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Concrete repairs - Castran Corner, Dinner Plain

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Tue 24/11/2015 - 12:00 PM AEST
Tender Details
The Alpine Shire Council is seeking offers from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for repairs to concrete infrastructure at Castran Corner at Dinner Plain. The works include demolition and removal of existing exposed aggregate paths and steps, construction of new concrete paths and retaining walls, fabrication and fitment of galvanized steel stairs and handrails and chemical treatment of remaining exposed aggregate pathways. The existing concrete paths have deteriorated in places due to frosting at the time of pouring of the concrete. The worst sections will be removed and be replaced with a fine non-slip broom finish concrete surface. The existing concrete stairs will be removed and replaced with galvanized steel stairs and required modifications to retaining walls.
In some places damage to the exposed aggregate concrete paths are minor and currently not a hazard to pedestrians. These areas are required to be treated with a silane/silixane based penetrating sealer to prevent further water penetration and subsequent damage by the freeze/thaw cycle experienced in Alpine areas.
The successful contractor/s will be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the technical aspects of working with concrete in Alpine areas and provide a history of having successfully constructed public assets in Alpine areas. Concreting contractors must be familiar with the document ALPINE SHIRE CONCRETE SPECIFICATION FOR USE AT DINNER PLAIN
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