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Consultant to Lead Farmer Academy – Vanuatu Pilot Project

Closed On
Sat 16/06/2018 - 05:00 PM NZST
Tender Details
The European Union (EU) through the 10th European Development Fund has allocated EUR4.0 million to assist the growth of the coconut industry in the Pacific through an Action called “Coconut Industry Development for the Pacific” (CIDP). This Action is part of a broader economic partnership between the EU and African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) states.
The Financing Agreement governing the project funding is already in place between the European Commission and the ACP Secretariat (Regional Authorizing Officer).
The purpose of the CIDP Project is to improve the competitiveness of small producers engaged in the coconut value chains, through a strengthened regional integration of related markets and the intensification of production ultimately giving new life to this important industry.
One of the key Result Area under this project is Pilot Projects. An allocation of 1.75 million has been allocated to directly support private sector, enterprises and farmer organization through procurement of Technical and Equipment support. Elcress Agra Products has been awarded as one of the Pilot Projects in Vanuatu.
The CIDP through Elcress Agra Products is looking for a Consultant to lead the Farmer Academy. El Cress Company produces certified organic coconut oil. Dried copra is bought from +600 certified farmers from Epi and Ambrym islands in Vanuatu. Poor skills is a serious structural issue for Vanuatu’s Development. In order to improve farmers productivity and independence, Elcress through CIDP Pilot Projects will be implementing a Farmer Academy on Epi island. The consultant role will be to lead the Farmer Academy through providing key important trainings and managing the functions of the Academy. El Cress will have an improved Supply Chain (stronger, better and more reliable).
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