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Verify File Integrity (CheckSum)

When you upload a file to Tenders.Net, such as a submission to an Electronic Tender Box, we will provide you with a checksum of the file.

What is a CheckSum?

A CheckSum (also called a hash) is a unique signature and is the result of an algorithm that converts your data into a small data block. Simply changing a single letter in your file will result in a vastly different checksum.

There are different algorithms that you can use to create this checksum, the more popular ones being MD5 and SHA-1, the latter being the one we use.


Filename:   TestingFile.doc   (296.2 KB)
SHA-1 Checksum:   3dcf5354a8a62e0d1c050c0d9c6535731175d097

How to Verify the CheckSum

To verify the checksum that we have created you simply need to create your own SHA-1 checksum to compare against ours.

There are many programs you can use to create a SHA-1 checksum but here are 2 recommended ones:

  1. IgorWare Hasher
  2. Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier

These programs are different, but are basically the same thing: point the program to your file and it will spit out a SHA-1 hash which you then compare to the one we display on our website.

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