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Tenders.Net Security Measures

Tenders.Net takes effort in securing your communications and data submitted through our system. The following are just a few examples of the steps we take:

Encrypting Communication

Our website by defaults to and prefers using a HTTPS connection to secure your content in transmission against external threats. We only support the recent and more powerful TLS methods to secure your connection with us.

Encrypting your Submissions

When you make a submisison into our electronic tender boxes we encrypt that data with a digital key known only to the Tendering Firm and not to Tenders.Net. Supplier uploads to our File Submission tender box are also locked using industry-standard or stronger encryption with the digital key that Tenders.Net cannot access.

This ensures that only the authorised users from the Tendering Firm can read your submission to their electronic tender box.

No Shared Accesses

Each user has their own access to our system. If you work for a company and are replaced in your role we will set up a separate access for the new user and will remove yours if that is required.

This means that others cannot view your password or personal details and employees who are no longer part of your company can no longer access the system.