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Mount Beauty Swimming pool renewal. Repainting, tile repair / replacement and concrete concourse repair and painting.

Contract #
Closed On
Wed 16/08/2017 - 10:00 PM AEDT
Tender Details
The Alpine Shire Council is seeking offers from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for renewal works to the Mount Beauty swimming pool. This is a separable part Tender including:
Part A – Pool repainting – Main pool and medium pool.
• Preparation of the site including the removal of all fixtures where required.
• Removal of existing chlorinated rubber paint.
• Preparation of the pool surface including grinding and sanding where required.
• Repair of expansion joints and any cracks
• Supply and application of epoxy paint
• Line marking and depth marking.
Part B – Main pool tiles.
Two options for improving the slip resistance of parapet tiles. Tenderers may choose to submit pricing for either option or both.
Option 1
• Removal and replacement of damaged and lifted tiles.
• Supply and application of a non-slip coating to the main pool parapet.
Option 2
• Replacement of all horizontal and vertical tiles on the main pool parapet.
Part C – Repair and painting of concrete concourse.
• Removal of sunken sections and replacement with new concrete.
• Grinding of raised edges.
• Caulking between concourse and main and intermediate pools.
• Painting of concrete concourse with non-slip paint around main and intermediate pools only.
Tenderers can choose to submit either one part, two part or all three parts of the tender. Council may choose to award only one part, two parts all three parts separately.
The works must be completed by Friday 27th October in preparation for opening of the pool for the forthcoming summer.
This information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Please confirm all details with the Tendering Firm before responding.