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Request for Quotation-SPC Country Presence and Options for Decentralisation

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Thu 30/08/2018 - 04:00 PM NZST
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The Pacific Community (SPC) was established by Treaty (the Canberra Agreement) in 1947 as an international organisation supporting Pacific Islands Countries and Territories (PICTs) with their development goals. It is the largest of the regional organisations in the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) with a focus on knowledge creation and dissemination based on science.
The geographic positioning of SPC has changed very little since 1949, when the Headquarters was located in Noumea, New Caledonia and later a office was established in Suva, Fiji. Both of these historic locations are today supported by the Micronesian Office in Ponphei, FSM and the Melanesian Office in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Until recently, SPC has also had a small country office in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Following the RIF process and the merger of the former SOPAC and SPBEA organisations into SPC, the Suva office underwent rapid growth in staff numbers and today around 300 staff are located in SPC's Suva campus (which currently comprises of multiple locations), with around 210 based at headquarters.
The development landscape in the Pacific has changed considerably since SPC was established. The development space has become crowded and resources have become increasingly hard to find. The cost of operating in some centres has become difficult to manage and the independence of SPC to operate has been constrained. Meanwhile, several SPC members have expressed interest in hosting selected SPC teams and/or divisions, including the provision of the necessary funding.
Changing dynamics in the development space and the wish of Members to have closer engagement with the Secretariat requires SPC to review and reflect on how best to maintain its position as the premier technical organisation in the region. This include a review of its structure and operating procedures. Expanding the presence and visibility of SPC in more member states has the potential to consolidate and strengthen the ownership of the organisation and increase resources provided. On the downside, expanding the presence of SPC in several members could potentially add additional management and communication challenges for the organisation.
In light of the changes to the development landscape and issues relating to sustainable financing of operations and offices into the future, CRGA 48 "approved the exploration of further decentralisation of selected SPC teams, including analysis of the costs and benefits of various options for CRGA consideration, and consultation with members over decentralisation proposals".. When considering the options, SPC should focus on aligning the changes with the broader regional architecture such as the presence of other CROP and regional agencies and synergies that could accrue, together with cost effectiveness and considerations related to the opportunity cost of any change to the status quo
SPC will develop a discussion paper as the basis for consultation with staff and members. In producing the report, the author is encouraged to undertake limited electronic consultation with selected senior officials and staff that could be affected. Full consultation will take place once agreement is reached with SPC management. The discussion paper will provide options for decentralisation with potential benefits and costs of each option with an ultimate goal of "improving the SPC business and programmatic delivery structure".

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