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Gravel Re-sheet program 2019-20

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Tue 26/11/2019 - 05:00 PM AEDT
Tender Details
Hire of Truck, Trailer and Operator to cart gravel for Alpine Shire Councils annual Gravel Re-sheet program.
The Alpine Shire is looking for a total of up to 6 x truck & trailer & operator sets running at the same time during the program, however note that not all sets need to be provided by any single contractor. All conforming offers between 1 and 6 sets will be considered.
Arrangements will be made with individual contractors on a schedule of rates basis. Selection of contractors for the works will be based on quote evaluation criteria. The aim will be to lock in dates with contractors as soon as possible following the end of the quote period.
This information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Please confirm all details with the Tendering Firm before responding.