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Water Supply Hardware for Outer Island Projects, Kiribati

Closed On
Fri 22/09/2017 - 04:00 PM NZST
Tender Details
The Water and Sanitation in Kiribati Outer Islands phase II (Kiriwatsan II) is a follow – up to the current
water and Sanitation in the Outer Islands Project Phase I (KIRIWATSAN I). Specifically, the action
will focus on water and sanitation infrastructure improvements for 8 islands in the Gilbert Group,
namely Makin, Butaritari, Marakei, Abaiang, Maiana, Beru, Nikunau and Nonouti. The project scope
therefore draws from valuable lessons learnt in the implementation of Phase I.
In terms of the water supply infrastructure, the action will be informed be the water resources
assessment carried out under phase informing the design of a suite of well protection, water supply,
storage and reticulation options for secured resources and improved supply. Specifically, this will
include ground water resource abstraction through the installation of energy efficient pumps, improved
water storage and reticulation to standpipes for increased household accessibility.
In light of that, the project team have conducted community consultations with the 35 participating
villages and have finalised details for the implementation in each of the villages. With many of the
villages requiring upgraded or new reticulated wells, construction of additional storage, and or
improved rainwater harvesting infrastructure. Construction commenced in 2016 in the islands of Makin
and Butaritari, 2017 in Marakei, and the project is now moving to the remaining five islands to construct
water supply infrastructure, the specifications listed in the tender are for these remaining islands. The
hardware shall be used for both rainwater and groundwater applications.
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