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Special activation precinct (various opportunities)

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20-241220 - Parkes Special Activation Precinct Materials Recovery Facility and Energy from Waste Facility - Registration to Participate

Parkes Special Activation Precinct

Parkes is the first Special Activation Precinct. It builds on Parkes’ location at the crossroads of the Australian rail freight network and the resulting business development and employment growth opportunities.

The Parkes precinct covers an area of 4,800 ha and is strategically located three kilometres west of the Parkes township in NSW. The precinct takes advantage of the existing east-west Sydney to Perth and Adelaide rail corridor and the inland rail from Brisbane to Melbourne.

The precinct consists of six subprecincts which allow a range of land uses including freight and logistics, agribusiness and value-add agriculture, enterprise and manufacturing, intensive livestock agricultural and resource recovery and recycling.

The subprecincts are tailored to the strategic environmental impact and economic development aspirations and embed strong sustainability and circular economy principles.

The Project forms part of this sub-precinct and is critical to achieving the circular economy objectives of the Parkes SAP.

The scope of the Project includes:

• lease or purchase of site within the Parkes precinct

• build, own and operate the facilities

• waste supply to the facilities, including sourcing and transport

• sale of recovered materials

• disposal or treatment of residual waste and

• sale and purchase of energy off-takes.

The SME process will provide the opportunity for the private sector to collaborate with Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation and submit innovative

proposals for the Project. The SME procurement process is further detailed in the Structured Market Engagement Overview.

To be considered for participation in the SME procurement process, Interested Parties must demonstrate that they have the required capability and experience, including:

• composition of the Interested Party and ability to fulfil key roles

• demonstrated capability and experience in funding, developing, and operating facilities comparable in type and scale to the Project

• demonstrated experience in financing a project of similar scale to the Project.

Where an Interested Party is unable to currently fulfil all the key roles, it must nominate how it intends to fulfil these key roles prior to submission of the non-binding.

Covered Procurement Details

• The Procurement (Enforceable Procurement Provisions) Direction 2019 applies to this procurement

• A government agency may conduct negotiations with suppliers regarding the procurement

Estimated Timeframe for Delivery

Registration to Participate will be completed by 26 Feb 2021.

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