Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
1146900Lease of lotQLDTodayClosing Soon
1141889Electrical works (incl minor civil works)SATodayClosing Soon
1141056Building refurbishment and civil worksVICTodayClosing Soon
1142560Commuter car park hardware & systemsNSWTodayClosing Soon
1149300Infrared camera (thermal imager)O/STodayClosing Soon
1146007Specialist facility, games hall & external worksVICTodayClosing Soon
1143334Banking & bill payment servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1143230Air conditionersVICTodayClosing Soon
1140433Music events - venues & artistsNSWTodayClosing Soon
1145161Mineral exploration / developmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1144588Stairway replacementTASTodayClosing Soon
1144082Secure research ICT solution & ongoing managed servicesSATodayClosing Soon
1148224Architectural services for creek developmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1146742Kindergarten upgrade and expansionVICTodayClosing Soon
1143853Heating solutions & insulation servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
1144078Tunnel contamination drilling & testing servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1146600OSHC services (Collaroy Plateau PS)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1146062Corporate process management softwareWATodayClosing Soon
1148173Resealing and new sealing of various roadsTASTodayClosing Soon
1148044Consultancy services - business adaptation serviceVICTodayClosing Soon
1147959Senior project manager for asset recovery programVICTodayClosing Soon
1146789Roads reconstruction (incl naturestrip works)VICTodayClosing Soon
1146785Slow speed shredderWATodayClosing Soon
1146705Landscape construction worksWATodayClosing Soon
1146442Design & construction of road incl tree trimmingVICTodayClosing Soon
1146441Reconstruction of road (Tatyoon - Section I)VICTodayClosing Soon
1146440Intersection upgradeVICTodayClosing Soon
1146439Reconstruction of road (Tatyoon - Section II)VICTodayClosing Soon
1146384Reconstruction of roadVICTodayClosing Soon
1145826Roof rectification worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
1145825HVAC improvement worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
1145384Sale of building & landQLDTodayClosing Soon
1145328Rehabilitation of retained vegetationQLDTodayClosing Soon
1142497Horticultural servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
1140207Freeway upgrade worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
1145374Project management assistance - cultural awarenessO/STodayClosing Soon
1144950Public art opportunitiesWATodayClosing Soon
1143177Digital producer servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1142592Data managementO/STodayClosing Soon
1142146Funding - Our Sporting FutureVICTodayClosing Soon
1137306Licensing of & services for restaurantVICTodayClosing Soon
1146179Advisory committee - environment / conservation memberALLTodayClosing Soon
1145729Operation of tourism facilityALLTodayClosing Soon
1145115CSOs/NGOs for development projects (various expertise)O/STodayClosing Soon
1149856Data centre strategyALLTodayClosing Soon
1149854Huntsman professional servicesACTTodayClosing Soon
1149286Business / enterprise architect rolesALLTodayClosing Soon
1149284Communications specialistACTTodayClosing Soon
1148997Linux system administratorALLTodayClosing Soon
1148319DevelopersALLTodayClosing Soon
1148011Earth observation data scientistACTTodayClosing Soon
1148005Salesforce security solution engineerACTTodayClosing Soon
1147786Technical writerALLTodayClosing Soon
1144335Mobile and/or web applicationALLTodayClosing Soon
1144296Analysis of 3D soil constraint diagnosis etcALLTodayClosing Soon
1145749Distribution of medical products (Australia / South Pacific)ALLTodayClosing Soon
1143297Sale of CBS office buildingSATodayClosing Soon
1149352Pavement materials and pre-coated screeningsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1149350Sealing and asphalt workQLDTodayClosing Soon
1148429Roof replacementWATodayClosing Soon
1147093Reconstruction of roadVICTodayClosing Soon
1146626Tractor incl trade-inVICTodayClosing Soon
1146488Disposal of council plant, vehicles & assorted workshop itemsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1146473Boatyards business planVICTodayClosing Soon
1145664External facilitation of security training (panel)NZTodayClosing Soon
1144956Winning & crushing of gravelNSWTodayClosing Soon
1143595Main contractor for maintenance support facilityNZTodayClosing Soon
1145544Dental equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1145013Small Business Funding ProgramQLDTodayClosing Soon
1141682Funding Opportunity - Young Pacific Leaders ConferenceNZTodayClosing Soon
1149897Vehicle fitnessO/STodayClosing Soon
1149896FleetO/STodayClosing Soon
1149649BearingO/STodayClosing Soon
1149647Items for generator servicingO/STodayClosing Soon
1149645Items for desalination plant generatorsO/STodayClosing Soon
1149644Inlet worksO/STodayClosing Soon
1149288Treasury bondsALLTodayClosing Soon
1146546Integrated workplace management systemNSWTodayClosing Soon
1146638Road rehabilitation & drainage upgradesVICTodayClosing Soon
1143833Catering / bar providers & mobile food vendorsQLDTodayClosing Soon
1149436Plant hireQLDTodayClosing Soon
1148306Echocardiography ultrasound machineNZTodayClosing Soon
1148059Removal of spectator hillNSWTodayClosing Soon
1147911Employee health insurance benefitNZTodayClosing Soon
1147719Aeroplanes maintenance servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
1147632Customer experience trainingVICTodayClosing Soon
1147481Public realm artworkVICTodayClosing Soon
1147448Main contractor for fire alarm upgradeNZTodayClosing Soon
1147227FundingALLTodayClosing Soon
1147190Transport of relocatable portable cabinsNZTodayClosing Soon
1147180Rigging servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1147178Audiovisual servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1146333Reroofing worksNZTodayClosing Soon
1146184VehiclesACTTodayClosing Soon
1145942Asset and fleet management systemsSATodayClosing Soon
1145777Optical transport networkNZTodayClosing Soon
1145671Main contractor for building upgrade works (incl. lighting)NZTodayClosing Soon
1145531Concession opportunityNZTodayClosing Soon
1145515Cleaning servicesTASTodayClosing Soon
1145512Audit servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1143832Community GrantsNSWTodayClosing Soon
1143664Community GrantSATodayClosing Soon
1143649Predictive Modelling GrantALLTodayClosing Soon
1143648Cardio-Oncology GrantALLTodayClosing Soon
1143603Sale of mixed use redevelopment siteVICTodayClosing Soon
1143512Shark Bay World heritage advisory committeeWATodayClosing Soon
1142382Catering & cafe management servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
1139623COVID-19 Community Sport Support ProgramQLDTodayClosing Soon
1147312Supply Landscape ProductsALLTodayClosing Soon
1146456Melon industry communications evaluation, needs analysis and strategy developmentALLTodayClosing Soon
1144234Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZTodayClosing Soon
1150007Preparation of annual accountsO/STodayClosing Soon
1149481Cleaning & washing of marketsO/STodayClosing Soon
1149133Lease of grazing/harvesting pastured landNZTodayClosing Soon
1148631Construction of residential houses incl roading accessO/STodayClosing Soon
1148551Managed storage services (storage as a service)SATodayClosing Soon
1148355Lease of landO/STodayClosing Soon
1148240Hygiene equipment and pest control servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1148233Lighting upgradeVICTodayClosing Soon
1148231Commercial space opportunityO/STodayClosing Soon
1148215Venue for workshopO/STodayClosing Soon
1148175Pump station and rising main (incl telemetry)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1147291Ocean pool preliminary due diligence & fatal flaw proof of concept studyWATodayClosing Soon
1146219Various servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1146207Turnout upgrade & removal worksSATodayClosing Soon
1145813Delivered mealsVICTodayClosing Soon
1145303CentrifugesNZTodayClosing Soon
1145141Street upgradeSATodayClosing Soon
1144940Sale of residential propertyO/STodayClosing Soon
1144380Sale of wheel loader, excavators, graders & service trucksQLDTodayClosing Soon
1144349Lease of property portfolioQLDTodayClosing Soon
1142945Event hiring rightsNSWTodayClosing Soon
1141644Draft new plans to move mine officeWATodayClosing Soon
1148584Sale of solar power system & TV screenO/STodayClosing Soon
1148583Sale of electronic bench portable scaleO/STodayClosing Soon
1148582Sale of various itemsO/STodayClosing Soon
1148266School - planned maintenance and external worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
1147796Security servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1147780Subcontractors for aged care facilityVICTodayClosing Soon
1147751Social Impact FundO/STodayClosing Soon
1147508Course on youth participation in democracyALLTodayClosing Soon
1146792School canteen licenceNSWTodayClosing Soon
1146780School canteen licenceNSWTodayClosing Soon
1146579Playground equipment (panel)NZTodayClosing Soon
1147225School - design and technology upgradesWATodayClosing Soon
1145976Upgrade of school buildingWATodayClosing Soon
1145637Grounds and gardening maintenance servicesWATodayClosing Soon
1143858Case management IT systemWATodayClosing Soon
1143127Hardware materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
1144724Recreation centre - court netting replacementWATodayClosing Soon
1149451Construction of Stage 1 of primary schoolVICTodayClosing Soon
1148265Cleaning services for public amenitiesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1148174Pavement rehabilitation and civil earthworksTASTodayClosing Soon
1148056Safety auditorQLDTodayClosing Soon
1147694Gravel & crushed limestoneWATodayClosing Soon
1147471Plant & equipment hireNSWTodayClosing Soon
1147359Disposal of used rubber floor tilesWATodayClosing Soon
1146721Architectural servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1146683Road rehabilitation & partial wideningVICTodayClosing Soon
1146658IT server & storage refreshVICTodayClosing Soon
1146555Overland drainage works (concrete)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1146432Grant audit programVICTodayClosing Soon
1146397Cleaning servicesTASTodayClosing Soon
1146031Recreation ground lighting upgradeNSWTodayClosing Soon
1145625Hub design & construction (civil works)QLDTodayClosing Soon
1145614Regional and rural legal services (panel)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1145449Sanitary and hygiene servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
1145289Expansion of buildingVICTodayClosing Soon
1144467Legal services (various)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1143416Refurbishment of earthen tertiary emergency storage lagoonVICTodayClosing Soon
1142764Corporate uniforms & personal protective clothingVICTodayClosing Soon
1142106Sale / lease of mixed-use development siteSATodayClosing Soon
1146281Design & construction of awning incl security & lighting worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
1146229HP heatersNSWTodayClosing Soon
1150438FurnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
1149943Setup of omni processorO/STodayClosing Soon
1149941Livestock (sheep)O/STodayClosing Soon
1149811Sale freehold & business - sheet metal fabricationSATodayClosing Soon
1149733Implementation & monitoring of the country program (education)O/STodayClosing Soon
1149722Contactless fingerprint solutionsO/STodayClosing Soon
1149714Rechargeable battery packO/STodayClosing Soon
1149597COVID-19 PCR kitO/STodayClosing Soon
1149560Grafting machineO/STodayClosing Soon
1149555VET itemsO/STodayClosing Soon
1149543Student nurse placement pilot projectVICTodayClosing Soon
1149508Designing & printing of knowledge productsO/STodayClosing Soon
1149223Analytical inputs - institutional strategic results frameworkO/STodayClosing Soon
1149146Equipment (various)O/STodayClosing Soon
1148939Materials & equipment for office upgrade (various)O/STodayClosing Soon
1148934Cleaning serviceO/STodayClosing Soon
1148904Mini excavatorO/STodayClosing Soon
1148862Domestic animal management plan & leash laws reference groupVICTodayClosing Soon
1148832Renovation of health facilitiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1148493Interpreter desk / related hardware & licenses and associated services for web streamingO/STodayClosing Soon
1148487Automatic componentsO/STodayClosing Soon
1148486Agricultural equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1148435Mortuary servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1148389Monitoring and evaluation of project progressO/STodayClosing Soon
1148342Funding - Support for Local CharitiesQLDTodayClosing Soon
1148090Scoping design & costings for renovation of buildingO/STodayClosing Soon
1147937Communication / advocacy & social mobilisation supports for abandonment of FGMO/STodayClosing Soon
1147932Economic development strategy advisory groupQLDTodayClosing Soon
1147925HPGe systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1147920Roofing materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
1147917Construction of pump stationO/STodayClosing Soon
1147913Water pipeline accessoriesO/STodayClosing Soon
1147871Renovation of fruit drying unit facilityO/STodayClosing Soon
1147859Peas seedsO/STodayClosing Soon
1147837Grass & forage seedsO/STodayClosing Soon
1147833Graphic supplierO/STodayClosing Soon
1147698Steel structureO/STodayClosing Soon
1147670Medical equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1147435Promotion of psycho-social care community actions focused on violence preventionO/STodayClosing Soon
1147405Construction companiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1147401Crime scene 3D scannerO/STodayClosing Soon
1147232Development of asbestos / asbestos containing materials legislative ban policy noteO/STodayClosing Soon
1147132Car hire serviceO/STodayClosing Soon
1147100ICT network infrastructure & related systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
1147013Rehabilitation of road (Sianongo-Tesnatinga)O/STodayClosing Soon
1146971Portable sewage treatment plantO/STodayClosing Soon
1146847Analysis of plastics sectorO/STodayClosing Soon
1146838Socio-economic assessmentO/STodayClosing Soon
1146832Document on social protection & dissemination strategiesO/STodayClosing Soon
1146781Appointment of band / choir (sponsorship)TASTodayClosing Soon
1146661Paving and sanitation of access roadsO/STodayClosing Soon
1146524Private sector engagement strategy (work & skills development)O/STodayClosing Soon
1146522Corrective maintenance of solar systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
1146498Laboratory furnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
1146264Aerial desert locust survey & control operation servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1145847Inspection & testing of electrical distribution systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1145646Pharmaceuticals & drugsO/STodayClosing Soon
1145645Bus transport servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1145640Specialised accessibility testing services for websitesO/STodayClosing Soon
1145635Hot cell for production of theranostic radiopharmaceuticalsO/STodayClosing Soon
1145710Software developer (various expertise)ALLTodayClosing Soon
1145271Assessment of mineral targets & mining assetsO/STodayClosing Soon
1145266Sewer pump station & rising main upgradeNTTodayClosing Soon
1145053Virtual modules of education programsO/STodayClosing Soon
1145026Consultancy for development of bulk SMS management information systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1144966Courier servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1144955Cleaning servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
1144878Retrofitting of school buildings (Sindhuli, Ramechhap & Dolakha)O/STodayClosing Soon
1144876Retrofitting of school buildingsO/STodayClosing Soon
1144616Distance education for resilience projectO/STodayClosing Soon
1144435Sale of development siteVICTodayClosing Soon
1144297Equipment for radio installations including studio, transmission & sound systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1144290Property insuranceO/STodayClosing Soon
1143893Safeguarding, stowage & disposal of pesticidesO/STodayClosing Soon
1143286Replacement of tower heating expansion systemO/STodayClosing Soon
1141917Automatic stations (hydrological and hydrometeorological)O/STodayClosing Soon
1141899Funding Opportunities (ground works & training for farm businesses)NSWTodayClosing Soon
1141806Equipment, furniture and associated fittingsO/STodayClosing Soon
1141146VehiclesO/STodayClosing Soon
1141109Electric carsO/STodayClosing Soon
1140293GensetO/STodayClosing Soon
1134468Tobin Brothers Foundation GrantsVICTodayClosing Soon
1017591Mine & processing plant expansion project (various opportunities)SATodayClosing Soon
1146204Gapuwiyak Lot 120 Replacement House - DuplexALLTodayClosing Soon
1143635Building and Associated Works at Hepburn Hub at the Rex located in Vincent Street, DaylesfordVICTodayClosing Soon
1147566Installation and commissioning of four groundwater monitoring bores at Corryong landfillALLTodayClosing Soon
1147242Delivery of a series of workshops and activities to support Northern Territory energy industry personnel through the renewable energy transition.ALLTodayClosing Soon
957630Real estate sales agent prequalification schemeNSW15/08/2020Closing Soon
1148837Editors and writers (panel)ALL15/08/2020Closing Soon
1141842Funding - New Zealand Staff FoundationNZ15/08/2020Closing Soon
1148081Construction of council chamberO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1149759Land databaseO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1149073Capturing & curating knowledge created in different networksO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1148236Water safe kit bagO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1148248FurnitureO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1147933Digital platformO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1147600VehiclesO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1146878Response support to women facing discrimination (various)O/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1146831Registration of construction companiesO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1146211Stimulus FundNZ15/08/2020Closing Soon
1145998Sale of document safeNZ15/08/2020Closing Soon
1142915Event sponsorship programTAS15/08/2020Closing Soon
1139512Funding - Boys4GenderEquality InitiativeO/S15/08/2020Closing Soon
1085974Operations & projects - energy infrastructure (various opportunities)NT15/08/2020Closing Soon
1148012Portal build & supportACT16/08/2020Closing Soon
1150191Digital strategistACT16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149748Data engineersACT16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149747IT business analystNSW16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149623Migration services of recordsALL16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149622Migration services of recordsALL16/08/2020Closing Soon
1148553User research / format & channel review - early childhood education & careALL16/08/2020Closing Soon
1142435Small Business COVID-19 Recovery GrantNSW16/08/2020Closing Soon
1147564Cleaning Services - Gove Peninsular Health ClinicsNT16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149929Aboriginal art - design concept for reconciliation action planNSW16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149820Liquid containersO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149615Equipment for germplasm bankO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1149134TabletsO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1148916Learning management systemO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1148484Assembly of pre-built cold storage facilityO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1148235Ventilators & humidifiersO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1147822Remote modality of school for operation with certificationO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1147605Lease of office spaceO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1147283Admin / marketing contractor (gallery director)NSW16/08/2020Closing Soon
1147127Portable device kits for rapid aflatoxin testingO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1146931Criminal investigations & crime scene management trainingsO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1146518Clearing & forwarding / inland logistics servicesO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1146475Rehabilitation of agricultural nurseriesO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1146270Vehicle rental services with driversO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1145252Building rehabilitation & furnitureO/S16/08/2020Closing Soon
1142835Event SponsorshipNSW16/08/2020Closing Soon
1140505Internal and external refurbishment worksACT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143860Community Recovery Support GrantTAS17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144056Park waterplayQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145084Creek crossing upgradeNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146426Earthworks - fire break upgradeQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148998Construction of concrete shared path (Smyth Road)NT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148995Concrete patching & repair worksNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148994Construction of concrete shared path (Challoner Circuit)NT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143961Main building contractor for classroom refurbishments, roofing & cladding worksNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146124Sewer relining & associated tasksNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143846Civil engineering services for greyhound centre constructionQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143757Engineering services (panel)NZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142902Helicopter hangar extension and ventilationWA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146581Integrated theatre equipment & support service (various)NZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145322Telematics-based solutions for collecting road use dataALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145319Third party invoicing solutions for collecting & analysing road use dataALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145317Manual solutions for collecting road use dataALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146919Fence upgradeNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146790Oval lighting upgradeVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145589Landfill rehabilitation worksVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144831Estate personal assets servicesSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144628Community housing retrofit program servicesVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143826Sporting precinct redevelopment - clubrooms design & constructionSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1137497Rail upgrade project - early worksQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149114Construction of school project (incl. car park)NSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146552Information portalO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146547E-learning modules on medical waste managementO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142809Rehabilitation and upgradation of civil workO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1133260Step Up Grant - Regional Arts FundSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148195Capital Development GrantVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142812Heritage GrantsNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142232Recovery & Resilience Grants ProgramNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146666Plastics & Tyres Processing FundWA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1150379Service desk technical consultantACT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149855Java/Javascript developerACT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149755Hosting supportACT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149641Agile delivery & governanceALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149274Service portal delivery partnerALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148546Defence base prioritisation methodology & report prioritisingALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145722Printing of election materialsALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145612Marine monitoring program - seagrassQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145611Marine monitoring program - water qualityQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146941Social marketing campaign evaluation (child health)VIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146737Sealed road renewal program (asphalt)VIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143081Personal, social & cultural development / employment & placement servicesNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149496Sale of generatorsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148145Cultural measurement surveyVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148812Sodium hypochloriteO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142377Delivery of New Colombo Plan (scholarships, grants program etc)ALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149813Sale of trucksNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147168Transmission equipmentO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146453Trade & technical services (various)QLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146452Plant & truck hireQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146393Wharf repair projectQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144800Notice: Supplier consultation forumVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142756AMS solutionNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148020Unmanned aerial vehicleO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145517Community Development FundVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144740Community Development FundVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143074Innovation FundNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145539NAIDOC Local GrantsALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149545Sale of flatdeckNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149544Sale of tractorNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149542Sale of flatdeckNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149336Sale of truckNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149089Sale of cab chassisNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148950Sale of logging truckNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148686Sale of flatdeckNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146951Fleet heavy machinery periodic inspectionsNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1140918Dairy Farming Business Grants (energy efficiency)ALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149743Computer hardwareNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147552Sale of business & assets - travel bags / accessories retail storeALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147493Rural Grants (health, wellbeing & stigma reduction through arts / creativity)SA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147453Main contractor for site security upgradeNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147175Recreational vehicle dump point investigationSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147056Building worksNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147051Bushfire Fund GrantsALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146100Corporate GHG emissions inventoryNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145437COVID-19 arts, culture and heritage recovery grantsVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145436COVID-19 quick response community grantsVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144974Waste collection servicesQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144626Event support fundVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143741Skills Development GrantSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143295Sale of city centre development siteSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1140658Community Development FundVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149500Microsoft licencesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148841Mattress collection & disposalSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147805Sale of homeVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147701Barrier pile & retaining wall constructionNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146839Professional photography & videography servicesALL17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146786Bitumen and blue metal aggregateWA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146735Lease of swimming pool complexNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146680Cleaning & waitress servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146565Camping & Caravan GrantsVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146465Kerbside collection compactor truckQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146082Design & build of outdoor hubNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144933Community Grants & SponsorshipVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144833Commercial cleaning servicesNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145731Truck mounted lime spreadersNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145711Sale of residenceVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149535Goal post installation (various works)WA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147216Consultancy for development of plans of management for landNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147066Street sweeping serviceSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146834Crushing & screening (panel)NSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146794Infection control training fund round 1TAS17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146782Bridges design & constructTAS17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146751Bridge maintenance programVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146728Electric line clearance (street trees)VIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146557Artificial turf for soccer & hockey fieldsNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146147Court minor refurbishment incl power & data outlets worksNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145465Clear water storage tank (incl SCADA works)QLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142895Security services (personnel and canine)QLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146334Wastewater pipeline renewals (trenchless)NZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1119016Translational Program GrantNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1150342Tablet computersO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1150327Organising & hosting policy discussions (various)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1150316Assorted seedsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1150076Laptop & monitorO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1150071Risk profile for flood & droughtO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149837Elevator repair workO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149814Air conditionersO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149800Multifunctional equipment rental (printer / photocopier / scanner & fax)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149793Baseline inventory of sustainable blue finance investorsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149761Restoration project works for heritage listed siteNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149732Search and rescue kitsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149663Construction of buildingO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149581Disposal of assets: scrap metal, scrap cable, used poles and batteriesNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149541Spraying of vehicles & installation of stationary seatsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149527Analysis of asparagus marketO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149520Social safety net projectO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149303Printing of educational bookletsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149297Administrator for matching grantsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149174Impact evaluation surveyO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1149163LivestockO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148974Technological infrastructureO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148940Grass seedsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148919Consultancy for battery energy storage systems (various services)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148712Laboratory equipmentO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148711Radio broadcasting servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148667Consultancy services for expansion of college facilities (various works)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148661Construction materialsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148491Integrated business support services (various expertise)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148463Agriculture machineries & equipmentO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148454Managing motor vehicle stocksO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148453VaccinesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148448Radio broadcasting servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148445Technical assistance on preserving essential services in context of COVID-19O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148438Graphic design servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148382Quantification of fishingO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148291Improving air transport access and servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148282Funding - Survey on experiences and vulnerability to corruption in security and justice service deliveryO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148259PPE & hygiene / hand washing itemsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148230Consultancy services for implementation of hydro power plantsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148222Hospital / clinical waste managementO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148199Motel accommodation cleanersNSW17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148097Consultancy for DAMS of livestock & fisheriesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148089Modules accreditation and trainers certificationO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1148078Feasibility study for vocational training institute in industrial technologiesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147928CT scannerO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147922Online trainings for teachers (digital skills & competencies)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147847CT scanner & digital radiography / fluoroscopyO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147787Rehoming of feral horsesVIC17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147755Building capacity to address regulatory / legal obligations relating to CITES (coral, live rock & giant clam species)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147624Enhancing role of media in prevention of violenceO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147594Infectious diseases wardsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147593Construction works of buildingO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147370Special education equipmentO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147331Construction of water reservoir / pump room & security officeO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147327Market study and positioning strategy for women entrepreneursO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147285Electrical upgradesQLD17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147157Internet lineO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147155Control of rehabilitation works of classroomsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147147Rehabilitation of bridgeO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147145Classrooms rehabilitation workO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147143Teleconference systems incl. laptopsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147138Furniture & medical equipmentO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147136SpectrometerO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147134Landscape-scale survey of mountain lands & high-country areasO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1147117Addressing gaps in availability of economic dataO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
11470993D signage & LED management servicesNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146923Resilient, green and inclusive flood investment baselineO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146921Power sector expansionO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146901Wet play area replacementNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146897Roof top solar (Stuart Park PS)NT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146804Community Covid-19 FundNZ17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146516Training expert on risk analysis / forecasting & strategic analysisO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146515Team leader on risk / criminal analysis training & vulnerability assessmentO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146275Construction of asphalt roadsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1146236School reconstructionO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145935General sewerage plumbing works (incl UV light repairs)NT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145885Equipment for wireless networkO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145837Technical evaluation reference groupO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145811Handrail and enclosureO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145650Computer equipmentO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145621Demolition and removal of buildings and structuresNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145617Basketball and netball concrete courts with solid steel frame shade coverNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145605Joint end-of-grant evaluations for projects on point-of-care molecular diagnostics for HIVO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145349Construction supervision service (civil works)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145257Analysing & implementing roadmap for economic corridor development (various criteria)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145032Sale & removal of police horseNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145030Sale & removal of police horsesNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144958Quantifying social & economic benefits of road safety interventionsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1144723Consulting services for power plant (various works)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143977Streamlining strategies to taxes on telecommunications sectorO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143605Primary health care servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143079Cable, conductors and wire for power servicesNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143003Digital platform incl. assessment of needs for equipment of technology & devicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1143075Corroded power pole replace, repair & remediation worksNT17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142464Replication of standardized court room design incl furnishingsO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1142212Telecommunication servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1141036Services for land administration projectO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1140757Non-technical survey (minefield)O/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1140518Communication servicesO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1133078ICT infrastructureO/S17/08/2020Closing Soon
1132902Step Out Grant - Regional Arts FundSA17/08/2020Closing Soon
1145828FAME Division Website Revamp and customer-drivenALL17/08/2020
1146820TAP6310 - ATAP Work Item #73 – Review of the ATAP Guidelines Program - review outline/consultation plan/reportALL17/08/2020
1144218NEG6299 - Best practice guidance to meet the changing needs of Transport Network Operations: strategic review of Austroads Guide to Traffic Management (AGTM)ALL17/08/2020
1146121Centre for Disease Preparedness part life refit - design servicesVIC18/08/2020
1143117Weather forecasting serviceNZ18/08/2020
1148807Bacteria dosing in pump stationsO/S18/08/2020
1147973Research / development & innovation priorities for water monitoring networkQLD18/08/2020
1143194Upgrading of drainage systemO/S18/08/2020
1146770Repairs to boardwalks and bridgeNSW18/08/2020
1145816Playground renewalsNSW18/08/2020
1144179Consultant for design of libraryNSW18/08/2020
1142892Tandem axle mobile library truckQLD18/08/2020
1147468Mall design & documentationNSW18/08/2020
1145845Design & construction of aeration tower facilityNSW18/08/2020
1147258Site electrical supply upgrade (Lightning Ridge & Mungindi CS)NSW18/08/2020
1141327STP remediation (South Byron)NSW18/08/2020
1141326STP remediation (Mullumbimby)NSW18/08/2020
1147732Kerbing reconstruction, roundabout / footpath renewal & associated civil worksSA18/08/2020
1146682Augmented ERP/EAM supportQLD18/08/2020
1146714Refurbishment of changerooms, toilets and group fitness roomWA18/08/2020
1141645Building construction services for operation centreWA18/08/2020
1146723Drainage upgrade worksVIC18/08/2020
1147063Management of reserve biobank siteNSW18/08/2020
1145075Compliance upgradeWA18/08/2020
1146946External auditor servicesALL18/08/2020
1146959Trade & services (panel)NSW18/08/2020
1147065ICT backup solution refresh - hardware & softwareSA18/08/2020
1146762Provide design and documentation for road upgradeWA18/08/2020
1146731Inspection and servicing of equipment (lifting, confined spaces and pallet racking)QLD18/08/2020
1146327Construction of bus layover & associated worksACT18/08/2020
1146092Fire hydrant upgradeQLD18/08/2020
1145658Fire hydrant upgradeQLD18/08/2020
1145456Redevelopment of tennis clubWA18/08/2020
1145444Biosolids removal / reuse and dewatering activitiesQLD18/08/2020
1145422Pavilion design & constructionWA18/08/2020
1143863Intersection upgradeQLD18/08/2020
1143577Primary sedimentation tank (incl electrical & control works)VIC18/08/2020
1145939Highway safety upgradesQLD18/08/2020
1147135Draft summary & studies (potable water systems)O/S18/08/2020
1146099Assessment of policy & framework (low-carbon development for productivity & climate change mitigation)O/S18/08/2020
955568Cleaner burning fuels - various opportunitiesALL18/08/2020
1135240Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Funding ProgramTAS18/08/2020
1150477IT data analystNSW18/08/2020
1150188Agile delivery & governanceACT18/08/2020
1150187Full stack developerALL18/08/2020
1149972Solution architectALL18/08/2020
1149860.Net developerACT18/08/2020
1149858CRM portal developerACT18/08/2020
1148615ServiceNow professional servicesALL18/08/2020
1148556Cyber security software support servicesACT18/08/2020
1148606Duplex dwellings and associated site worksNSW18/08/2020
1146749Road safety and indicator signs and accessoriesQLD18/08/2020
1146748Full service pavement rehabilitation and associated worksQLD18/08/2020
1146719Asbestos removal and roofing upgradeVIC18/08/2020
1145674Trauma informed learning & supportNZ18/08/2020
1143085Notice: Trauma-informed learning & supportNZ18/08/2020
1149175Review of digital health specialist toolkitALL18/08/2020
1150470Gel for flowmeterO/S18/08/2020
1150403Rewind motorO/S18/08/2020
1149650Chemical cartageO/S18/08/2020
1147676Vegetation control (various services)NZ18/08/2020
1147236Destination marketing servicesQLD18/08/2020
1147053Management & operation of holiday parkNSW18/08/2020
1146747Manhole relining and repair worksQLD18/08/2020
1146746Park upgradeQLD18/08/2020
1142896Waterfront development opportunitiesQLD18/08/2020
1150077Demolition of concrete towerWA18/08/2020
1150075Server room fabrication (various works)WA18/08/2020
1150073Server room installation (various works)WA18/08/2020
1147082After-hours contact centreNSW18/08/2020
1146018Construction of sewer mains rehabilitation programNSW18/08/2020
1145412Hybrid multiplexer equipmentQLD18/08/2020
1145928Levee bank rehabilitation - embankment civil worksNSW18/08/2020
1147958Office accommodation (Chatswood & Macquarie Park)NSW18/08/2020
1147960Office accommodation (Sydney)NSW18/08/2020
1148637Public lighting assessments associated with traffic management upgradesVIC18/08/2020
1146711Stormwater pipes, box culverts and precast concrete productsQLD18/08/2020
1146450Audit committee membershipQLD18/08/2020
1148855Sale of trailer (side tipper)WA18/08/2020
1147907Road train side tippers & dollyWA18/08/2020
1147906Bituminous products incl aggregateWA18/08/2020
1147691Audio visual servicesNZ18/08/2020
1147197Pavement rehabilitationNZ18/08/2020
1146169Sale of commercial siteVIC18/08/2020
1147976Design & construct refurbishment to outdoor learning areaQLD18/08/2020
1147167School block refurbishmentQLD18/08/2020
1146401Roof replacement worksVIC18/08/2020
1148969Installation of modular administration buildingWA18/08/2020
1146942Electronic legal referencing and research servicesWA18/08/2020
1145984Maintenance of rest areasNSW18/08/2020
1145822Architectural services for community centreNSW18/08/2020
1145639System-wide coaching development initiativesWA18/08/2020
1146510Tools & equipmentQLD18/08/2020
1147864Mobile food & beverage vendorsNSW18/08/2020
1147506Engineering services: asset managementQLD18/08/2020
1147439Reserve upgrade (various works)SA18/08/2020
1147421Civil construction contractQLD18/08/2020
1147171Boardwalk design & constructionSA18/08/2020
1147170Playground upgradesSA18/08/2020
1147018Road reconstruction worksNZ18/08/2020
1146960Radio materials and outdoor enclosure cabinetsO/S18/08/2020
1146779Sale of track loaderQLD18/08/2020
1146766Aerodrome operation & management servicesWA18/08/2020
1146730Lift servicing and maintenanceQLD18/08/2020
1146729Consultancy - development of regional materials recovery facility strategyQLD18/08/2020
1146673Fire hydrant system upgradesQLD18/08/2020
1146512Wet and dry hire of plant and equipmentQLD18/08/2020
1146449Private plant, equipment, truck, trailer/water tank & low loaderQLD18/08/2020
1146448Traffic control provider (including equipment)QLD18/08/2020
1146194Commercial lease at park (food & drink outlet)QLD18/08/2020
1146046Mowing & weed control servicesQLD18/08/2020
1145940Gross pollutant trap maintenanceSA18/08/2020
1145776Fire compliance servicesSA18/08/2020
1145761Independent audit & risk committee memberVIC18/08/2020
1145498Fleet disposal servicesTAS18/08/2020
1145470Sealing and drainage aggregateWA18/08/2020
1145427Sanitary & hygiene servicesVIC18/08/2020
1147174Library noise abatement treatmentsSA18/08/2020
1150440Migration of websiteO/S18/08/2020
1150203Covid assessment and recovery planO/S18/08/2020
1150171COVID-19 personal protective equipmentO/S18/08/2020
1150164Radio spotsO/S18/08/2020
1150100Visibility & promotional material (various items)O/S18/08/2020
1150096Visibility & promotional material (various items)O/S18/08/2020
1150094Visibility & promotional materialO/S18/08/2020
1150045Vehicle rental serviceO/S18/08/2020
1150038Printing servicesO/S18/08/2020
1149959Agricultural equipment (seed precision planter)O/S18/08/2020
1149817Transport serviceO/S18/08/2020
1149807CVL kits / reagents & AMR suppliesO/S18/08/2020
1149802Capacity building for staff (various skills)O/S18/08/2020
1149787Cacao plantsO/S18/08/2020
1149775Briefing: Hire of equipment & plant, buildings & fencingALL18/08/2020
1149724Risk analysis & underwater inspection of hydroelectric plant adduction tunnelO/S18/08/2020
1149557Veterinary drugsO/S18/08/2020
1149540Solar panel kits & air conditionersO/S18/08/2020
1149538Vehicle servicing & maintenanceO/S18/08/2020
1149502Environmental impact study (various objectives)O/S18/08/2020
1149191Audit of financial statementsO/S18/08/2020
1149158Supervision of installation of water supply & sanitation facilities / infrastructures & quality assuranceO/S18/08/2020
1149068Professional staff search contractorO/S18/08/2020
1148957Land allocation planning & development of natural resource management plansO/S18/08/2020
1148913Assessment of civil works quality, cost & maintenance of infrastructuresO/S18/08/2020
1148815Funding - Global Sanitation Fund Supported Programme Evaluation (Uganda)O/S18/08/2020
1148803Worksite / workforce wellness resource developmentO/S18/08/2020
1148782In-depth comparative analysis of sustainable cashmere initiativesO/S18/08/2020
1148700Laboratory itemsO/S18/08/2020
1148694Recreational Track GrantNZ18/08/2020
1148693Heritage GrantNZ18/08/2020
1148690Specialised technical & advisory services for social / environmental safeguards & capacity development (various)O/S18/08/2020
1148668Consultations & test prototypes of proposals for care systemsO/S18/08/2020
1148655Development of aviation policy & review of investment requirements for passenger terminal enhancementO/S18/08/2020
1148595Terminal evaluation consultant for R2R projectO/S18/08/2020
1148594VoIP systemO/S18/08/2020
1148538MSME surveyO/S18/08/2020
1148533Digital health solutionsO/S18/08/2020
1148527WSME financial literacy training servicesO/S18/08/2020
1148452Cleaning, grounds maintenance, pest control, sewage & drainage / laundry servicesO/S18/08/2020
1148434Voice over internet protocol systemO/S18/08/2020
1148433Agriculture & livelihood advisorO/S18/08/2020
1147931Transport boxesO/S18/08/2020
1147662Ultrasonic flaw detectorO/S18/08/2020
1147395Capacity development training (communication strategies / policies & research and documentation)O/S18/08/2020
1147376Office data management tools and equipmentO/S18/08/2020
1147030Engineering services for tourism signageO/S18/08/2020
1147026Audit servicesO/S18/08/2020
1146890Capital funds insuranceO/S18/08/2020
1146279Distribution transformersO/S18/08/2020
1145934Construct new race control towerNT18/08/2020
1145788Detailed design & documentation for pumped storage hydropower projectO/S18/08/2020
1144749Cleaning servicesO/S18/08/2020
1143746Construction works of buildingsO/S18/08/2020
1143380Drainage projectsO/S18/08/2020
1141408Renewal of Matlab licensesO/S18/08/2020
1138772Review of data collection tools & survey manualO/S18/08/2020
1145991Lease and Management of Gymnastics Centre and / or Indoor Sports Centre (as part of the Heffron Centre, Maroubra)NSW18/08/2020
1142319Sale of development lotWANot Stated
1142075Immediate worker redeployment - cycle trail works, maintenance of exotic trees & processing of firewoodNZNot Stated
1141993Notice: Sale of impounded vehicleSANot Stated
1141526Sale of country propertyWANot Stated
1141219Notice: Design fund for priority projectsQLDNot Stated
1140781Executive dashboard development for domestic campaignALLNot Stated
1140427Notice: Pavilion & support servicesVICNot Stated
1142917Community grants for individuals & teams / groupsTASNot Stated
1142912Multi storey car parkQLDNot Stated
1142846Notice: Satellite communications systemALLNot Stated
1142781Notice: Pedestrian level crossing SSBCNZNot Stated
1142757Notice: Elder abuse response servicesNZNot Stated
1142692Stall holder & food truck for Christmas marketNZNot Stated
1142632Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1142556Notice: Evaluation partner (education system)NZNot Stated
1142461Lease of mixed use propertyWANot Stated
1142399Sale of family homeWANot Stated
1142397Sale of family homeWANot Stated
1142393Sale of home across parklandsWANot Stated
1142391Sale of home in cul-du-sacWANot Stated
1142200Lease of cafeWANot Stated
1142182Notice: Stadium remediation work (site clean-up & earthworks)NZNot Stated
1142180Sale of buildingNZNot Stated
1142109Notice: LiDARNZNot Stated
1142098Removal of demountable, relocation of bathroom & installation of GLAWANot Stated
1142048Notice: Network optimisation single stage business caseNZNot Stated
1142045Notice: Onshore panel physician networkNZNot Stated
1141995Notice: Swimming pool updateNZNot Stated
1141978Cost-per-acquisition model & web page solution for lead generationO/SNot Stated
1141914Sale of landSANot Stated
1141910Notice: Highway construction worksNZNot Stated
1141873Sale of cul-de-sac homeQLDNot Stated
1141870Sale of beachfront acreageQLDNot Stated
1141868Sale of homeALLNot Stated
1141866Sale of family homeQLDNot Stated
1141821Notice: Traffic planning consulting services - hospital redevelopmentNZNot Stated
1141819Notice: Town planning services - hospital redevelopmentNZNot Stated
1141817Notice: Programme planning services - hospital redevelopmentNZNot Stated
1141816Notice: Business case writer - hospital redevelopmentNZNot Stated
1141814Notice: Architectural consulting services - hospital redevelopmentNZNot Stated
1141795Sale of business - household itemsNTNot Stated
1141743Notice: Development & delivery of talent retention and leadership programmeNZNot Stated
1141701Notice: Upcoming tenders (various services)QLDNot Stated
1141666Work on sections of cycle trail, maintenance of trees & firewood processingNZNot Stated
1141661Sale of water permitNZNot Stated
1141659Sale of business - manufacturing (solid waste processing equipment)NZNot Stated
1141658Sale of business - manufacturingNZNot Stated
1141657Sale of business - essential servicesNZNot Stated
1141633Subcontractors and suppliers - Roadworks projectsQLDNot Stated
1141551Notice: Sewing equipmentNSWNot Stated
1141523Lease of retail spaceWANot Stated
1141521Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
1141520Sale of commercial propertyWANot Stated
1141480Notice: Joint interface control systemALLNot Stated
1141414Notice: Corporate & enterprise technologyNZNot Stated
1141403Constructions of concrete shell structure home & ongoing worksNSWNot Stated
1141399Notice: Highway upgrade / intersection constructionQLDNot Stated
1141392Notice: Library upgradeNSWNot Stated
1141390Notice: Tavern constructionQLDNot Stated
1141356Sale of industrial landNSWNot Stated
1141354Sale of business & assets - teen fashion brandALLNot Stated
1141316Sale of steerable platformNSWNot Stated
1141313Notice: Street redevelopment works (various)NZNot Stated
1141295Franchise opportunities - multi-sports & fun fitnessALLNot Stated
1141275Notice: Design & construction of multi-use arenaNZNot Stated
1141229Notice: Physiotherapy services (Lower North Region)NZNot Stated
1141228Notice: Physiotherapy services (Northern Region)NZNot Stated
1141171MusiciansNSWNot Stated
1141163Notice: Sale of impounded vehicleSANot Stated
1141158Notice: Cycle trail repairsNZNot Stated
1141121Notice: Local contractors for program of minor repair works to footpath, kerbs & guttersNSWNot Stated
1141087Sale of beachfront homeWANot Stated
1141084Sale of homeWANot Stated
1141075Sale of coastal home on corner blockWANot Stated
1141074Sale of beachside homeWANot Stated
1141060Sale of family homeWANot Stated
1141042Sale of family homeWANot Stated
1141034Sale of homeWANot Stated
1141016Notice: Sale of laundry equipmentNZNot Stated
1140973Sale of unused mineral solvent processing plantALLNot Stated
1140933Lease of office and retail spacesO/SNot Stated
1140885GPs for study into type 2 diabetes remissionNSWNot Stated
1140764Sale of bargeNSWNot Stated
1140754Photography projectVICNot Stated
1140732Notice: Park constructionWANot Stated
1140726Mixed use retail / residential buildersSANot Stated
1140581Fluad Quad®NSWNot Stated
1140546Sale of corporate property on corner siteVICNot Stated
1140538Sale of townhousesQLDNot Stated
1140452Notice: Sale of accommodation facilitySANot Stated
1140428Sale / restructure of business - wineryWANot Stated
1140425Sale of business - bakeryWANot Stated
1140423Lease and development of lotsO/SNot Stated
1140414Sale of freehold land (Cakaudrove)O/SNot Stated
1140412Notice: Commercial building constructionACTNot Stated
1140405Sale of freehold landO/SNot Stated
1140391Notice: Pensioner flats refurbishment (various works)NZNot Stated
1140390Notice: Infrastructure projectsNZNot Stated
1140389Vineyard investmentNZNot Stated
1140370FurnitureQLDNot Stated
1140270Sale of vacant landWANot Stated
1140269Sale of cul-de-sac residence with ocean viewsWANot Stated
1140268Sale of property with mountain & ocean viewsWANot Stated
1140266Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1140264Sale of historic homeWANot Stated
1140261Sale of homeWANot Stated
1140258Sale of homeWANot Stated
1140255Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1140251Sale of homeWANot Stated
1140246Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
1140218Notice: Motorcycle & scooter training programmeNZNot Stated
1140195Notice: Facilities maintenance (panel)NZNot Stated
1140156Notice: Noise & flight path monitoring service / noise complaints & information solutionALLNot Stated
1140098Upgrading & sealing / construction of roadsO/SNot Stated
1140087Management of cafeVICNot Stated