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Consultancy work to conduct maritime audits in Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

Contract #
RFQ – Consultancy work to conduct maritime audits in Pacific Island Countries and Territories.
Closed On
Thu 20/09/2018 - 05:00 PM NZST
Tender Details
The purpose of this consultancy work is to either lead the Audit Team, or be a member of the Audit Team to carry out maritime audits as part of technical assistance provided by the Pacific Community (SPC), for its member countries that are subject for audits.
These audits will assist member countries by assessing the effectiveness of their systems and their implementation, to ensure compliance with maritime regulations, international conventions, and in particular the ISPS Code and STCW requirements.
It is envisioned that the audit results shall be used by individual organizations responsible to institute corrective actions where needed, to ensure compliance with the relevant national regulations, and particularly ISPS Code and STCW requirements.
These maritime audits used to be carried out by qualified auditors from an association of staff from the Maritime Administrations and Maritime Institutions in the region (PacMA) since 2000, when this body was then well established. This was so arranged to meet the demands from member countries to assess their compliance with the requirements of the international instruments that they are party to.
Since the phasing out of PacMA around 2010/2011, SPC through its maritime transport programme, continued to do these audits up to date, on behalf of its clients or member countries. This is also part of its technical assistance to its member countries, with the same goal of helping them to improve their systems and to ensure compliance to the relevant national regulations and international instruments (ISPS Code, ISM Code, STCW, etc.)
SPC has developed the Audit Schedule for 2018, and is planning to engage two qualified auditors from the region to undertake these audits on its behalf. This does not necessarily mean that the selected auditors will be same auditors for all these audits.
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