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Nil Gully Creek Drainage Strategy Plan

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Wed 31/08/2016 - 12:00 PM AEST
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The Alpine Shire Council is seeking offers from suitably qualified and experienced consultants for the preparation of a Drainage Strategy Plan for the management of stormwater flows in the Nil Gully Creek catchment in Myrtleford.
The purpose of this study is to determine flood risks and identify feasible flood mitigation options within the Nil Gully Creek Catchment.

The outcome will be a definitive Drainage Strategy Plan which provides recommendations for mitigation of flood risks within the catchment assuming land has been developed to its maximum potential in accordance with the current land use zonings.
The consult is expected to form an understanding of stormwater flows within the Nil Gully Creek catchment in terms of both the natural drainage system (i.e. Nil Gully stream bed), and constructed urban and rural drainage systems.
Mitigation options considered may include, but are not limited to; changing stormflow and flood behaviour through improving the performance of existing drainage infrastructure and/or implementation of new infrastructure. Consideration should also be given to flood warning and flood response procedures as well as implementation or modification to existing planning controls.

The priority order and timing for implementation of all recommended mitigation options shall be provided and shall be dependent on influencing factors including but not limited to; level of flood risk identified, extent of development within the catchment, climate change, or any other relevant factors.
The project scope includes provision of schematic designs, locations, and cost estimates for all recommended new and/or upgraded infrastructure. The project scope does not include detailed design of proposed infrastructure works.

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