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Drafting of a Coconut Policy Advisory Document for the Pacific Region

Contract #
RFP 18/038
Closed On
Wed 15/08/2018 - 04:00 PM NZST
Tender Details
Coconuts have a unique potential to support sustainable and healthy rural livelihoods throughout the Pacific islands and can be a key driver for employment, income generation and economic growth in the region.
The European Union (EU) through the 10th European Development Fund has allocated EUR4.0 million to assist the growth of the coconut industry in the Pacific through an Action called “Coconut Industry Development for the Pacific” (CIDP). This Action is part of a broader economic partnership between the EU and African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) states. The Financing Agreement governing the project funding is already in place between the European Commission and the ACP Secretariat (Regional Authorizing Officer).
The CIDP is to be implemented through the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)’s Land Resources Division. A similar project totalling EUR 3.5 million is already underway in the Caribbean (Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean).
The CIDP is in line with the broader strategic goals of SPC about promoting healthy, rural livelihoods and sustainable economic growth in the Pacific region.
The purpose of this Terms of Reference is to recruit Qualified Consultant(s) to develop a “Coconut Advisory Document for the Pacific” through a consultative process. The consultant will be required to:
i) Draft an Inception Report detailing the methodology to be used to draft the Regional Coconut Policy Advisory Document.
ii) Assess existing national agriculture policy frameworks for the 15 PICs in respect to coconut production and post-harvest/processing diversification;
iii) Draft a “Coconut Policy Advisory Document for the Pacific Region” that meets the following goals:
• Incorporates relevant information and advice included in the road maps elaborated for selected value chains;
• Takes into consideration experience obtained from project development at a micro level and in particular outcomes from new coconut development pilot projects supported by the programme;
• Incorporates discussion and information exchanged with the ongoing “Pacific Agriculture Policy Project”;
• Reflects awareness on current market trends for coconut products and relates it to the specific Pacific context including its specific risks and limitations.
• Validate the draft policy document through a regional workshop.
• Establish a regional work plan to harmonize national coconut production strategies towards a more consistent regional strategy that better reflects the needs of the current coconut sector in the Pacific region and is better able to address its constraints and market opportunities.
iv) Compliance with the latest Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Action (see
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