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We offer great value tender notification subscriptions for you to choose from after you have completed your initial registration. These services allow you to spend less time searching and more time winning.

Our comprehensive notification services have been saving Aussie businesses time and money for over 3 decades, with many of Australia's largest companies relying on our tender alerts for their tender information. Your search criteria is expertly designed by an in-house team of procurement professionals with up to 30 years of personal experience in the industry.

If you havent already registered, you can get more information about us here. Registering will give you the ability to view thousands of tenders online. Covering over ten thousand sources every day, Tenders.Net is one of the largest procurement sites in Australia and New Zealand.

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A subscription to Tenders.Net gives you...

The most comprehensive source of tender opportunities in Australasia

We have all publicly available tenders, whether from the government at any level or from a private organisation or company. As an added bonus, Tenders.Net also provides its users access to opportunities for quotations, proposals, grants and funding. We also provide selective tendering services for those organisations who want to restrict responses to selected suppliers.

Guaranteed Comprehensive Coverage

We are the leading tender notification provider in providing comprehensive coverage for our subscribers, and stand by our top position with a money-back guarantee. All publicly available tender opportunities throughout Australia and New Zealand will be found on Tenders.Net.

Daily Email Notifications

Our subscribers can enjoy the convenience of receiving relevant opportunities via our daily email notification service. We do the searching and send you a list of relevant opportunities added or changed each day based off criteria customised to your specific needs.

Do you have offices in different regions? With Tenders.Net your company can set up multiple notification profiles, each with its own customisable search criteria and list of recipients. This feature is very useful for companies with multiple divisions that may not be interested in each other's tenders.

Awarded Tender Information

We provide information on tenders that have been awarded to their winning contractors.

Proposed Tender Notification

When putting together a bid for a large tender opportunity, days and weeks count. Advanced notice of opportunities coming out can give you that edge in preparation.

Additional Daily Notifications

Our premium subscribers can set up more separate daily notifications under their account than a standard subscriber, providing a great way for breaking up results relevant to different offices or divisions.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Recipients

When your company subscribes to Tenders.Net it means exactly that - an account is created for your company and not just for the registering users. Each registered user will have their own individual log-in details for Tenders.Net and your company can have as many users as required under the one account.

Tenders.Net does not restrict the number of recipients you can have for your daily email notifications, giving you as many as you need to keep all your staff in the loop.

Save time and effort in finding tenders

We provide daily notifications of tenders matching your custom criteria, keeping you up-to-date with the opportunities that you are interested in. This gives you the power to spend more time doing what you do best, trusting Tenders.Net will look after the rest.

Search our Extensive Archives

Our subscribers can request a search through our extensive archives, containing all publicly available tenders entered into Tenders.Net over our many years of service. Once you have provided us with the details of the search we will run it and send you back the results.

More Geographical Locations

Our premium subscribers can select from any or all of the geographical locations we provide notifications for, including Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands as well as select opportunities from Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

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