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Consultancy in Atoll Agriculture in Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI)

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Fri 04/01/2019 - 04:00 PM NZDT
Tender Details
The specific objective of the RENI project is to strengthen the implementation of a sustainable, multi sectoral, multi stakeholder approach to readiness for future El Niño events. Key outputs are:

•Uptake of key individual and community behaviours that support El Niño resilience
•Local area measures implemented to support El Niño resilience building in water and food security and paying special attention to the rights of women and vulnerable groups in outer islands
•National measures - Institutional, planning and technical - implemented to support readiness for future El Niño events
In RMI the Government has chosen to focus on enhancing food security in the northern atolls, and in particular in Ailuk and Santo-Kwajalein, whilst sharing the results and trainings with Enewetak, Mejit, Wotho, and Utrik. Activities already scheduled and planned in Ailuk include the establishment of a nursery, increased availability of local food crops, improved soil management practices and women's home gardening. (Women's home gardening is also being established in Santo). Agricultural equipment, including generators, shredders, tillers, small hand equipment etc. has already been purchased and shipped to Ailuk in 2018. The nursery structure already exists in Ailuk Atoll. Two agricultural extension agents will be in position in Ailuk Atoll as of January 2019. A parallel RENI project activity will enhance the water storage system for the nursery. The project
activities in RMI will be led by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce (MNRC) in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Culture and other partners.
SPC is seeking consultancy services to establish the local nursery, provide training and capacity building to agricultural extension agents and farmers in soil management practices and the production of local food crops in Ailuk Atoll in RMI; liaison with the staff of MNRC, the RENI Project Team and SPC-LRD staff.
The delivery of this consultancy will require in-depth knowledge and experience working in sustainable atoll agriculture in the PICTS and experience working with people living in remote Pacific atolls. The consultancy will require regular liaison with the RENI Project team and SPC-LRD staff in Suva, Fiji. The Consultant will also be required to travel regularly to Majuro and Ailuk in RMI, where challenges in transportation and the supply of natural resources (e.g. food and water) may exist. (Flights from Majuro to Ailuk Atoll run on a once per week schedule). Delivery of the RENI project requires understanding and application of a gender sensitive/rights based approach (more information on a rights-based approach is available at as well as close collaboration with relevant agencies (government and non-government) working in RMI.
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