain finance scheme expertO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
989131Business grantsALL19/08/2018Closing Soon
1016681Subcontract - framing & plasterboard liningNSW19/08/2018Closing Soon
1020967Electric material and air-conditionerO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1020965Geo-technical investigation for road improvementO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1020806TabletsO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1020706Sale of containersO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1020477On the job review & capacity building in handling case of child traffickingO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1020399Certified wheat seedO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1020205Vegetable seedsO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1019833Programme coordinatorO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1019817Organization of women’s congressO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1019587Situation analysis for childrenO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1019480Pullets, layer feed, feeder, drinker and wire meshO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1019450Open data portalO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1019168Fodder seed of berseemO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1018981Management & disbursement of seed capital for women survivor of violenceO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1018872Increasing women’s political participation and leadership through media sensitization and communicationO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1018814Notice: Innovate to Excelerate: Business Growth ProgramVIC19/08/2018Closing Soon
1018276Rehabilitation of bridgeO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1017966Handicraft design trainingO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1017796Water trucking servicesO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1017794Road transportation servicesO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1017793Office cleaning & maintenance servicesO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1017122Reconstruction of substationsO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1016816Spare partsO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1015413Detailed design/construction supervision of rice seeds processing and storage facilitiesO/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1011502Drinking water sector improvement project (Parganas)O/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1011504Drinking water sector improvement project (Bankura)O/S19/08/2018Closing Soon
1010311Sustainable Environment GrantsNSW19/08/2018Closing Soon
1014035Regional digital connectivity programNSW20/08/2018
1020290Preliminary business case for hospitalSA20/08/2018
1018413Pool upgradeNSW20/08/2018
1016989Supply and installation of AFL sports field lightingQLD20/08/2018
1013979Construction of buildingO/S20/08/2018
1013975Design documentation & construction supervision for fire simulator buildingO/S20/08/2018
1015382Notice: Hip, knee & shoulder arthroplasty implants / accessoriesQLD20/08/2018
1015561Ground support equipment maintenance servicesVIC20/08/2018
1016376Oval reconstructionVIC20/08/2018
1016244Specialist aviation writing (panel)ALL20/08/2018
1017567Fresh foodVIC20/08/2018
1017464External audit of various local councils (North Coast & Mid North Coast)NSW20/08/2018
1017483Public amenity upgradeSA20/08/2018
1016753Rail industry worker civil supportNSW20/08/2018
1016752Signal electrician supportNSW20/08/2018
1018600Interior upgrade / insulation & air-conditioner installationNT20/08/2018
1018167Road reconstruction (Pascoe Vale)VIC20/08/2018
1017450National delivery of the skills checkpoint for older workers program and skills and training incentiveALL20/08/2018
1017927Structural concrete worksQLD20/08/2018
1017816Upgrade of irrigation networks & controlQLD20/08/2018
1017489Roads & verge worksACT20/08/2018
1015880Networking products and services - tranche 1QLD20/08/2018
1015143Workforce segmentation & insights programmeNZ20/08/2018
1019571Wood working, textiles, soap and laboratory equipmentO/S20/08/2018
1019231Methodology to engage children in indicator developmentO/S20/08/2018
1019001Capacity building strategy for social welfare services sectorO/S20/08/2018
1017085Conceptual framework to show benefits of complianceALL20/08/2018
1013927Nickel / cobalt mine development project (various opportunities)NSW20/08/2018
1020935Construction of upgraded facilitiesNSW20/08/2018
1019676Gateway design and implementationACT20/08/2018
1019572Procurement adviser/account managerACT20/08/2018
1020720Operation of GP clinic (incl. health education services)VIC20/08/2018
1017846Relocation and removalist servicesWA20/08/2018
1017492Range remediation worksNSW20/08/2018
1017663Vessel charter for tsunami warning systemALL20/08/2018
1019936Canteen servicesQLD20/08/2018
1019186Kerbing worksSA20/08/2018
1017997Electrical maintenance services, compliance testing & minor installationsWA20/08/2018
1016905Reinstatement of fire-damaged dwelling(s)NZ20/08/2018
1016855Hall extension & classroom decking projectNZ20/08/2018
1015001NDIS Partners in the Community Program GrantWA20/08/2018
1021304Gas room for ICT server roomO/S20/08/2018
1019384Coastal villages and neighbourhoods strategyVIC20/08/2018
1021079Dismantling, removing & transportation of transformerO/S20/08/2018
1021078Painting of floor & marking of arc flash zonesO/S20/08/2018
1019096Grid connected renewable energy electricity generating plantO/S20/08/2018
1018673Research management - projects and publications solutionsQLD20/08/2018
1016814Communication platform(s) & related service(s) to support gas billingNSW20/08/2018
1021083HDPE culvert pipesQLD20/08/2018
1020750Sale of uteNZ20/08/2018
1020749Sale of saloon vehicleNZ20/08/2018
1020800Sale of cab chassisNZ20/08/2018
1020559Sale of tipperNZ20/08/2018
1020428Sale of craneNZ20/08/2018
1020357Sale of flatdeck / craneNZ20/08/2018
1021457Industry briefing: Point of care testing, maintenance & consumablesNZ20/08/2018
1021245Regional rabbit control programmeNZ20/08/2018
1020007Sale of hotel management rightsQLD20/08/2018
1018994Mapping of feral pig damage around wetlandsVIC20/08/2018
1018921Community satisfaction surveySA20/08/2018
1017925Management of poolQLD20/08/2018
1017695Hall re-cladding & various roofing replacements (incl. lighting)NZ20/08/2018
1017474External audit of various local councils (Riverina)NSW20/08/2018
1017471External audit of various local councils (Riverina & Murray)NSW20/08/2018
1017469External audit of various local councils (Southern Sydney / Illawarra etc)NSW20/08/2018
1017271Haemophilia treatmentsNZ20/08/2018
1016823Wastewater treatment storage lagoons desludging & rehabilitation worksSA20/08/2018
1013198Renovation of public toiletsSA20/08/2018
1017540TradeStart partnersNT20/08/2018
1021131Notice: Sale of impounded live stock (lambs)VIC20/08/2018
1018416Heritage Assistance GrantsNSW20/08/2018
1017276Building services consultantNZ20/08/2018
1017275Cost management consultantNZ20/08/2018
1017273Structural & civil consultantNZ20/08/2018
1021525Radial doppler for raw waterO/S20/08/2018
1018557School - building contractor - GLA infill and external shade structureQLD20/08/2018
1018168Road reconstruction (Coburg)VIC20/08/2018
1016704Landscape signage structures/infrastructure & construction of pedestrian pathwaysWA20/08/2018
1018365IBM software licenses, support and maintenanceWA20/08/2018
1017476Training facility expansionQLD20/08/2018
1018025Lapsing program evaluation of funding packageVIC20/08/2018
1017988Construction of all-abilities toilet blockVIC20/08/2018
1015656Stormwater catchment constructionTAS20/08/2018
1019773LED source theatrical moving head light fixturesNZ20/08/2018
1019425Landscape constructionWA20/08/2018
1019034Corporate private health cover for staffQLD20/08/2018
1018462Sale of apartmentVIC20/08/2018
1018314Wet hired plant (panel)NSW20/08/2018
1018217Legal servicesNSW20/08/2018
1017479Residential care services (Fraser Coast)QLD20/08/2018
1017306Refurbishment of maternity, special care nursery and paediatricsQLD20/08/2018
1016958Waste services review & development of strategyNSW20/08/2018
1016891Women's health and wellbeing support serviceQLD20/08/2018
1009029Supercomputer replacement projectALL20/08/2018
1019182Plumbing maintenance servicesWA20/08/2018
1018045Landscape design works for new playground & public open spaceALL20/08/2018
1017181Park toilet cleaning & gate unlockingNZ20/08/2018
1021546Project implementation incl survey & design for river basin projectO/S20/08/2018
1021392Small ruminantsO/S20/08/2018
1021165Gadgets and visibility articles / communicationO/S20/08/2018
1021010School materials and articlesO/S20/08/2018
1020963IT equipmentO/S20/08/2018
1020959Printing servicesO/S20/08/2018
1020882Designing of page layouts of research papersO/S20/08/2018
1020777Project supervision services for capital works projectsNT20/08/2018
1020476Senior communications consultant (digital finance)O/S20/08/2018
1020469Sound systemO/S20/08/2018
1020466Android tabletsO/S20/08/2018
1020465Travel, logistics and human resource servicesO/S20/08/2018
1020392Garbage collection and refuse removal servicesO/S20/08/2018
1020384Remodelling infrastructures of health centreO/S20/08/2018
1020377Training of ethical guidelines of representing children in mediaO/S20/08/2018
1020374Development of guidelines for investments in climate resilient businessesO/S20/08/2018
1020373Fecal sludge management specialistO/S20/08/2018
1020371Lead consultant to facilitate institutional assessment on fecal sludge managementO/S20/08/2018
1020370Private sector investments to facilitate institutional assessment on fecal sludge managementO/S20/08/2018
1020368Governance & institutional development to facilitate institutional assessment on fecal sludge managementO/S20/08/2018
1020200Electronic monitoring system to track domestic violence offendersO/S20/08/2018
1020193Vehicle rentalO/S20/08/2018
1020184Upgradation of roadsO/S20/08/2018
1020173School council mobilization (animated videos & infographic posters)O/S20/08/2018
1020131Modelling agent for famine action mechanism - financing solutionO/S20/08/2018
1020048Consultancy for voluntary carbon offset scheme to support reforestationO/S20/08/2018
1020026School rehabilitationO/S20/08/2018
1020013Management information system for tracking climate financingO/S20/08/2018
1020006Face recognizing systemO/S20/08/2018
1019985Calicut tiles and ridge tilesO/S20/08/2018
1019829Renovation of health centre (various works)O/S20/08/2018
1019822Development finance assessmentO/S20/08/2018
1019815Website improvementO/S20/08/2018
1019812Portable neutron survey meter for radiotherapyO/S20/08/2018
1019805Rehabilitation of building (various works)O/S20/08/2018
1019752Consultancy for forum facilitationO/S20/08/2018
1019742Multi-crop threshersO/S20/08/2018
1019738Electrical materialsO/S20/08/2018
1019723Technical specifications of hydro-meteorological stationsO/S20/08/2018
1019600Marketing support services for digital content & engagement strategyO/S20/08/2018
1019565Quantitative & qualitative assessment of residential care institutionsO/S20/08/2018
1019545Transport and installation of metal deckO/S20/08/2018
1019519Vegetable seedsO/S20/08/2018
1019516Duplex vibratory roller compactorsO/S20/08/2018
1019498Road safety strategy implementation support servicesO/S20/08/2018
1019228Rehabilitation of buildingsO/S20/08/2018
1019165Deployable sheltersO/S20/08/2018
1019133Study on solar powered agricultural technologiesO/S20/08/2018
1018854Promoting women empowerment principlesO/S20/08/2018
1018809Baseline survey on public perceptions & attitudes towards GBV against womenO/S20/08/2018
1018795Development, script writing & production of TV / radio public service announcementsO/S20/08/2018
1018789Support and advice on humanitarian affairs policies and issuesO/S20/08/2018
1018780Local planning and budgeting comparative studyO/S20/08/2018
1018768Single ear-shells for conference systemO/S20/08/2018
1018659Public artNSW20/08/2018
1018537Internet serviceO/S20/08/2018
1018533Promotional itemsO/S20/08/2018
1018524Eco-industrial park initiative for sustainable industrial zonesO/S20/08/2018
1018499Hosting of Australia Day celebrationsQLD20/08/2018
1018483Construction of police buildingsO/S20/08/2018
1018306Automatic weather stations / visualisation system & associated spare partsO/S20/08/2018
1018303Cisco WebEx enterprise servicesO/S20/08/2018
1017960Integration of WASH in guidelines for health care centres & public schoolsO/S20/08/2018
1017213Financial management entity for agribusiness value chains sectorO/S20/08/2018
1017211Project implementation consultants for agribusiness value chains sectorO/S20/08/2018
1017199Laboratory servicesNZ20/08/2018
1017189Civil works for upgrading of market placeNZ20/08/2018
1017123Refurbish toilet block and associated worksNT20/08/2018
1016911Construction of RCC drainage systemO/S20/08/2018
1016807Development of comprehensive pre-school sector costing analysisO/S20/08/2018
1016801Enterprise resource planning platformO/S20/08/2018
1016716Construction of buried box culvert on roadO/S20/08/2018
1016612Carpentry and locksmith workO/S20/08/2018
1016607Event management servicesO/S20/08/2018
1016605Support to global HIV prevention coalitionO/S20/08/2018
1016500Telecommunication cabling & related servicesNT20/08/2018
1016438SAP consulting servicesO/S20/08/2018
1016421Generator sets, options and spare partsO/S20/08/2018
1016419Automated publication production system solutionO/S20/08/2018
1016236Reporting scales to measure / monitor students learning outcomesO/S20/08/2018
1015489Public art installations (Aboriginal culture & heritage)NSW20/08/2018
1013702Implementation of large format displaysO/S20/08/2018
1012855Operational hydrometryO/S20/08/2018
1012037Vehicle logistics & conversion servicesO/S20/08/2018
1011957Railway electrification (various works)O/S20/08/2018
1009376Grants - In a Good Place (mental health issues)ALL20/08/2018
846926Chevron operationsALL20/08/2018
1019478Support for small grants for capacity building and strengthening of Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network (PSGDN).ALL20/08/2018
1014657Sale of used office items (incl outboard engine)O/SNot Stated
1014609Notice: Army Tactical NetworkNZNot Stated
1014423Notice: Transitional supported accommodation & extended reintegration serviceNSWNot Stated
1014196Owner / driver for concrete supply businessNSWNot Stated
1014106Road maintenance & civil construction (various works)WANot Stated
1013448Industry day: Fixed high frequency radio refreshNZNot Stated
1013345Fuel servicesVICNot Stated
1013161Sale of historic waterfront estateNSWNot Stated
1013155Sale of homeWANot Stated
1012965Sale of freehold vacant lotO/SNot Stated
1012732Printer toner cartridgesO/SNot Stated
1012421Notice: Aerial pest control project management services (panel)NZNot Stated
1014684Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1014683Sale of landWANot Stated
1014681Sale of business - seafood retail shopNSWNot Stated
1014679Sale of allotmentQLDNot Stated
1014627Notice: Defence marine support services programALLNot Stated
1014619Notice: Justice advocacy service for people with cognitive impairmentNSWNot Stated
1014604Notice: Veterinarian services & related productsNZNot Stated
1014579Notice: Young indigenous entrepreneurs & professional networkALLNot Stated
1014542Weed Control GrantsVICNot Stated
1014511Owner drivers of flatbed trucksNSWNot Stated
1014462Sale of rural propertyWANot Stated
1014461Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1014428Notice: Initial transitional supportNSWNot Stated
1014421Notice: Cleaning servicesNZNot Stated
1014412Notice: Commercial cleaning and associated servicesNZNot Stated
1014405Notice: Alliance-style civils programme of works for new homesNZNot Stated
1014381Notice: Landscape improvements - physical works (various)NZNot Stated
1014377Sale of grazing propertyWANot Stated
1014353Sponsorship for awards programQLDNot Stated
1014351Funding - environmental activitiesWANot Stated
1014334Canteen operationQLDNot Stated
1014250Sale of multi-use siteWANot Stated
1014243Sale of apartment blockNSWNot Stated
1014241Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
1014239Sale of houseNSWNot Stated
1014232Lease of commercial spaceWANot Stated
1014180Allied health professionals & therapeutic health consultants for new health hubQLDNot Stated
1014125Building, landscape & road construction trades / servicesWANot Stated
1014123Sale of commercial / residential propertyQLDNot Stated
1014075Grazing landNZNot Stated
1014049Sale of machinesO/SNot Stated
1014028Grants for South West Volunteer OrganisationsALLNot Stated
1014015Infrastructure bondsO/SNot Stated
1014000Operation of canteenQLDNot Stated
1013947Notice: Drainage, road and footpath & pedestrian safety / streetscape improvement worksWANot Stated
1013944Engineering standards reviewNSWNot Stated
1013941Festival stallsQLDNot Stated
1013937Sale of paddle wheelerSANot Stated
1013874Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1013873Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
1013871Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1013856Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1013839Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
1013835Notice: Community GrantsSANot Stated
1013823Healthy Tasmania Community Innovations GrantsTASNot Stated
1013802Various partners / exhibitors for sustainable living expoTASNot Stated
1013760Office space available to hire - Sports agents (NT / Qld)ALLNot Stated
1013756Stall holdersWANot Stated
1013712Sale of machine tooling (new & used)NZNot Stated
1013706Sale of container tipplers & diesel tanksALLNot Stated
1013689Sale of business - newsagencyQLDNot Stated
1013640Cleaning servicesVICNot Stated
1013636Sale of buildingO/SNot Stated
1013634Sale of freehold industrial landO/SNot Stated
1013633Sale of flatsO/SNot Stated
1013632Sale of office spaceO/SNot Stated
1013621Toilets & grounds cleaningQLDNot Stated
1013619Sale of business - gardeningVICNot Stated
1013613Subcontractor - carpentry workQLDNot Stated
1013604Services: financial, legal, organisational support, program development etcWANot Stated
1013597GroundsmanVICNot Stated
1013589Sunroom replacementQLDNot Stated
1013528Notice: Plant itemsNSWNot Stated
1013520Notice: Park & bridge refurbishment / construction worksNSWNot Stated
1013451Notice: Streetscape works - civil engineering servicesNZNot Stated
1013366Trough cleaning servicesQLDNot Stated
1013314Notice: Audit, risk & improvement committeeNSWNot Stated
1013275Notice: Land environment working groupALLNot Stated
1013244Sale of homeWANot Stated
1013240Notice: CamerasNZNot Stated
1013238Sale of oceanfront cottageNSWNot Stated
1013194Artists for travelling gallery on wheelsQLDNot Stated
1013175Sale of industrial propertyQLDNot Stated
1013173Sale of land holdingNTNot Stated
1013170Sale of rural propertyWANot Stated
1013162Sale of residence with harbour viewsNSWNot Stated
1013154Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1013153Sale of landWANot Stated
1013152Sale of homeWANot Stated
1013026Clean fillWANot Stated
1013003Growing Local Economies FundNSWNot Stated
1012999Sale of residential land blockQLDNot Stated
1012988Tradesmen (various services)NSWNot Stated
1012987Notice: Play space upgradeTASNot Stated
1012985Notice: Interactive lighting art installationWANot Stated
1012980Notice: Oval redevelopment & beautificationVICNot Stated
1012968Sale of freehold industrial landO/SNot Stated
1012967Sale of commercial freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
1012966Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1012964Sale of family homeO/SNot Stated
1012963Sale of industrial buildingsO/SNot Stated
1012958Notice: Geotechnical services (various expertise)NZNot Stated
1012953Sale of freehold executive propertyO/SNot Stated
1012948Irrigation scheme - business opportunitySANot Stated
1012927Security & surveillance equipmentO/SNot Stated
1012917Briefing: Integrated engineering servicesQLDNot Stated
1012907Notice: eReferral systemTASNot Stated
1012764Sale of harbour-front villaQLDNot Stated
1012762Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
1012759Sale of acreageQLDNot Stated
1012751Food vendorsNSWNot Stated
1012735Damaged lightsO/SNot Stated
1012619Sale of business - cafeO/SNot Stated
1012618Sale of business - service station / workshopNZNot Stated
1012616Sale of freehold landO/SNot Stated
1012610Sale of steel industrial roller shutter doorsO/SNot Stated
1012607Sale of business - BBQ chicken salad & seafood takeawayNSWNot Stated
1012602Builder for dwelling/granny flatNSWNot Stated
1012599Sale of Latrobe HalvorsanNTNot Stated
1012587Medications, pharmacy goods and associated servicesTASNot Stated
1012583Internal & external paintingVICNot Stated
1012562Carpenters / fabricators for fabrication of kitset homesQLDNot Stated
1012529Register of suppliers and provision of specific servicesTASNot Stated
1012468Lease of propertyWANot Stated
1012407Notice: Construction of jettySANot Stated
1012396Sale of homeVICNot Stated
1012346Commercial kitchen tenancy opportunityQLDNot Stated