Tenders Closing Soon

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Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
1083776Wastewater pumping & irrigation schemeNZTodayClosing Soon
1080128Infrastructure planning and land services project engineersWATodayClosing Soon
1082386Internal audit services (panel)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1080272Stormwater drainage upgradeNSWTodayClosing Soon
1078586Design, construction, fit-out & refurbishment of specialised vehiclesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1083834Hot bitumenWATodayClosing Soon
1083833Supply pre-mixed and hot mixed asphalt and supply and laying of hot mixed asphaltWATodayClosing Soon
1081566Funding - Communities Combating Pests & Weeds Impacts During Drought ProgramQLDTodayClosing Soon
1078330Digital connectivityNZTodayClosing Soon
1083502New irrigation system (Gordon Parker Reserve)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1083175Design & construction of dwellingsWATodayClosing Soon
1082355Police station constructionWATodayClosing Soon
1081178Print management services (panel)ALLTodayClosing Soon
1081109Logistics and letters panelALLTodayClosing Soon
1081104Printing and production panelALLTodayClosing Soon
1084085Meal entertainment card and employee purchase cardALLTodayClosing Soon
1083524Fire and emergency evacuation procedures & training servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1082228Bitumen resealing worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
1081846ConcreteQLDTodayClosing Soon
1081248Contractors, tradespersons and plant and equipment providersTASTodayClosing Soon
1081213Athletics track surface replacementVICTodayClosing Soon
1079272Park upgrade (various works)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1078538HVAC maintenance servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1017890Real estate agency servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1084190Multi-tier framework energy access household survey (Burundi)O/STodayClosing Soon
1083318Capacity establishment / strengthening of gender equality mechanisms & women councillors networksO/STodayClosing Soon
1081592Rail line feasibility studiesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1080737Repair kit for critical tools and fittingsO/STodayClosing Soon
1079320Strengthening gender mainstreaming strategiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1076951Financial & accounting application system / trainingO/STodayClosing Soon
1075497Construction of highway, bridges & tunnelsO/STodayClosing Soon
1074364Construction of new feeders (Agra District)O/STodayClosing Soon
1082299Lease of buildingsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1086651Business intelligence analystNSWTodayClosing Soon
1086380Drupal developerACTTodayClosing Soon
1086378Lead Drupal developerACTTodayClosing Soon
1086377Software developer using Microsoft technologiesACTTodayClosing Soon
1086287SAP data migration specialistACTTodayClosing Soon
1086281Senior .NET/ADFS developer servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
1086122EL1 enterprise incident & problem management technical writerACTTodayClosing Soon
1086087Organisational change managerACTTodayClosing Soon
1086086Senior project managerACTTodayClosing Soon
1085561APS5 React developerALLTodayClosing Soon
1085559Development team leader - BI/SAS developerALLTodayClosing Soon
1083171Notice: Consultation paper: harvest labour services – reformsALLTodayClosing Soon
1085532Steel liners and placement of concrete infill for bridgeQLDTodayClosing Soon
1084778Multi-factor authenticationQLDTodayClosing Soon
1082170Housing management solutionQLDTodayClosing Soon
1082166Catering servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1083824Media buying services for functional advertisingVICTodayClosing Soon
1082836Recurrent servicing and repair of air conditioning equipmentNSWTodayClosing Soon
1082834Tennis and complementary servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1082515Water quality improvement plan - Headworks & booster stationsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1078942Cleaning servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1083268Amenities buildingNSWTodayClosing Soon
1082830Design development & construction of toilet buildingNSWTodayClosing Soon
1086317Issue of treasury notesALLTodayClosing Soon
1085447Replacement of damaged/corroded anti-climbing barriers (ACBs)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1083739Construction of amenities blockNSWTodayClosing Soon
1081076SwitchboardNSWTodayClosing Soon
1081726Sale of large format retail centreSATodayClosing Soon
1084207Sale or lease of propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
1083597Sale of evaporator fansNSWTodayClosing Soon
1083328Sale of convenience & retail centreVICTodayClosing Soon
1082491Leisure centre external facade refurbishmentVICTodayClosing Soon
1082369Main contractor for hall & administration upgradeNZTodayClosing Soon
1080646Sale of development siteSATodayClosing Soon
1083460Sale of propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
1079378Sale of artworksNSWTodayClosing Soon
1086300Public pool plant maintenance worksWATodayClosing Soon
1086283Decision support platform opportunityTASTodayClosing Soon
1084510Fleet management / vehicle & people trackingNZTodayClosing Soon
1083705Management of caravan parkNSWTodayClosing Soon
1083454Sports grounds maintenance (incl. dog waste bins)NZTodayClosing Soon
1083418Sale of buildingQLDTodayClosing Soon
1082505Tennis club court improvements - lighting, court surfacing and court booking systemVICTodayClosing Soon
1082204Grass mowing (incl. litter removal)TASTodayClosing Soon
1081946Sale of freehold hotelNSWTodayClosing Soon
1081733Sale of business / property - Wholesale nurseryQLDTodayClosing Soon
1081294Sale of resortO/STodayClosing Soon
1080866Oval reconstruction (various works)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1079069Sale of retirement living village portfolioWATodayClosing Soon
1085770Sale of propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
1083698Pedestrian bridge replacementTASTodayClosing Soon
1083496Sale of heritage listed propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
1083471Sale of propertyVICTodayClosing Soon
1083297Canteen licenceNSWTodayClosing Soon
1082731Recreation park maintenance services & cleaning servicesSATodayClosing Soon
1081071Management & leadership development learning partner programVICTodayClosing Soon
1075069Lease of cafeWATodayClosing Soon
1075066Food & beverage operatorWATodayClosing Soon
1084548Cisco equipmentWATodayClosing Soon
1083503New irrigation system (Beaumont Park)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1083186Marketing cloud supportWATodayClosing Soon
1082911Property & leasing services (panel)WATodayClosing Soon
1082145Market representation servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1080456Protective and safety footwearWATodayClosing Soon
1080454Gloves (fire fighting & road crash rescue)WATodayClosing Soon
1084918BeveragesVICTodayClosing Soon
1083374Reconstruction of streetsVICTodayClosing Soon
1078303Sale of landACTTodayClosing Soon
1085169PFAS characterisation program - detailed site and targeted sampling investigation and site audit servicesALLTodayClosing Soon
1086095Precast panelsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1085513Sale of residenceSATodayClosing Soon
1085416Planning & development - project directorVICTodayClosing Soon
1084559STP biogas pipework renewalTASTodayClosing Soon
1083852Construction of new turf practice wicketsTASTodayClosing Soon
1083829Coastal path lightingTASTodayClosing Soon
1083726Review & development of council's youth strategyVICTodayClosing Soon
1083519External audit servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1083499Security monitoring & patrol servicesSATodayClosing Soon
1083296Major works for oval amenities design and constructionNSWTodayClosing Soon
1082535Design and construction of residential dwellingsWATodayClosing Soon
1082471Construction of new change roomsVICTodayClosing Soon
1082235Pipe relining (incl. cleaning & root sawing)VICTodayClosing Soon
1082192Landfill pre-wash bay slab (incl. sludge collection bay & fencing)VICTodayClosing Soon
1081724Bus braking equipmentACTTodayClosing Soon
1081680Construction of shared use bridgeSATodayClosing Soon
1079953New multi-purpose grandstandNTTodayClosing Soon
1079932Building refurbishment designWATodayClosing Soon
1079264Catchment scale integrated water management plansVICTodayClosing Soon
1076846Nominal bondsNZTodayClosing Soon
1082154Grant & proposal writing / editorial support (panel)NZTodayClosing Soon
1087068Printing of bookletO/STodayClosing Soon
1086199Agricultural toolsO/STodayClosing Soon
1086196Empty packaging bags for seed conservationO/STodayClosing Soon
1086180Disaster risk plans for provision of water, sewerage & solid waste managementO/STodayClosing Soon
1086176Master plan on implementation of logistics facilitiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1086020Pick-up vehicleO/STodayClosing Soon
1086019FertilizerO/STodayClosing Soon
1085986Facilitator for executive trainingO/STodayClosing Soon
1085978Development / implementation of policy & procedural reforms for water efficiency initiatives in agri-processingO/STodayClosing Soon
1085732Land tenure security & REDD+ studyO/STodayClosing Soon
1085727Lavatory construction services (various works)O/STodayClosing Soon
1085439Consulting services for national health accountsO/STodayClosing Soon
1085287Tools & materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
1085282Solar-powered irrigation pump systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
1085281Freight forwarding & customs clearance servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1085247Advancing health laws reformO/STodayClosing Soon
1085246Malaria national strategic plan developmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1085244SAP consultancy service for patient information systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1084953Sale of mixed-use propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
1084950Materials & toolsO/STodayClosing Soon
1084948Rehabilitation of offices, meeting room & layout of entrance and sentry boxesO/STodayClosing Soon
1084946Hotel servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1084933De-icing/anti-icing services for aircraftO/STodayClosing Soon
1084930Hotel servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1084914Research on demand side factors affecting female labour force participationO/STodayClosing Soon
1084890Grants - Women & youth engaging in peace in context of conflictO/STodayClosing Soon
1084887Design servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1084878Design of policy of prevention of sexual violence in educational fieldO/STodayClosing Soon
1084876Implementation of pilot alternative care models for migrant, asylum seeking & refugee childrenO/STodayClosing Soon
10848163D VCR simulatorO/STodayClosing Soon
1084784Road map and strategic plan for industrial park developmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1084713Vegetable seedsO/STodayClosing Soon
1084712Corn seedsO/STodayClosing Soon
1084709Fluke earth ground clamp meter (or equivalent)O/STodayClosing Soon
1084467Information technology software & CISCO equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1084463Business process reengineering of selected administrative proceduresO/STodayClosing Soon
1084450Survey data to measure impact of floods on household welfareO/STodayClosing Soon
1084405ICT mapping & capacity assessmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1084231Third party monitoring servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1084161End of project evaluation for funded grant (health impact)O/STodayClosing Soon
1084160High temperature ovensO/STodayClosing Soon
1084158Coastal marine integral management - strengthening of institutions & citizenship capacitiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1084117Contract management / construction supervision for pre-schoolsO/STodayClosing Soon
1084036Rehabilitation of electricity networkO/STodayClosing Soon
1083982Printing servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1083979Construction of housesO/STodayClosing Soon
1083939Public-private dialogue platform facilitator / coordinator (health sector)O/STodayClosing Soon
1083930Strategic document on child & adolescent povertyO/STodayClosing Soon
1083925Event management servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1083725Construction / reconstruction of embankment and regulator worksO/STodayClosing Soon
1083642Programmable paper cutterO/STodayClosing Soon
1083637Drafting of PPA for PV plantO/STodayClosing Soon
1083632Performance digital media management / mobile site experience optimizationO/STodayClosing Soon
1083621Construction services of cycle lanesO/STodayClosing Soon
1083615Painting & mural drawingsO/STodayClosing Soon
1083600School rehabilitation worksO/STodayClosing Soon
1083381Strengthening capacity through risk education on SALWO/STodayClosing Soon
1083376Strengthening capacities in humanitarian mine action & risk educationO/STodayClosing Soon
1083346IT suppliesO/STodayClosing Soon
1083332Sale of office and warehouse facilityQLDTodayClosing Soon
1083326Support in post clearance audit & authorised economic operator program (incl. legal framework)O/STodayClosing Soon
1083241Market survey & development of suppliers’ databaseO/STodayClosing Soon
1083194Review of IT requirements and implementation supportO/STodayClosing Soon
1082865Design / supervision for infrastructure & construction projectsO/STodayClosing Soon
1082852Construction materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
1082753Bus priority intelligent systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1082307Backstopping services for energy efficiency & renewable energy activitiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1082010Electrotechnology testing accreditation advisory committeeALLTodayClosing Soon
1081979Consultancy on involuntary resettlement, environment safeguards & gender action planO/STodayClosing Soon
1081833Initiative on women/girls' safety, security & human rightsO/STodayClosing Soon
1081832Upgrading of household water supply systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1081596Construction worksO/STodayClosing Soon
1081536Office equipment & furnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
1081384Multi-factor authentication servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1081098Road paving and sanitation workO/STodayClosing Soon
1080593Lease of childcare centreNSWTodayClosing Soon
1080226Insulators and fittings & surge arresterO/STodayClosing Soon
1079688Advocacy capacity building servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1079305Printing and delivery of textbooksO/STodayClosing Soon
1079302Various resources of teaching platformsO/STodayClosing Soon
1081171GW477 - Warragul South High Level Tank Replacement - 260kL Tank and Tower ConstructionVICTodayClosing Soon
1084094Playground compliance inspectionsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1079137Lease of kioskVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085575VMware Enterprise license agreementQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083602Airport line markingWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083153Intervention monitoringALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081451Main contractor for essential works & toilet block replacement (incl. lighting)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083801Sports field lighting and electrical projectsVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1078500Main contractor for block ILE upgrade (incl. LED lighting)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1069716Bridge replacementsNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084316Insulated pipes and fittingsALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080621Insurance fund member services (various)ALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083802Spectator shelter upgradeVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083287Sewer manhole rehabilitation - relining / repairVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083286Sewer manhole rehabilitation - civil worksVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082503Provide land for delivery of new schoolALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082052Kiosk shelter & drafting run extensionVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081112Design & construction of change roomsVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080256Professional consulting servicesNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081908Electrical servicesQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086072Airport sewer & water main upgradeQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085263Visibility goodsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084221Inclusion of women in justice system as lay judgesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1079135GrantsNT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086728SAP data migration specialistACT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086085Data support analystACT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085914Service transition managerACT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085822Cyber security advice and assessmentsACT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085569Management of CRM, reporting & data platformALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081180Security as a serviceALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081084Decontamination works - removal of underground storage tanks & associated remediation worksNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086078Online survey softwareO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086952Raw water pipeline rehabilitation worksO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084095LED luminairesQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084043Sale of vineyardsSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083825Drainage pipe cleaning servicesVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082340Disposal of plantTAS23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082155Laboratory autoclaveNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082018Timber bridge refurbishmentNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1079520Reservoir pipeline worksQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085305RAF Project FundWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086333Frames & hingesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086321Rewinding of motorO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086319Repair kit for water pumpO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086316LED flood lightO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086311Rewinding of digester motorO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086308Rewinding of phase motor for step screenO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086306Rewinding of stator for liftO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085876Cleaning servicesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083517Detailed design / documentation for astronomy & science centreNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082931Road slip remediationNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082516Gravel re-sheeting program (Northern, Eastern & Southern)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086315Office accommodationWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084553Licence of multi-use sporting ground (non-exclusive)NSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083755Detailed design of facility upgrade (incl carpark)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082438Grounds maintenance servicesNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082365Ecological thinning trial - bird surveysNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080667Employment-based initial teacher education programmesNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086275Dealer management system integration servicesVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086091School block weathertightness (directory suppliers)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085222Market research for mobile gymO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085219Tree removal & maintenanceVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085095Office & warehouse accommodationSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084952Use of grounds, reserves and pavilionsVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084630Community GrantsSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084542Depot upgrade (Condobolin)NSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084513ILE modernisation (incl. lighting & cabinetry)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084511ILE modernisation (incl. lighting & cabinetry)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084288Depot upgrade (Parkes)NSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084286Depot upgrade (Dunedoo)NSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084284Depot upgrade (Port Macquarie)NSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084266Main building contractor for ILE upgrade works (incl. fire alarm)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084105Depot upgradeNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083653Stormwater upgradesSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083445Strategic recreation plan (facilities, infrastructure & services)WA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083377Wastewater stewardship initiative - assessment of alternative treatment optionsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083202School upgrade (various works)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083133Education Research GrantsALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082959Low loaderNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082368Hospital redevelopment servicesNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082134Industry media agency for tourism and eventsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082009Measurement of antimicrobial usage (enterprise level)NSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082008Measurement of antimicrobial usage (industry level)NSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081162Building & maintenance works / supplies (register)VIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081000Community GrantsNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080174Parade dance groupsVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1077118Sale of hotelVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1075704Facility Design GrantsVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080171Festival parade performanceVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084443ART6151 Revision of Austroads Guide to Road Tunnels Part 2: Planning, Design and CommissioningALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080204Monitoring Avocado Quality in RetailALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084578Sale of residential development siteQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083552Lease of foreshore precinctWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082906Design / construction of fishways & outlet regulatorsVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082297Combination rollerVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086506Freight services & local custom clearanceO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086218Assessment of two way radio network in fleet assetsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085639Sale of IP assets (pools & landscapes / construction)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085197Booklists / requisites (incl furniture)VIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083958Sale of vehiclesWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083874Audit servicesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083754Stormwater pump station(s) renewalNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083703WorkboatsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083683Toilets upgrading (incl. rewiring of light circuits & hot water cylinder)NZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083681Complete tidy-up of classroomsNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083008Sale of abandoned propertyNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082985Tidal barrage refurbishmentVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082043Cleaning of public toiletsSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081705Tower repairs and upgrades (Capricornia Region)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081703Tower repairs and upgrades (Central West Region)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081637Local Heritage Assistance FundNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080683Sale of industrial development sitesQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085449Community housing divestmentNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085193School canteen licenceNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084956Upgrade of tennis courtsNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084556Emissions reduction & resource efficiency studyNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083860School canteen licenceNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083439School construction (incl carpark extension)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083054School uniform shop licenceNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082569Licensing of pool facilities and management servicesQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082222Sale of ore sortersALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081289Sewage treatment plant renewalQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084637Upgrading & realignment of drainage systemO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084550Office fitout alterationsWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083548Replacement of roofs at building infrastructureNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082684Central voice recording system hardware, software, support etcWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082612Child sexual abuse therapeutic serviceWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082584Aboriginal art strategyNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082449Waterblasting of bituminous seals programNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082437Road widening & intersection improvementsWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082356Customised signageWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081480Preventative maintenance of residual current device & smoke alarmWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085318Glass coated steel tanksVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082591Footpath renewal programVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082347Hire of plant & equipment (wet & dry)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086288Multipurpose community facility full design servicesNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086237Undergrounding of power lines, pole relocations & public lighting worksVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086047Pre-concentrator and canister sampling systemQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085140Baseball nets constructionVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084986Directional drilling for stormwater upgrade worksTAS23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084899Disposal of grader & low loaderWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084755Construction of tuckshop & associated worksQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084555Identity management solutionSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084541Cafe awning replacementQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083835Turf sports ground maintenance servicesVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083828Swimming pool managementTAS23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083819Disposal and replacement of light vehiclesTAS23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083817Architect / principal consultant & project management services for hospital redevelopmentVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083779Fencing materialsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083777Contract management system servicesNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083537Consultancy services for development of community hubVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083143Sale of commercial siteWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082958Waste / tip post closure management plansWA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082806Wild dog exclusion fence scheme - fencing suppliers & contractorsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082800Detailed construction plans for sports facilityNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082660Hut redevelopmentTAS23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082374Design & construction of apartmentsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081910Outside school hour careQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081488Tree planting & establishmentNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081284New decking, barriers and complete recoating of footbridgeVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081270Level crossing upgradesTAS23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081120Footpath resurfacingNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1079761Urban ovals lighting upgradesNT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1087009Maintenance of state lands - upgrade of excess roadO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086943Sale of business - PegsALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086843Improvised explosive device clearance trainingO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086591Photography, videography & documentaryO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086534Professional book scanner for document archivingO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1086202Vegetable & rice seedsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085993LaptopsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085868Funding - Injury Prevention in Construction IndustryNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085739Interview report writersO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085642Notice: Procurement & purchasing workshopsQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085556Consultancy for modernization of drainage areas & housing / resettlementO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085530Operation of cafe/bistroVIC23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085432Design study & calculation of concrete structures of off-road equipmentO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085286A/C spare partO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085277Air cargo pallets & net systemO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085257Regulation review for HCVF management to rehabilitate degraded forestO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085256Feasibility study of reprocessing mercury-containing amalgamation tailingO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085253Architecture & engineering services for officesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085241Media coaching sessionsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085240Consultancy for health emergency preparedness & response capacityO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085237Grant - Mine risk educationO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085118Rural Grants - mental health weekSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085058Construction of water well drilling equipped with pumpsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085057Environmental impact study for transformer repair shop & oil treatment machineO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085054Resettlement action plans for transformer repair shop & oil processing machineO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085046Study of draft standards & proposal of strategy for improved stovesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085041Training, supervision & equipment of beekeepersO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1085028Survey of implementation processes of solution for management of studentsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084962Mail & communication services (digital & paper based)WA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084949Health knowledge management expertO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084941Reinforcement of buildingO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084932Promotional items & souvenirsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084888Branding services incl printingO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084885Advertising servicesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084879Dynamic application security testing (DAST) systemO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084869Additions & alterations construction / refurbishment programmeNSW23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084821Consultancy services for mobilization of electricity connectionsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084707Formative evaluation of measles rubella communication campaignO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084669Mortality training & medical certificationO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084487Digital visibility / website design consulting / maintenanceO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084432Harmonization of legal framework for promotion/protection of rights of persons with disabilitiesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084428Planning & execution of services for awards projectO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084222Electrical materialsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084215Rice processing equipmentO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084211Development of social protection investment planO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084197Automated sample preparation & solvent evaporator systemO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084180Equipment for recreation roomO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1084118Construction works for monasteryO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083955Submersible water pump, solar panels & construction of small pump housesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083924Meteorological & data acquisition stationsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083923Electric vehicleO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083882Short-term project management (digital / technology & business beautification)QLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083638Workshops on care for migrant childrenO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083636Formative research on social norms protecting children against violenceO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083566Immunization financing analysisO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083747Midterm review of youth development frameworkO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083488Communication strategy and planO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083387Comprehensive education sector analysisO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083309Agricultural machinery & implements for mechanizationO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083291Notice: Networking event - energy industryNT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083252Grants - Land releaseO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083221Civil works for expansion of kindergarten (Sukhbaatar)O/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083220Civil works for expansion of kindergartenO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082847Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082798Electrical bulbs & lightingsO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082406Civil works for expansion of kindergartenO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082405Civil works for construction of school & kindergarten buildings (Songinokhairkhan)O/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082404Civil works for construction of school & kindergarten buildings (Bayangol)O/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082378Paving and sanitation worksO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082323PlywoodO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082303Argon separation using pressure swing adsorptionO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082219Lease of horse paddocksQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082218Relocation of boardroomQLD23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082130Electrical services & parts incl. control systems / hazardous area inspectionsNT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082071Station vehicleO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1082061Wheel loaderO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081866Online access to legal information (case law database)O/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081834Renovation housing worksO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081602Pharmacy suppliesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081485Catering servicesALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1081047Fuel tanksO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1080319TV media buying servicesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1079581Medical equipmentO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1078120Electric public busesO/S23/08/2019Closing Soon
1077734Sport New Zealand Rural Travel FundNZ23/08/2019Closing Soon
1077145Community GrantsSA23/08/2019Closing Soon
1073635Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) GrantNT23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083222Supply of 3600m3 40mm Crushed Rock ex-bin for Alpine Shire's annual Gravel Re-sheeting program. ALL23/08/2019Closing Soon
1083864Installation of sports lightingVIC24/08/2019Closing Soon
1082289Safe water to health facilitiesO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1086279Website design & GovCMS developmentALL24/08/2019Closing Soon
1082457Northern Territory History Grants ProgramNT24/08/2019Closing Soon
1085458PropertyVIC24/08/2019Closing Soon
1086844Evaluation of mine action programmeO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1086607Geomembrane water surface harvesters for irrigation & rainwater water reservesO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1085267Strengthening legal frameworks for healthO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1085223Medical servicesO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1084091Audit of financial statementsO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1082686Master plan for renovation, upgrading and redevelopment of campusO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1082679Financial statement auditO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1082122Rehabilitation of canals irrigation schemeO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1082121Rehabilitation of canals irrigation schemeO/S24/08/2019Closing Soon
1047817Hospital redevelopment (various works)NSW24/08/2019Closing Soon
1081136Status and mitigation reports (highways improvement project)O/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1082557Community Support Grants ProgramVIC25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086725Program coordinatorNSW25/08/2019Closing Soon
1083366Regional Arts Fund (RAF) Community GrantsNSW25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086810Printing awareness materialsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086807Baseline survey & need assessment of early development / intervention for childrenO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086802Multipurpose recycled paper for office useO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086611Water network spare parts & maintenance equipmentO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086576Integrated inland fisheries geographic information systemO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086239Sikh Celebrations and Events FundVIC25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086194Various seedsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1086010Maize seedsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1085268Conducting spot checks servicesO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1085251Research services, data generation & evaluation of projects/communication campaigns/public strategiesO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1084924Compound feed & backyard poultry packageO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1084923Goat frozen semen strawsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1084704Rehabilitation of internal roadsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1084452Rehabilitation of municipal waste transfer station (various works)O/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1084295Firefighting equipmentO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1084034Construction of water network & rehabilitation of drinking water stationO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1083976Rehabilitation works of housing unitsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1083886Playspaces advisory committeeNSW25/08/2019Closing Soon
1083614Off-grid PV systemsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1083123Oils & lubricantsO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1082995Consultancy service for new customs inspection facilityO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1082688River environment improvement through community leadership developmentO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1082075Retrofitting applications for public buildings (energy & water)O/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1081823Consultancy on vaccine preventable diseasesO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1080891Reconstruction of district heating system and energy efficiencyO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1079865Supply and installation of heat metering devicesO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1079840Water current metersO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1078442Facilitator & operational supportersO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1074305Rules & regulations for battery management / handling system for electric vehiclesO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
1067794Rubble removal & cleanup projectO/S25/08/2019Closing Soon
862315Nolans Rare Earths (RE) project - various opportunitiesNT25/08/2019Closing Soon
1077879Comprehensive technical services panel - road network projectsNSW26/08/2019
1084128WTP containerised plant mechanical enabling worksNZ26/08/2019
1082390Croquet court expansionNSW26/08/2019
1082138Sector development program (panel)NSW26/08/2019
1086598Sale of station wagonNZ26/08/2019
1084645Desktop and notebook computersWA26/08/2019
1084022Possum monitoringNZ26/08/2019
1082229Laboratory plastic ware consumablesVIC26/08/2019
1083378Replacement of pump station (various works)QLD26/08/2019
1083055Coastal and marine engineering consultantWA26/08/2019
1081915Regional project worksSA26/08/2019
1080625General medical consumablesSA26/08/2019
1080623Operating theatre instruments & consumablesSA26/08/2019
1077620Uniforms and uniform servicesSA26/08/2019
1081948LiDAR survey of deltaNZ26/08/2019
1085746Marketing campaignO/S26/08/2019
1085085Design & construction of depotWA26/08/2019
1084497Health centre - replacement of asbestos vinyl floorNT26/08/2019
1084210Installation, training & maintenance package service for WICsO/S26/08/2019
1083648Mapping of random movements of landO/S26/08/2019
1083489Capacity development external evaluation servicesO/S26/08/2019
1082983Trust fund external evaluation servicesO/S26/08/2019
1082966Consultancy for development of publicationO/S26/08/2019
1076461Open science platform developmentO/S26/08/2019
1058254LNG facility (various opportunities)WA26/08/2019
1086994Security risk management and ISM documentationACT26/08/2019
1086931Technical business analystACT26/08/2019
1086924SAP ABAP FI/HR contractorsACT26/08/2019
1086923UX designerACT26/08/2019
1086650EL2 project managerACT26/08/2019
1086647SAP development specialistACT26/08/2019
1086277Drupal developersACT26/08/2019
1086083Senior software developer - front endACT26/08/2019
1085566EL2 data modellerNSW26/08/2019
1082411Concrete water storage tank repair & re-coatingO/S26/08/2019
1085613Surgical unit orthopaedic specialist / healthcare servicesO/S26/08/2019
1084106Internet servicesO/S26/08/2019
1081777Affordable housing program (panel)NSW26/08/2019
1086532Evaluation consultant (livelihood & gender empowerment projects / international development)ALL26/08/2019
1086635Billing solutionSA26/08/2019
1086604Sale of hatchbackNZ26/08/2019
1086537Sale of SUVNZ26/08/2019
1082383Notice: Construction projectsVIC26/08/2019
1087074Sale of cab chassisNZ26/08/2019
1086402Sale of truckNZ26/08/2019
1086039Sale of cab chassisNZ26/08/2019
1085782Sale of tractorNZ26/08/2019
1083380Kitchen refurbishmentVIC26/08/2019
1082581Analysis of brain cancer platforms and technologiesALL26/08/2019
1085124Project manager for transport infrastructure projectQLD26/08/2019
1084129Recycling eco tri-binsNZ26/08/2019
1084050External audit servicesSA26/08/2019
1083783Licences for temporary commercial activitiesNZ26/08/2019
1083436Inventory and infrastructure resilience platformQLD26/08/2019
1083433Quantity surveying services for school redevelopment projectNZ26/08/2019
1083431Lead design for school redevelopment worksNZ26/08/2019
1083206Classroom refurbishmentNZ26/08/2019
1082649Special needs modificationsNZ26/08/2019
1080970International Day of People with Disability (I-Day) GrantsACT26/08/2019
1084856ABT6203 Structural and Real-Time Bridge Health MonitoringALL26/08/2019
1081436Lychee pest and disease field guideALL26/08/2019
1084020Multi vessel bioreactorNZ26/08/2019
1079438Event GrantsWA26/08/2019
1085340Project director for bus procurement pipelineNSW26/08/2019
1083469Construction of reservoirNZ26/08/2019
1081459Main contractor for wharf / public space structural maintenance worksNZ26/08/2019
1078279Small Community Grants ProgramTAS26/08/2019
1084742External upgrades to housesWA26/08/2019
1084349Aquatic centres condition inspection auditsVIC26/08/2019
1077689Intermediate anti-submarine warfare training targetNSW26/08/2019
1084750Principal design consultant for building refurbishmentQLD26/08/2019
1084326Funding - Protecting our PlacesNSW26/08/2019
1084268Signs maintenance incl. traffic services, litter removal, etc.NZ26/08/2019
1084220Expansion & refurbishment of aged care facilitySA26/08/2019
1083707Mail fulfilmentNSW26/08/2019
1082553Operation of farmers marketNSW26/08/2019
1083464Partnership approach for development of corporate strategyVIC26/08/2019
1083167Snow groomers, blades and tiller implementsALL26/08/2019
1079270Cardboard polling equipment and associated servicesALL26/08/2019
1085792Operation of cafeNSW26/08/2019
1084765Cleaning servicesQLD26/08/2019
1082841Street reinstatement (incl rubbish bins & footpath lighting)NSW26/08/2019
1082726Bridge rehabilitationNSW26/08/2019
1082641Medical advisory servicesQLD26/08/2019
1082168Outside school hour careQLD26/08/2019
1087090Graphic design servicesO/S26/08/2019
1087089Communication collateralsO/S26/08/2019
1087087Electronic forkliftO/S26/08/2019
1087071Accommodation & meeting servicesO/S26/08/2019
1087054Hotel servicesO/S26/08/2019
1087000Fuel station upgrade (various works)WA26/08/2019
1086978Managed print solutionO/S26/08/2019
1086951Feasibility services for climate adaptive water resources managementO/S26/08/2019
1086849Fertilizer & ureaO/S26/08/2019
1086847Strengthening legal framework for debt trading marketO/S26/08/2019
1086805Baggage x-ray machine, walk through metal detectors & handsetsO/S26/08/2019
1086603Strengthening of information system (health)O/S26/08/2019
1086595Transportation rental serviceO/S26/08/2019
1086579Bean seedsO/S26/08/2019
1086557Household surveys implementation (women's empowerment as bridging gap between agriculture & nutrition)O/S26/08/2019
1086541Printed paperO/S26/08/2019
1086172Surety & inspection services of solar tuk tukO/S26/08/2019
1086076Establishment of e-servicesO/S26/08/2019
1086038RAP on multimodal terminal for capacity augmentation of waterwayO/S26/08/2019
1086011Accommodation & related services in hotelO/S26/08/2019
1085961Artists for decoration of plinthsNZ26/08/2019
1085946Office renovation & constructionO/S26/08/2019
1085941Portfolio folders (education)O/S26/08/2019
1085916Rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructuresO/S26/08/2019
1085756Event managementO/S26/08/2019
1085745Laboratory surveillance capacity & improve biosafety, biosecurity and diagnostic stewardshipO/S26/08/2019
1085738Heating modules & evaporators for evaporator manifoldsO/S26/08/2019
1085724Baseline assessment for farm to market alliance operationsO/S26/08/2019
1085718Stronger Communities Grant ProgrammeNT26/08/2019
1085629Deepening efforts on NDC implementationO/S26/08/2019
1085524Cleaning servicesNT26/08/2019
1085483Recovery coordination & planning activities / piloting of recovery aid tracking & public expenditure monitoring systemsO/S26/08/2019
1085472Mobile phonesO/S26/08/2019
1085463Printing & shipping of educational materialsO/S26/08/2019
1085423Independent MTR consultant for trade capacity & institutional strengtheningO/S26/08/2019
1085312Consultancy services for water management researchO/S26/08/2019
1085289Introductory workshops (agrobiodiversity)O/S26/08/2019
1085273Venue & catering servicesO/S26/08/2019
1085258Audio & video conference communication systemO/S26/08/2019
1085254Study of situation for right to life free of violence against womenO/S26/08/2019
1085200Vacant apiary site availableTAS26/08/2019
1084957Supplies for infections committeeO/S26/08/2019
1084927Potable / storm water pumps & related accessoriesO/S26/08/2019
1084921Stationary digital x-ray system with remote controlO/S26/08/2019
1084919Operationalisation of adolescent & youth engagement & participatory action research toolkitsO/S26/08/2019
1084916Analysis of multiple deprivations in secondary townsO/S26/08/2019
1084893Media & communication servicesO/S26/08/2019
1084886Member appraisal assessorsALL26/08/2019
1084796Socio-cultural community blueprint baseline reportO/S26/08/2019
1084761ESIA for construction of electricity transmission linesO/S26/08/2019
1084749Solar home system installation verification and quality controlO/S26/08/2019
1084685Support for urban resilience strategy & investment programO/S26/08/2019
1084449Project management for malaria vaccine implementationO/S26/08/2019
1084448Scintillation spectrometric, air sampler & low volume air sampler systemsO/S26/08/2019
1084447Armed security servicesO/S26/08/2019
1084378Builders for various school worksQLD26/08/2019
1084237Management plans for agricultural productive systemO/S26/08/2019
1084236Management plans for livestock/sheep cattle production systemO/S26/08/2019
1084225Construction works for facilityO/S26/08/2019
1084189Sewing machines & basic furnitureO/S26/08/2019
1084177F2F agency service for regular donor generationO/S26/08/2019
1084175Management plans for livestock systemO/S26/08/2019
1084174Management plans for mixed systemsO/S26/08/2019
1084167Enterprise surveyO/S26/08/2019
1084110Travel insuranceO/S26/08/2019
1084054Consultation for integrated solution & database for consolidating dataO/S26/08/2019
1083931Project manager for delivering socially-oriented services via postO/S26/08/2019
1083921Primary coolant components for research reactorO/S26/08/2019
1083624Web hosting serviceO/S26/08/2019
1083609Construction of storage facilitiesO/S26/08/2019
1083570Project manager - delivering socially-oriented services via postal systemO/S26/08/2019
1083510Ship charter - AWS maintenance & upgrade programO/S26/08/2019
1083404Rehabilitation of housing unitsO/S26/08/2019
1083316Polycom products & related servicesO/S26/08/2019
1083157Renovation works in police stationsO/S26/08/2019
1082939River bank protection worksO/S26/08/2019
1082748SCADA system for barrageO/S26/08/2019
1082746Rehabilitation of water distribution pipelines (Gaoshan Road)O/S26/08/2019
1082739Rehabilitation of water distribution pipelines (Donggang)O/S26/08/2019
1082736Rehabilitation of water distribution pipelines (Yixi)O/S26/08/2019
1082350Demolition of classrooms & associated structuresNT26/08/2019
1082343Consultancy for implementation of secure messaging serviceO/S26/08/2019
1082114Functional/organizational review & restructuring of business processO/S26/08/2019
1081640Construction works for homesO/S26/08/2019
1081618Laboratory information management system (LIMS)O/S26/08/2019
1081593Leachate balancing pond & pump/back spraying systemO/S26/08/2019
1081382Low background gross alpha/beta counting systemO/S26/08/2019
1081177Improvement to roadO/S26/08/2019
1080560Call accounting - billing & reportingO/S26/08/2019
1080354Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) replacementO/S26/08/2019
1080313Justice perceptions surveysO/S26/08/2019
1080254Men's Shed GrantsQLD26/08/2019
1080230Rehabilitation and maintenance of roadsO/S26/08/2019
1080216Fixing / replacement of snow pillowsO/S26/08/2019
1080050Wireless LAN upgradeO/S26/08/2019
1078237Tractors, compost turner, roll of compost fleece & digital thermometerO/S26/08/2019
1076475Transmission line construction & live line crew equipmentO/S26/08/2019
1066642Community Event GrantWA26/08/2019
1066640Matching Fund GrantWA26/08/2019
1056758Environment Levy GrantsQLD26/08/2019
1056757Major GrantsQLD26/08/2019
1079627New public school opportunitiesSANot Stated
1079625Road duplication opportunitiesSANot Stated
1078375Business networkingWANot Stated
1078268Event sponsorsNSWNot Stated
1078248Notice: FerryQLDNot Stated
1078185Notice: Parking metresNZNot Stated
1078179Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1077833Notice: Facilities management / maintenance & property servicesNZNot Stated
1077818Notice: Business Week launch & networkingVICNot Stated
1077623Restoration of gravesitesNSWNot Stated
1077532Building workNZNot Stated
1077158Sale & removal of barracksWANot Stated
1077047Sale of truck & machineryNZNot Stated
1077651Notice: Managed & delivered maintenance of residential portfolioNZNot Stated
1079876Notice: Museum restorationNSWNot Stated
1079831CleanersSANot Stated
1079775Various items / services for nutrition and child development projectO/SNot Stated
1079742Notice: Technology modernisationNZNot Stated
1079739Notice: Biomedical equipment panelSANot Stated
1079738Notice: Operations of electricity embedded networks servicesNSWNot Stated
1079705Sale of ophthalmoscopeVICNot Stated
1079630Road widening opportunitiesSANot Stated
1079628Bridge renewalSANot Stated
1079623Senior institutional and high net worth advisersALLNot Stated
1079614Notice: Removal / salvage / disposal of YM efficiency containersALLNot Stated
1079600Commercial agriculture development projectO/SNot Stated
1079596Sale of waste management shipping containers & equipmentALLNot Stated
1079588Notice: Food & organic waste processingWANot Stated
1079573Sale of commercial propertyVICNot Stated
1079572Sale of transit oriented development siteWANot Stated
1079539Sale of commercial propertyVICNot Stated
1079501Bar manager, kiosk / luncheon catering & curatorWANot Stated
1079436Notice: Water pump physical worksNZNot Stated
1079424Issue of treasury billsO/SNot Stated
1079422Sale of industrial land & buildingO/SNot Stated
1079379Notice: Barge landings & aerodromeNTNot Stated
1079357Consulting services for various municipal frameworksO/SNot Stated
1079337Delivery of sports eventQLDNot Stated
1079290Notice: Arbitration services for appealsNZNot Stated
1079258Clean fillWANot Stated
1079136Notice: Maritime routesO/SNot Stated
1079109Lease of library buildingNZNot Stated
1079032Event cateringNSWNot Stated
1079024Business networking seriesVICNot Stated
1078925Regional Arts Development Fund - Special RoundQLDNot Stated
1078923Re-opening of fixed coupon infrastructure bondO/SNot Stated
1078846Notice: Facilities maintenance servicesNZNot Stated
1078796Sale of apartmentVICNot Stated
1078782Notice: Site transformation / development of mixed-use precinctVICNot Stated
1078767Sale of practice (optometrist)NSWNot Stated
1078709Sale of business - firewoodNZNot Stated
1078706Lease of car washNSWNot Stated
1078700Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1078689Sale of restaurant & barNZNot Stated
1078678Community grants for individuals and teams / groupsTASNot Stated
1078595Notice: Video replay boardACTNot Stated
1078594Notice: Library management system replacementNZNot Stated
1078593Notice: Forward works programme - physical works capexNZNot Stated
1078510Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1078507Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1078499Lease of retail / office spaceQLDNot Stated
1078496Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1078491Sale of beachfront estateQLDNot Stated
1078427Catering servicesQLDNot Stated
1078422Notice: Nursing home upgradesNSWNot Stated
1078415Agribusiness investment opportunitiesALLNot Stated
1078402Jobs expo stall-holderNSWNot Stated
1078396Notice: Shared pathNZNot Stated
1078394Sale of aluminium propsQLDNot Stated
1078393Sale of solid screw jacksQLDNot Stated
1078391Sale of propsQLDNot Stated
1078390Sale of light weight pan systemQLDNot Stated
1078371Notice: Business expoNSWNot Stated
1078361Pop-up cafe operatorWANot Stated
1078313Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1078297Modular containersO/SNot Stated
1078259Accommodation servicesO/SNot Stated
1078182Sale of land parcel zoned general industrialWANot Stated
1078180Sale of residential land parcelWANot Stated
1078178Sale of freeholdVICNot Stated
1078173Industry briefing: High school build opportunitiesSANot Stated
1078160Notice: Design & construction of nature-based playgroundWANot Stated
1078158Sale of business - store / supermarketNTNot Stated
1078104Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1078090Sale of property in commercial precinctSANot Stated
1078046Sale of houseNSWNot Stated
1078045Events opportunityQLDNot Stated
1078043Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1077996Sale of industrial development propertyWANot Stated
1077962Notice: Festival & Event Grants / Waste Wise Events GrantsNSWNot Stated
1077950Emergency roadside assistance & towingVICNot Stated
1077949Sale of business - cafeNSWNot Stated
1077940Notice: Contractors forumO/SNot Stated
1077887Notice: LiDAR elevation datasetsNZNot Stated
1077871Sale of workshop & office facilitiesQLDNot Stated
1077842Sale of restaurant / cafeSANot Stated
1077736Accommodation for conferenceSANot Stated
1077723Sale of freeholdO/SNot Stated
1077722Sale of homeO/SNot Stated
1077720Sale of homeO/SNot Stated
1077601Dressing / decoration of windowsWANot Stated
1077592Effluent pipeline extension (various trades)QLDNot Stated
1077579Sale of business - bakeryNTNot Stated
1077561Notice: Licence plate recognition technology and parking appVICNot Stated
1077517Sale of business - educational consultancyNSWNot Stated
1077515Sale of healthy food franchiseNZNot Stated
1077513Suppliers & subcontractors (various works)QLDNot Stated
1077406Catering servicesQLDNot Stated
1077356Cafe operatorNSWNot Stated
1077239Logistics management toolO/SNot Stated
1077236Notice: Sale of land & former school buildingsQLDNot Stated
1077213ElectricianQLDNot Stated
1077198Sale of assets / recapitalisation & restructure - lead / zinc explorer, developer & producerALLNot Stated
1077195Sale of abandoned aircraftNTNot Stated
1077192Residence building & renovation worksNSWNot Stated
1077155Notice: Move & exit relocation servicesNZNot Stated
1077126Cancellation notice: Standby generatorO/SNot Stated
1077089Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1077082Sale of duplexNSWNot Stated
1077076Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
1077071Sale of commercial warehouseWANot Stated
1077069Sale of propertyVICNot Stated
1077067Sale of landVICNot Stated
1077065Sale of townhouseVICNot Stated
1077057Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1077001Cleaning servicesNSWNot Stated
1077000Maintenance & outdoor cleaning (incl electrical)NSWNot Stated